2010 in review

One really great thing about having a blog is that you can review things much better than just in a photo album or by memory.  I have been having a good time looking through this past year and all that has happened to me.  I have to say that 2010 was really a great year in many ways.  Much better than 2009.

We went to New Orleans and then on a cruise to Mexico!

I was on the Dr. Oz show for his 100th episode along with 99 other 100 pound losers!  (posing here with Dawn)

I sold my rental property.  *Huge* relief!

I helped do doggy training – and I don’t even own a dog!

I herniated a disk in my back, which really changed the course of things I was to do for the majority of this year.

I was in Shape magazine.

I celebrated another year of maintaining at least 100 pounds gone.

John and I rode 100 miles on our bikes.

Our bikes were stolen in Montreal.

I bought a new bike!

62-mile Charity Ride.

Featured on AOL That’s Fit

Trip to Colorado to visit family.

Featured in Woman’s Day’s online with other bloggers who lost weight.

Dang. That was a busy year of highlights!  Thank you all for sharing it with me!

Report card:

Now looking back to Jan 1,2010 and my specific outline for the year.   Let’s see what 2010 goals were and how I did :

Fitness: The same Duathlon for sure!  A few 5K. Well – the duathlon happened as a home version. I did a few 5Ks as well after I recovered.

I would love to do a day where I ride 100 miles on my bike this summer.  Did this!!

Possibly a 1/2 marathon.   The disk problem put a kink in this plan.  (har har)

Weight and Food: Weight maintenance at a minimum.  I am a few pounds heavier than I want to be currently, but that will come off.

Continue to eat more locally, particularly the meat.  Been doing this.

I am taking a few days each week where I don’t record my food.  I kind of forgot about this goal, although I did it sometimes.


Sell my rental house.  Done! Yay!

I would like to do some volunteer work, but I have not picked out a specific yet.  Not done other than blood donations.

Organize my blog a bit, like having a specific day each week with a new recipe and another day talking about a specific strength training move.  I think I have been doing that, cool.

More family time!  Even visited the in-laws in CO this year!

2010 was a pretty good year over all.  I need to sit down and think of what I want to accomplish in 2011, but that is another post…

Question:  How was 2010 for you?

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35 thoughts on “2010 in review

  1. Kim

    I don’t comment often, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. 2010 was great year and 2011 will be even better!

  2. Cilla

    That looks like a fabulous year, Lori! I’m so looking forward to the time that I can also say, “Maintained weight for another year.” You’re a brill inspiration.

    (And, ooooh, a cruise)
    .-= Cilla´s last blog ..Return to Green =-.

  3. Jo

    Hey Lori.Congratulations on a solid year. I’m glad your injury didn’t put a significant dent in your plans or your enjoyment.Looking forward to reading more of your adventures in 2011 🙂
    .-= Jo´s last blog ..Lunch of champions =-.

  4. Pubsgal

    Wow-o-wow, Lori! What an amazing year! So glad that, despite the health challenges with your back, that it turned out to be a good one. Thanks for sharing it with us, too! 🙂

    P.S. – I think that, in 2011, you need to add a trip to Northern California to visit Debby, me, and the rest of your Nor Cal blog buddies, whomever they may be! 😀
    .-= Pubsgal´s last blog ..Merry Christmas &amp Happy Holidays! =-.

  5. Susan

    Amazing recap! What a year it’s been for you Lori! And great job on your 2010 goals, although I knew you’d be able to do them 😉 I sucked at my 2010 goals, but that does’t matter so much anymore because overall my year was my best one yet!!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Feline Frenzy =-.

  6. Dawn

    Lori, what a great year you had, wow. I just love that picture of us and I loved that you were so kind to me and let me borrow your shirt that day for the Dr. Oz show you truly did change the course of my whole day from stressed to happy. I think you look so thin in that picture with your arms thrown out so carefree *smile*. You are just a terrific person and deserve every wonderful thing that has happened to you this year. I really do look up to you. *big hug*

  7. Miz.

    you. mary. sagan.
    I need to do one of these posts as Im loving everyone elses!!

    it’s amazing how much we accomplish when we reflect even when it odesnt feel like we’ve done all that much (uh, me 🙂 not you…)
    .-= Miz.´s last blog ..Willpower vs Willingness =-.

  8. Jen

    What an amazing year you had! I hope 2011 is just as well for you 🙂 Unfortunately 2010 was the worst of my life and I’m hoping 2011 is better!

    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Nogmeal =-.

  9. Fran

    You’ve had a great year! And the best part was that I was there all year long to follow all your adventures, I remember every one of them.

    I look forward to following you next year and see what 2011 brings you. Nothing but good I hope.

  10. Helen

    Thanks for sharing your yearly wrap with us! It was particularly fun for me because I didn’t know about you until mid-year, I think (shocking!). So glad I found your blog, it’s a joy to read and gives me hope for my own maintenance… soon to come!
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Bad to the Bone =-.

  11. Harbinger Fitness

    All in all, it sounds like a great year (except the back and bike bits). I love that you reposted your goals for the year. I think too often we forget what we’d set out to do!

    Great work and here’s to 2011!

  12. Biz

    I don’t talk about it on my blog, but my husband has been out of work since January 2010. Even so, because we have no debt, although we didn’t go anywhere on vacation this year – we did watch my daughter graduate from high school and go to Germany for 3 weeks in June!

    And my step-son and his girlfriend moved to Austin in July – we miss seeing him, although he was so busy we didn’t see much of him when he did live relatively close!

    Here’s to 2011! 😀
    .-= Biz´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

  13. Lynn Haraldson

    I know I’ve told you before, but I can’t say it enough. Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration this year. Looking back on your year like this just reiterates the fact that your infectious positive attitude has helped me through a very rough 2010. (Hey, it’s all about me, right? LOL) All my best to you for an even happier and healthier 2011, if that’s possible 🙂

  14. Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox

    I read this yesterday and came back to it today. Yep, I’m still shallow. Other than the shrinking Lori, the other “first” thing I noticed was the different hair styles. Sorry. All those things were awesome. I remember you in Shape. Was before I “met” you on blog. And I thought you were awesome even before I knew the whole story. Congrats on a successful 2010!
    .-= Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox´s last blog ..Cran Orange Quickbread &amp Santas Food-Fit Haul =-.

  15. Taryl

    What a great wrap up! You definitely had an eventful year, both good and not, but buyouts congratulations for maintaining another year and making most ofo your goals.

    My 2010 was eaten up by pregnancy and birth, the whole thing am aged to be busy and boring all at once. Needless to say, while my son is absolutely amazing, I am glad to be back on the weight loss path here at the end of the year 😉
    .-= Taryl´s last blog ..Another one bites the dust =-.

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