Lazy Sundays

It’s still so weird having weekends off now.  I think this is my 3rd Sunday where I haven’t worked.  I am getting just about full time with the other job, so that has been good, although I am looking for other things actively.

We were up early and had a nice relaxing breakfast at Panera Bread.  I had an asiago cheese bagel today.

We sat by the fireplace, but it wasn’t on!  Come on, Panera, it is always ice cold in there.

Then it was grocery time.  There were more blueberries at the store!  I had to have some before lunch 😀

They were awesome!  Don’t they look lovely? I have a very hard time not going for more because they are so good.  I could easily eat a pint in one sitting  (and have).

I also indulged in some fresh greens for lunch:

I should just call this The Lori and put it on a menu.  Well, it is on a menu – mine :mrgreen:

We have that aimless feeling that we get at the end of the football season.  Anyone else have that?  So, we decided to head out to the library and then back to Orange Cat to try out their espresso drinks:

It was pretty good!  Nice to know.  I just wish they were open at night.  We have to go to Starbucks if we want lattes at night or Panera Bread (don’t like their lattes as much).  I’d support the locals if they were open!

Got an interesting book out.

I tried to read Taubes’  other book, Good Calories, Bad Calories, and it was a good book, but a wee bit more technical than I wanted to read at bedtime (which is usually when I do my reading).  It would put me to sleep.  So this book is supposed to distill that giant tome into something a little more manageable.  I seriously have waaaay too many books out right now.  I have 12!

When we got home, I felt hungry.  I told myself that if I was really hungry, then I could have a pear, but no granola or snacky stuff like that (I ate too many snacks yesterday).  I decided I was really hungry – so I had the pear 😀

I still find it incredibly hard to relax.  Sometimes I have to sit there and just breathe deep and slow down.

Dinner scrounge up!  I forgot about the chick’n patties, so I pulled that out for dinner.

I’ve been on a bit of an applesauce kick lately.  Not sure if anyone noticed or not 😉   I like applesauce. It’s just not my favorite.

Tonight is the Pro Bowl, which is a poor substitute for a real game, but at least it’s something!  Going to get to bed early tonight so I can get up and run tomorrow.  I think I am starting to get into my new routine now.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Blogger’s Healthy Heart Weekend 2/11-2/13 if you haven’t!

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26 thoughts on “Lazy Sundays

  1. Kimberley

    I love the Pro Bowl because I get to see all my favourite players at the same time. No matter they are on opposite teams.

    Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday!!! Go Packers!

  2. joanne

    Panera’s asiago cheese bagel is SOOOO good! I’ve GOT to find an excuse to get to Paneras this week. I’ve got that bagel feeling coming on.

    You and I should have a blueberry eating contest. It would be pretty close but betcha anything I’d have you beat.

    As for the pro bowl – I’ve never watched it. Prob. because it’s always been after the superbowl. I’m not 100% enthusiastic about it but it might be a good game to put me to sleep. 😉

    1. Lori Post author

      lol at the blueberries. I mentioned that to John and he said you should meet me at Winney’s farm in the summer 😀

  3. debby

    Ooh, lots to comment on! That book has been making the blog rounds lately. I’ll be interested to hear your opinion. DebraSY had a review, and Barbara Berkley over on Refuse to Regain has had a series of articles on it.

    Blueberries–just got a big pack at Costco (along with some bosc pears and some big cherries (fruit love) and was thinking about what to do with them. I don’t eat them raw too much, but I thought about you and thought I’d try them again–true story!

    You need to start quilting or something that makes you sit, so you can relax. Knitting maybe?
    debby´s last blog post ..The Way It Went

    1. Lori Post author

      I thought about knitting, but I certainly don’t need a new hobby LOL! What I need to do is to just focus more on relaxing and realizing that is okay.

  4. Rachael

    Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog. Sometimes I wish they would just remove my lady parts LOL! I love lazy Sundays! Yours looks a lot healthier than mine, I splurged on greasy yummy pizza! I guess I will be working out hard this week :-)I did not get many workouts in this last week so I will be going forward with GUSTO!!! Have a great week!

  5. Miz

    you have me laughing at the POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR A REAL GAME 🙂
    no worries 🙂


  6. Fran

    I love lazy Sundays! I’ve changed my long runs to Saturday so I can have a rest day on Sunday and take Bella out for a long walk that day.

    Do you read all 12 books at the same time? 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, I do read them all at the same time, actually. I keep one or 2 at my bedside, and the others are downstairs and I will read bits and pieces of them all.

    1. Lori Post author

      Shredded chicken mixed with BBQ sauce, feta cheese, and toasted almonds. That is my standard salad I have all time time. It’s a sweet salty combo. I don’t need salad dressing with it.

  7. Helen

    That Pro Bowl as sad. And it usually is a bad excuse for a football game. I do ok until the end of March or so because I love NCAA Basketball. So the whole March Madness thing keeps me happy.

    Your Panera has a fireplace? How great is that – and I agree – it should be lit about full time these days!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Take That

  8. Kelly

    I finally cleaned up my side of the bed with all the books and magazines. Also juggle a few books at a time. Anxious to hear what you think about your new book. I have it on my amazon wish list.

    Your Panera has a fireplace?! That’s so nice!

    And your pictures look very nice with that new light box.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Weigh In &amp Exercise Roundup

  9. Ang

    I read numerous books at once too! Sometimes I need to be in certain moods for certain books!

    My husband is always on an applesauce kick. Anytime I make something I know he’s not fond of I throw some applesauce on the side. ;P
    Ang´s last blog post ..The best laid plans

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