January wrap up

I can’t believe it is the last day of January!  Funny how the first part of the month seemed to go by slow, and then the last week zipped by.  I think it happened, I just don’t remember the specifics 😀

Mondays are now the new run days for me.  No lifting.  I headed out this morning and it was noticeably lighter out – yay!  I hopped on the treadmill and did 3 quick (relatively) miles.  Then it was time for breakfast (my very favorite part of the day).

Banana custard oats with peanut flour and jam.


Look how beautiful and sunny it was out today.

Guess that is to appease for the 2 snow storms that will be here the next couple of days.  More than a foot total by the end of Wednesday.  Yay….  Of course, you know that means moving Bagel Wednesday dammit!

I had a very yummy lunch today.  I mixed up some Vanilla Greek yogurt with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice, then topped with toasted pecans.

With a pear.  This time anjou instead of red pears (they were on sale).

So the month of January is done.  I didn’t really set any goals for myself because I had done my to-do list for the entire year. But, here is the progress towards some of those goals.

1.  Weight. I am in weight loss mode right now.  I lost 2.5 pounds for the month of January.  I am a little ambivalent about that, as it wasn’t even all that I gained in the week of Christmas.  Love how what comes on in a week takes 2 months to get off.   Of course, I wasn’t strictly adherent and had cupcakes, and soft pretzels, and a weekend chocolate binge 😀 .  I would probably have done better had I not enjoyed those so much (but I don’t care).

2.  Practice guitar 3 times a week.  I have been doing awesome on this.  I have been doing 5 days a week, and have progressed my time to at least 20 minutes per session.  It’s building up the fingers as they get sore from playing.  I broke a string yesterday and even went right out to get a new one so that my zone wouldn’t get interrupted (which was also an excuse for the library and coffee yesterday  – bonus!).  Gotta keep it up.

3. Learn basic plumbing.  I have been reading books and John made up plans for our half bath we are going to install ourselves in the laundry room.  Most of you probably don’t know that I rehabbed 2 houses myself, so I can do a lot of home maintenance/rennovation, but plumbing other than seating a new toilet or sink was not something I did.  Now I will do that.  We are taking the plans to get the permit this week.  I am excited about that!

4. Make more money this year.  Well, I lost one of my jobs, so strike out on that one so far LOL!

So, some progress made already.  Now I need some specific smaller goals for February to talk about tomorrow.

I forgot to take a picture of my latte today, which I had with half of a protein bar, but you can imagine that.

I did, however, get a shot of dinner!

John made up some tomato sauce the other day and I decided to put in on the chicken.  I am so adventurous!  Winter blend on the side.  It was more like cauliflower florets and chunks of broccoli stems.   Lame! I am a broccoli snob.  I like Bird’s Eye baby broccoli florets – and that is what you pretty much always see  on my blog.  I am brand loyal on certain things and my florets are one of them.

Evening snack tonight?

Pistachios all portioned out and waiting for me to get hungry.  Stay safe and warm all snow bound peeps!  Think spring really hard 😀

Question: How was your January?

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28 thoughts on “January wrap up

  1. Lisa

    Want to come over to our house and help us remodel? Our kitchen has been in various stages of demo, remodel and currently it’s been in the same state as it was 6 months ago. We installed the tiles but still haven’t grouted or sealed them. LOL I think we’re losing steam on the home remodel project….

  2. Cilla

    Oh, how I adore pistacios. I had a (portioned) allotment for snacks this morning. Do not ever let me near the full bag when I’m hungry, though!

    January did go by quickly, but it was good 🙂
    Cilla´s last blog post ..Thinking ahead

  3. Pubsgal

    Mmmm, pistachios! One of my favorites!

    January went pretty well generally, although it’s been crazy-time at work and home and I haven’t worked as hard on the food & fitness as I need to do. And it’s only going to get MORE crazy between now and the end of the year. Gulp. But February is my birthday month, so I’m glad it’s here! 🙂
    Pubsgal´s last blog post ..Race Report- Pre-season Burn Series- Series 1 A Mini-tri!

    1. Pubsgal

      Mean to say, wish we could add a 1/2 bath to our laundry room…but that’s in the garage. There was one house in our neighborhood that built a 1/2 bath into the garage space. They put a door from the garage to the bathroom. So if you forgot to lock it, someone could come waltzing through the garage into the house via the bathroom. Now *that* could be awkward!
      Pubsgal´s last blog post ..Race Report- Pre-season Burn Series- Series 1 A Mini-tri!

