How do I start?

Welcome to all of the That’s Fit article readers!  I will talk about that a little bit later after I recap some of the day.

Time change actually didn’t make me get up too early this morning and I was super surprised at that.  Normally I wake up when the sun does, so I was expecting to rise early, but I did not.  Yay!  We headed on out to Panera for our Sunday bagel:

I came home and got right to work.  It actually was much busier for a Sunday than normal, but money is always good, right?

Lunch was an egg sandwich and yummy strawberries we got today.  I have missed those.

See this big smile?

This was because it was just warm enough today to take a break from work, get on the bikes, and go riding! This is my snuggly warm technical turtleneck because it was 45 degrees.

It was kind of  a chilly ride, though, because of wind.  I also had my first clip-shoe related fall today.  I haven’t ridden in about 10 days, and I was so excited to be on the bike that I wasn’t paying attention.  We stopped to get some air in our tires and I forgot to unclip and just fell over.  Ouch.  I scraped up my knee and banged my chin on the handlebars.  Hello dorkdom – population: Me.

I did take a picture of my knee, but figured you all didn’t really need to see that.  😳  Our stop was the Chocolate Mill, where I had a cup of coffee and a pumpkin cookie.

I guess this is an example of eating whatever I want, eh?  Not as much as I want, cause I could easily chow down 4 of these.

I wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about the blog and such.  I have received an overwhelming amount of comments and emails regarding the That’s Fit article this weekend.  I am trying to respond to all of them, so if you haven’t gotten a response to a question if you emailed me, please give me a little time to get to them (Sunday is a work day for me).

I think the number 1 question I got was “How do I start?“.

You just start one step at a time.  There are so many times that we all have started a diet and jumped in with both feet with food restriction and heavy duty exercise right from day one and then tried to continue with that without an end in sight except for the magical scale number.  How did you feel after day 7?  Like crud and then you quit and go back to your old ways because it feels easier.

For me, the biggest part of the success I have had in keep this weight off is losing the all-or-nothing mentality.  Life is not all or nothing, so why should weight loss and getting healthy be that way?  I know we all want the magic pill that will remove the weight overnight and get to eat all we want (hello title of That’s Fit article? A lot misleading).  It just doesn’t happen that way.

Sure, you can go totally hardcore a la The Biggest Loser and then what?  Likely you will struggle to keep off the weight because you just cannot sustain that intensity for life.  And who wants to repeat that cycle over and over again? Not me.  It’s like you are either in reverse or overdrive.  It’s exhausting.

So, my advice on how to start is just to sit and really take a look at what you are eating and how you are moving.  Do you know if portions in your diet are too big?  Do you know what proper portion sizes are? Do you do any activity at all?  Just take notice of this stuff.  You don’t have to change all of it right away, or you will rebel.  Once you look – really and truly honestly look – at your diet and your activity, you probably notice there is too much of one and not enough of the other.  So after noting this, then the next week change something.  Maybe it will be switching your breakfast to something a little more nutritious.  Get in some fiber and some fruit and protein (custard oats?).  Just do that for a week or so until you are used to it.  Then the next week maybe look at how much activity you do.  Make a point to get in 30 minutes of exercise, even just a small walk.  No time you say? Make time.  You have 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be all at once.  If it means walking in place while you are on the phone, or going outside for 10 minutes and walk around your work place, then do it.

If you aren’t willing to at least do this for yourself, you really aren’t ready to make the changes you need to live a healthy lifestyle.  If this sounds like tough love, it is.  Ask anyone in my family and they will all tell you I am the tough love queen.  Small changes add up over time to big results.  You need to have the patience to wait for them.  They really and truly are worth it!

Okay, I’ll put away that soapbox – for the day at any rate.  😉 Tonight’s dinner is an example of the eating in moderation.  Yes, I had the pumpkin cookie today and I did get in a bike ride.  Nice balance there.  Pretty standard dinner for me tonight seeing as it was quite an easy activity day for me.

For new readers, this is typically how I make up dinner plates by dividing into 3’s.  Protein choice, veggies, and a fruit.   And by veggies I mean broccoli 90% of the time LOL!

