Baby it’s cold outside!

Sometimes living here is not so fun. This was the temp outside when I got up:

That is with no wind.  At least there was no wind LOL!  Needless to say, I decided to stay home and ride the bike trainer rather than going to the gym in this weather.  I was supposed to run, but I’ll change the schedule 😀

We did have a little fun, though.  Want to see what happens when you toss a cup of boiling water into -20 degree air?

Poof!  It was so cold out it made me cough when I first went outside.  I don’t know how animals do it.

I was really ready for warm and hearty breakfast this morning!  In celebration of National Peanut Butter day, I topped my chocolate oats with some Teddy PB!

I just mixed in some cocoa powder with my banana oats for chocolately goodness.

I snuggled up under a blanket to work today.  I don’t know why the furnace even bothered to cycle on and off as it came on every couple of minutes.  Thank goodness we got those new windows this year!  Although that doesn’t really help the old lathe and plaster walls.

I needed some hot sauce for lunch today!  We had a coupon, so I got some Boca Chik’n patties.  I don’t eat these as much as I used to, but they are something different and easy to fix.

Topped with laughing cow and hot sauce!

John made lattes today, which I paired up with the last TLC bar from my Christmas stocking.

Lattes are a great way to beat the cold, don’t you think?

Dinner time gave me a chance to play with my new creation:

The light box I made this weekend for $15! No more sickly yellow nighttime pictures!  Once I get the hang of it, I will show how I did it.  I think I do need another light, though.  I actually was pretty productive on the weekend have 2 days off in a row!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Healthy Heart Weekend in February! We have a good number of people signed up already 😀

Now – I actually have to go out and brave the cold to run a couple errands.  Definitely going to be bringing some warm coffee home!

Question:  Have you ever used flannel sheets?

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29 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside!

  1. debby

    Hey that water trick was pretty cool!

    And cold weather. I guess its all relative. This morning I was cold all morning and couldn’t get warmed up, in spite of my fuzzy robe, and the heater being on. So I finally braved the cold to bring in some firewood and start a fire in the woodstove. I think it was 53 degrees here…

    And yes, I have had flannel sheets and loved them. I don’t like when they get those little balls on them. And then, ahem, I got warmer, and they were always too warm for me.
    .-= debby´s last blog ..Calories =-.

    1. Lori Post author

      It is relative. 53 degrees to me now would seem like heaven, but back in the fall that was getting pretty chilly!

  2. Pam

    I actually have flannel sheets on our bed right now! I couldn’t hack those temps anymore – it was that ABOVE zero this morning here and I thought I was going to die!
    .-= Pam´s last blog ..Numbers Don’t Lie =-.

  3. Lisa

    That video is crazy! I can honestly say I’ve never been somewhere where it was that cold. A few weeks ago we went snowshoeing on Mt. Hood and it was 10 degrees. That was brutally cold.

  4. Sharon

    Yes, we have two sets of flannel sheets that we rotate during the winter. One set are greens and browns with bears and moose on them (Mr. B’s favorite). The other set is blue and white with these adorable snowmen on them (MY favorite)! Can you tell I love my flannel sheets??

    That is really cold! And is sounds like we might be sending some more nasty precip your way later on in the week. Don’t you just love us southerners??
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..A Matter of Perspective =-.

  5. Amber

    Debby: 50 degrees is shorts weather! How can you be cold?!

    I had flannel sheets every winter until I got a bigger bed, I’d like a set of FLEECE ones but I just haven’t gotten to buying them yet this season. I did invest in a heated blanket this year though and that was WELL worth it, especially last night. I had ice on the INSIDE of my windows! 🙁

  6. Dawn

    Pretty cool how the water did that. Wish I could do the heart healthy weekend but don’t think I’ll be ready by then but who knows. Regardless I will be cheering you all on *smile*. Great idea for sure Lori.

  7. Shelley B

    That is the coolest trick ever! Glad you are having some fun with that incredibly cold weather…and yes, I have flannel sheets. Our bedroom is the coldest room in the house, which is great for the hot months, but it was hard to get into bed, and took forever to warm up, so last year I got a cheap set from Target and loved them! Please tell me you have a set. 🙂
    .-= Shelley B´s last blog ..A Crazy Sticker Extreme Makeover- Ankle Edition =-.

  8. Jo

    Wow, it’s seriously cold there! I love flannel sheets and long to be in a climate where they are necessary (I currently live in the sup-tropical region of Australia). They are so snuggly!
    .-= Jo´s last blog ..Stress is a killer =-.

  9. Helen

    I’m afraid of flannel sheets. I’m hot and sweaty enough as it is. But may I say, I am CRACKING UP over the fact that Shelley has some!

    So glad you posted that video… if it gets extra hot this summer will you promise me to try and fry an egg on the sidewalk?

  10. Cyndall

    I love my flannel sheets, I have a couple of sets that I use on my bed and the guest bed in the winter time. It doesn’t get into the negatives here, right now its about 46 out, instead we get super intense pea soup fog. We all have our own versions of winter weather huh!
    .-= Cyndall´s last blog ..Meal Plan Monday =-.

  11. Joanne

    Hey Lori – me again. Thought it was funny this morning because hubby and I went for a birthday breakfast and as I sat there, I found myself wondering what you were eating and WHERE you were eating your breaky this morning. Isn’t it funny how our blogger friends enter our thoughts throughout the day?

    Hope what ever breakfast you had was delicious. 🙂
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Injury Rehab and Cinnamon Butterscotch Ice Cream =-.

  12. Ang

    My grandmother always used flannel sheets and they were so hot! I was always roasting over there! I use those sheets that are made out of t-shirt material. They are so soft it’s amazing. Sometimes I think they are too comfortable because I have issues prying myself out of bed in the mornings!
    .-= Ang´s last blog ..The best laid plans =-.

  13. Fran

    Wow! I’ve never seen that happen with water, looks cool! It really is cold over there, it has never been that cold here since I live.

    I don’t use flanel sheets. We have a waterbed which is heated in Winter so my bed is always warm when I get into it.

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