1st Annual Blogger’s Healthy Heart Weekend!

Okay – are you ready? Time for the 1st Annual Healthy Heart Virtual Run/Walk!

First off, you don’t have to run if you are unable to. I just want this to be a focus on getting healthy. If you want to walk, that’s fine. Elliptical bunny? Knock yourself out! Take a long bike ride? Go for it! The only stipulation is that you need to take a picture of yourself before, during, or after your event and send it to me. I will post the pictures here. Get creative, too! You don’t have to have your face in the photo if you don’t want to.

Date: Just before Valentine’s, of course! February 11th, 12th, and 13th! Feel free to chose Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to complete your event.

Distance: Your choice. I think most people standard a 5k, but I know many of you are training for an event, so you can use whatever distance fits in with your training plan. It’s all about a healthy heart, not a specific distance. Extra kudos to anyone who bikes 100 miles in 1 day, though!! 😉

The good news? There are some prizes to be awarded! These will be chosen randomly from those that submit entries.

Prizes include:

  • – A bag of fresh roasted coffee by yours truly!
  • – A weighted jump rope provided by Harbinger Fitness. Please visit their site for a lot of other fitness equipment, including the lifting gloves that I was lucky enough to win, as well as core strengthening products, mats, resistance bands, etc.
  • – A box of the dark chocolate mint cups that you see featured here. Great portion controlled snack 😀


After you complete your event, please email me the photo and what you did at javaqueen01 (at) yahoo.com .

Please post below if you would like to participate and what you plan to do! Feel free to post about it on your blog if you have one and see how many people we can get to participate! You may grab the logo above and link as well.

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