Starting the shopping!

Hey – a Saturday post 😀  Just for the heck of it.  Ever have a day where you just feel full of energy?  I had one of those today.  I got about 7-1/2 hours of sleep, and maybe that is why.  I woke up ready to get in some exercise, but decided I would have a good breakfast first.   Enter the fluff and coconut oats!

  • 40 grams of oats
  • 1 small banana mashed
  • 5 g (1 tbsp) of cocoa powder
  • dash of cinnamon (okay a few dashes…)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup liquid egg whites
  • honey fluff
  • unsweetened coconut, toasted


I read some blogs and stuff and then suited up to ride the trainer.  I took up a travel mug with some cafe au lait in it as well.  I could really get used to coffee on a ride LOL!  I ended up doing 30 miles in 1-1/2 hours.  The time flew by and I really almost didn’t want to get off (which is a little scary).  John actually brought his breakfast up and and in the room while I was riding.  That was fun.

Then after I got cleaned up, I headed out to the smokehouse and stocked up on meat.  I was fairly hungry when I got home and got into the chipotle chex mix.

X2. I should have just made lunch, as I let myself get too hungry.  So, I decided to go ahead and eat after that.  I cut up a chicken sausage and sauteed it with broccoli and teriyaki stirfry sauce.  Nice big plate of food here!

John and I then went out and started our Christmas shopping.  The mall was surprisingly not crowded.  Maybe everybody is waiting until Black Friday?  Found a few things, which always feels good.  I normally like to be mostly done by the time the beginning of December rolls around and completely avoid the malls and such.

Santa’s House is up and receiving visitors – although he was out to lunch or something.

Is your soul feeling a little dull and drab?  Have some of this!

We were in the Dollar store as this store is great for wrapping paper and bags and I saw this.  You certainly do find some weird stuff there.

You know we had to have a coffee break, right?  Off to Fortunate Cup.  I like the atmosphere here:

I had a skim latte and a tiny biscotti.  Very tiny.

That meant I had to steal some bites of John’s cupcake :mrgreen:

Using up leftovers in the fridge for dinner.  Tomorrow is shopping day for the week and for the Thanksgiving dishes that we will be bringing on Thursday.

BBQ chicken salad.  This was some super hot BBQ sauce I forgot we had in the fridge.  I decided that I don’t like it very much.  All heat and no flavor.

Now is time to relax  with a couple dark chocolate mint cups, and dare I say that I will be in my jammies by 7:30 pm? :mrgreen:

Question:  Are you an early holiday shopper or a last minute one?

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13 thoughts on “Starting the shopping!

  1. Dawn

    I find some great things at the dollar store. Almond slivers in a 1 size serving bag and some good spices.

    I guess you would call me a non-shopper…the kids only want money…cuz I’m not cool enough to buy the “good stuff” 🙁

  2. Roxie

    I love it that you woke up full of energy! Those kinds of days are awesome. Good job on the trainer. I may buy one this next week. I rode today and will ride tomorrow, but that will be it for a while.

    Christmas is a pretty low-key affair, so it won’t require much shopping. But now that you reminded me, I probably should at least start with a list. I’ve already ordered my office gifts, so that’s out of the way. For the most of the other gifts, I try to get consumables, of some sort.
    .-= Roxie´s last blog ..Flipping the Switch =-.

  3. Kim Zepp

    An hour and half on the trainer is great! When I’m doing that alone at home, I have trouble going for over an hour. In the winter, a group of us get together at a gym and ride on the trainers for 2 hours. Having the “group” social aspect makes it so much easier for me. It makes it almost like a spinning class, but on your own bike.:)

    I like to be done shopping by Thanksgiving. My first born son was due in late Nov, so that year I knew I wouldn’t be shopping much after he was born. Now I do that every year. I hate LONG lines!
    .-= Kim Zepp´s last blog ..Monthly update =-.

  4. Jody - Fit at 53

    Sounds like a great day Lori!!! That little biscotti is cute!!!

    We are forgoing gifts this year due to $$ concerns but maybe that will just take us back to what it is all about.. enjoying the season for the beauty & friends/family. I do love giving gifts though but can’t do it this year…
    .-= Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog ..In Memory =-.

  5. Jen

    I don’t start my shopping until Black Friday, it will be slim pickings this year, but this year is all about the family and honestly just trying to get through it.


  6. Fran

    I’m definitely an early shopper because the stores are very very crowded around Christmas. I start planning Christmas meals next week and buy everything that I need and that’s not fresh then and wait with the fresh products till a few days before Christmas.

    As we celebrate “Sinterklaas” in Holland on December the 5th, Christmas decorations aren’t almost to be seen till December 6th. Although you do see a lot of outdoor lighting already now.

  7. MizFit

    as in done already.
    but Im also all internet 🙂 as in all DONE at the crack of DIZZAWN so I can sit back and enjoy the holiday.

    and Im not that early as hanukkah feels like tomorrow 🙂

    .-= MizFit´s last blog ..The gift of an injury =-.

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