  4. debby

    I love your monthly goals and recaps, Lori! I am brand specific on some things too–actually the only frozen thing I buy anymore is petite peas C&W. I think they sold out to Birdseye though.

    I’m with you on the lunch–kinda like breakfast/dessert for lunch, huh!

    I am impressed and encouraged that you rehabbed houses yourself, because that is one of the things I would really like to do when I retire–do somehome improvements myself, even if it takes a lot of time. I love wandering through Home Depot!
    debby´s last blog post ..The Way It Went

    1. Lori Post author

      One of my favorite things to do is browse Lowe’s and Home Depot! It would be nice to just pour money into the house.

      When I did the rehabs, I could buy so much stuff (within budget) that it really satisfied that bulk shopping urge I get sometimes.

  5. Lori's Mom

    Well, Lori, I guess I need new glasses. When I first saw the photo of the pistachios, I thought it was a bowl of clams! They look pretty big!

  6. Shelley B

    So funny – I’ve been on a pistachio kick for about 6 weeks now. GMTA!

    Looks like you had a pretty successful January, even with losing that one job. Mine started out with such promise, but with the ankle and other things, it’s not ending so well. Hey, at least I’m back to doing upper body weights, so there’s that. 🙂
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..The Scale Dun Dun Duhhhhhhhh

  7. Heidi @ Fighting with Food

    I hope you’ll share a video with us of your guitar talents! I wish I had stuck with an instrument when I was younger, but after 3 years of piano, I got bored.

    January was fabulous in these parts (with exception to the weather) and I think I got 2011 off to a good start!

    Mind sharing the tomato sauce recipe with us? It looks like a great addition to chicken.. which I make a LOT of!!

  8. Fran

    R. will love you because you can do home improvement. I don’t do anything of that around the house because I do all the cleaning and if something has to be done, it’s his turn.

    So cool that you play the guitar more often now.

    My January was great, will post about it tonight on my blog.

  9. Miz

    somehow Id forgotten my pistachio LOVE until this past weekend.
    They were at blissdom and I swear I ate my weight in the ‘green nut’ as they called themeselves.

    I love me some green nut.

    remember when they made them red? 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      Dyed red *and* green – especially at christmas. Then your hands would get all colored after eating them. Ick.

  10. Helen

    I love how you visit your goals and then walk away for another month saying, “Be back later.” I want what you have already – to care enough that there’s some progress but not to care so much that I’m devastated by my lack of perfection.

    I know I’ve mentioned it before… I love bagels. I rarely have them but I think I’m going to steal your idea of Bagel Wednesday. I let you know how that works out 🙂

    Pistachos are one of my favorite nut snacks because though the portion seems small, it takes a bit of work to get to it, and then I’m satisfied!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Take That

    1. Lori Post author

      I used to really have an ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude. I still do to some extent, and doing goals like this really helps me keep that in better control.

  11. Rachael

    I love your attitude (I don’t care). It shows that you enjoyed the holidays and did not let it have a negative impact on you. Trying new thing, basic plumbing, very cool and kinda scary at least for me. I would probably flood the basement or something LOL! Can’t wait to hear about your plans for February. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!
    Rachael´s last blog post ..Who Am I

  12. Biz

    Yep, big snow storm heading our way this afternoon – hope I get a snow day tomorrow!

    My January was good weight wise – I lost 6 pounds, which is good. Family wise I hope my husbands cancer is able to be removed with surgery – we’ll know by the end of this week. Scary stuff!
    Biz´s last blog post ..We have a Chinese Restaurant!

  13. Ang

    My January was pretty good. I made progress towards getting my fitness back on track. I did end up getting sick and having to have a shot in the backside on my birthday so that was a big thumbs down. Otherwise good. lol

    I think it is so cool that you are learning guitar and plumbing!
    Ang´s last blog post ..The best laid plans

  14. Leah

    When I realized I weighed the same at the end of January as I did the end of November I feel it really sucked. (that’s about as close to profanity as you’ll hear from me), But I didn’t gain any more weight, so that’s good.

    Thanks for your update! It’s always encouraging to hear how you’re doing on goals.
    Leah´s last blog post ..Snow Day Workout

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