Unexpected day off

It’s still February, right?  Had a few inches of snow overnight, so my drive to the gym was a squidge slick, but not bad.  Enough to keep some people out of the gym, though.  It was quiet today.  I did 3 miles on the treadmill and called it a day.  Fast forward to home and the 1-minute muffin!  This was the applesauce version topped with some almond butter.

I got ready for work this morning. Here I am in my work shoes:

Turns out the clinic I transcribe for was closed today, but my employer didn’t tell us (they probably did not know either).  So I kept checking in all day and no work.  Nothing like not earning any money unexpectedly…

So, since there was no money earning work to do, I could get to more some unpaid labor  working on our new laundry room.  I spent time repairing the walls and fixing up the junky job whoever worked on this house last did.  Felt good to do that 😀

Jody asked how Pixie is handling the renovations.  She is doing pretty well.  The laundry area is where her food dishes and her litter pan are, so I was a little concerned that she might decide to make a new potty for herself 😯  , but she has been fine.  She didn’t like the new floor surface at first, but once the house was quiet, she explored and chilled out.

She doesn’t look very stressed, does she?

Lunch break of egg salad on one of the magic rolls I will post about on Thursday (tease, yes I know).  Plus the remainder of the cheesy broccoli.  Thank you Green Giant!

Kind of wish I had known there would be no work or I might have planned something fun.  Oh well.  John did make up some lattes:

And I was snacking on some peanuts.

I like the nuts – right PubsGal?  I need to be careful not to crack out on these.  So munchable.

We cooked up turkey burgers for dinner.  The usual toppings?  Laughing cow and hot sauce!

These babies pack 24 grams of protein.  However, they are a little dry.  Don’t think I will get them again.

I need to find something to do tonight as I already did laundry, renovations, and practiced guitar since I had no work!  Think reading or maybe some game playing.  And planning my lifting workout for tomorrow :mrgreen:

Question:  If you had today off, did you do anything fun?

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13 thoughts on “Unexpected day off

  1. Lisa

    Your breakfast looks delicious. I’ll have to Google this “1 minute muffin”!

    I had half a cheese bagel with cream cheese and some plain greek yogurt for breakfast and then headed to the gym to workout with a friend. It was a nice way to spend a day off! Then my friend and I went out to lunch.

  2. Carlee

    Pixie is a pretty cat. I had the day off. I hit the gym, went to Trader Joes, had lunch at Chipotle, followed by dessert at a self-serve froyo place and then a walk at the lake. It was a beautiful day and I was glad to spend it out and about.
    Carlee´s last blog post ..Win Annie’s Salad Dressing

  3. debby

    Those magic rolls look so professional! Anxiously awaiting the recipe. And I might get around to trying the one minute muffin this week.

    I had today off. Just a normal day off, but I did it a little different. Very relaxing without seeming wasteful, if that makes sense.
    debby´s last blog post ..Snow Days

  4. Karen

    Glad to see the link above – I was wondering too:) We have been getting some very yummy chicken burgers at Costco. I would love to eat less processed food but I rely on having some quick go-to stuff for lunches.
    Karen´s last blog post ..Specifically Speaking

  5. Shelley B

    Pixie needs to relax more. 😉

    The day off here meant parking meters were free – woohoo! We were “downtown” (small town) picking up a book from a real live local bookstore! The excitement never ends around here, lol.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  6. Fran

    First I had to laugh at Shelley’s comment about her excitement!

    I never have an unexpected day off but I guess that if I did I would probably do a bit of the same as you did: just hang around the house and do stuff.

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