Football tonight (and some more work… booooo)

Question:  What would your advice to someone be on how to start living healthy?

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23 thoughts on “How do I start?

  1. debby

    So good, Lori! I remember when I started W.W. and I started to believe that small changes WOULD make a difference. For me, back then, that meant Cool Whip LITE instead of regular Cool Whip. I know. I thought I couldn’t live without cool whip, and its probably been over a year since I touched it. For me, the small changes applied to my exercise as well. I couldn’t walk for 30 minutes straight. So I started with 10 minutes, then eventually 15 minutes twice a day, and like that.

    As I was reading your advice, I thought about how much of it I learned at W.W. through constant repetition and reinforcement. I did a lot of study outside of W.W. (checking up on them to make sure they were telling me the truth!) But I wonder about people trying to make these changes on their own. I know the information is all out there. You just have to be very motivated to read and apply it. I think it has a little to do with how a person learns the best. Like for me, I really learn better by going to a quilt workshop and someone showing me. I can learn from a book, but it takes me a lot longer, and sometimes I just won’t even try.

    Well, that’s just my two cents worth. Also loved this statement of yours “It’s like you are either in reverse or overdrive. It’s exhausting.” Its exhausting for me to watch someone continue to do that.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..A Different Kind of Workout =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      “For me, back then, that meant Cool Whip LITE instead of regular Cool Whip. I know. I thought I couldn’t live without cool whip, and its probably been over a year since I touched it.”

      Debby – this is *exactly* what I am talking about! A small change that was doable for you. Instead of doing without Cool Whip all together and then giving up, you gradually changed and it didn’t seem so bad.

  2. Sharon

    I don’t believe it can be said any better than the way you just did. Steve and Debby’s suggestions were great too!

    I finally read the “That’s Fit” segment today. It’s really good and I was happy to be able to say I already “knew” you!!
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..Winter Wonderland =-.

  3. Keya

    I have to say when I found your site I was happy. Most sites have stopped writing after they have reached their goals instead of continuing to show how to keep it off. I love your site and you are correct with what you said. You have to take small steps if you want to get to your goal. I am looking forward to going through your site and seeing what I can use to help me on my journey. Thank you and keep up the success.

  4. Cilla

    I think you said it, Lori: start slowly and ease into the new way of living, like getting into a cold swimming pool inch by inch so as not to shock the system 🙂 Just adding one extra veggie/fruit serving a day and removing one sugary snack is a start. Stopping a softdrink habit, maybe. Limiting fast food to once a week, perhaps?

    But making the mental commitment not to turn around and make a run for your old habits is also vital.
    .-= Cilla´s last blog ..Downward drift =-.

  5. Ron

    You said it well Lori, just one step at a time, start replacing those foods you are eating with natural unprocessed foods, you don’t have to switch then all at once. Same way with exercise start with a small walk, add 5 minutes each day etc…
    .-= Ron´s last blog ..After 3 months progress report =-.

  6. Sarah

    It’s so easy to get up on that soap box isn’t it? Spent today at first day of actual sessions for the American Dietetic Associations national conference. One session was about how do they get people to better follow the dietary guidelines. They’ve been around for 30 years yet most don’t. They are trying to make the more “aspirational” (I hate that word choice but dig the sentiment) so that people can be applauded for making small gradual changes. It’s not all or nothing.

    Hope the knee’s not too bad!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Be nice to your knees =-.

  7. Pubsgal

    In my case, I had to go pretty strict on the food right away because of my type 2 diabetes diagnosis. But on the exercise, I eased into it by a combination of walking and jogging, with a 5K race goal about 4 months from my starting to exercise. I stuck to it every weekday and got into the habit. Eventually, I added some strength training and other forms of exercise and came to really enjoy it. (This from the gal who thought people who enjoyed exercise were a few sandwiches short of a picnic!)

    And yes to the idea of breaking up exercise into smaller chunks! There have been plenty of times when I’ve had to squeeze in 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I’ve seen articles over the years that debunk the notion that exercise is an effective calorie burner, but I’ve seen for myself how amazing an impact even just a little bit of moderate exercise can have on my blood glucose numbers. So there are other health benefits that often get overlooked.
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..2010 Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Run =-.

  8. Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox

    Love your advice! It’s totally one step at a time, one choice at a time. You’ve nailed the whole concept in your explanation.
    Ouch, hope the knee doesn’t sting too bad. So funny to be so excited. Can’t wait til I’m back out running.
    .-= Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox´s last blog ..Chocolate Lava Cakes =-.

  9. fran

    Trying something new here: respond from my BB

    I couldn’t give a better advice then you just did. In fact it is a help for me too. I’m often about all or nothing. this is a mucvh better approach. It takes 30 days to change a habit, that’s what came to mind reading your post.

    Happy for you you were able to get a ride in.

  10. kwithme

    I love what you said. When people ask how I lost my weight, I always tell them I changed one thing at a time. For exercise in my case, my personal promise is 20 mins of moving. I have sustained that for almost 2 years. Most days it is more as I now run 3-4 miles. But on a busy day, 20 mins is possible. Also, eat food that you love, just not a lot of it. I find when I love it, I savor it and that makes a tremendous difference in how much I eat.

  11. Jody - Fit at 52

    OK, I admit that I had a hard time getting past the pumpkin cookie pic! 🙂

    Great post for the newbies Lori! YES, patience & consistency & finding a program that works as a life strategy & not a “diet” to get on & off of….. and I agree, most people don’t want to face the hard facts that it is hard work & food is at least 75% of it…. tough love!
    .-= Jody – Fit at 52´s last blog ..Healthy Eating on a Budget Happy Bday Mark Dr Oz 1 Meals =-.

  12. Joanne

    So sorry about your fall, but really – you’re not alone. That is so easy to do, forget to unclip. You deserved at least 3 (not 4 – moderation you know 😉 ) of those yum-O cookies.

    As for advice on how to start living healthy: gradually weed out of your diet all those foods that you know deep down in your heart do you know good. If you are unsure, go online to see if that favorite bit of munchie is filled with empty calories.
    One more thing: Make a healthy change that you WILL STICK WITH! IT’s no good going on a diet if it’s only going to last for 4 weeks. It’s a lifetime change. Adjust your eating and your exercise so that they become part of your everyday routine for the rest of your life.
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..StockadeAthon 15K 2010 Oh Well =-.

  13. A Sparkle A Day

    oh…great topics.

    great bagels too!

    i miss them. hehe

    one thing I can think of is to learn to love your kitchen. the more you DIY in the food dept…the more calories and hidden ingredients you’ll save yourself.


    plus (well for me anyways) it’s nice “down time” and everyone gets to enjoy the fruits of your labor…
    .-= A Sparkle A Day´s last blog ..Salmon Cups =-.

  14. Jen

    For me it’s picking a small goal number to start. I need to lose a ton of weight, but I’m breaking it down into 10lb increments. I’m also making small daily goals and aiming to make health(ier) choices at each meal.

    .-= Jen´s last blog ..November Goals =-.

  15. Judith

    I look forward to reading your blog every morning. I used to live in PA and the photos of your daily life remind me of that time in my life. But I really like that you don’t whine or blame your parents or blame the weather or whatever. You take responsiblity for your eating and exercise habits. I have stopped reading several blogs because of the whining. The monthly goals holds you accountable and keeps it interesting – like the no-sugar day. I am going to try that this month. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  16. Leah

    Okay, please know that I was laughing with you and not at you when I imagined you falling headfirst still clipped to your pedals. LOL 😀 It had me laughing right out loud for a few minutes. That would be me and I’m glad I’m not the only person in dorkdum.

    My advice for how to start would be: Take one step and find one thing you can do differently today. I remember thinking I could cut down my soda intake first. So, that’s where I started.

    Having seen Steve’s advice I think that could tie for second with mine, because my other thought was to just decide to do something, anything going in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.

    Great post today!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Time For the Foo-Foo Drink =-.

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