Going snowblind

It was snowing last night when the Mardi Gras party ended and it kept up with blowing wind all night.  We couldn’t get out of our back door this morning because the wind had blown the snow up against the door.   No gym today as I couldn’t get the car out.

Glad we work from home.

I had some peanut flour waffles while avoiding going out to clear the driveway and walks.

The snow was 16 inches and really heavy, so we got out the shovels.

I managed to do something to our snowblower last week.  Normally I don’t use it, but the last time I did and now it won’t start.  John says I didn’t break it, but I seem to have a track record with doing things like that.  So, that means shoveling heavy wet snow.  It is going to take all day to do this.  So glad I don’t weigh 250 pounds trying to do this!

I cannot remember a winter like this.  I am usually the upbeat person, but this winter has really worn me out.

Not to mention that someone plowing our neighbor’s driveway hit the shop on the back of the house, which now needs repair.

He hit it really hard.  We heard and felt a big bang. Good thing he missed that corner support and just hit the siding.

Not going to eat out of stress, though.  And also back to regularly scheduled eating after yesterday.

We took a break from some shoveling for lunch.  I had a lean sausage patty on a magic roll with some laughing cow.  This was really tasty!

Working on the last pound of the K-Mart strawberry special.  I should see what other specials they have.  We hardly ever get groceries at K-Mart, but $1 a pound is too good to pass up!

Then did more shoveling.  It is so hard to move all of this snow and taking forever.  We only got about half the driveway done, but all of the sidewalk.  We have a path shoveled the rest of the way to the porch:

Ready for that latte:

Debby – recognize what’s on the chair? :mrgreen:

I also had peanuts.  Several of these portions:

I did manage to finish up the large soap order today, so that was something good that happened.  Yay!

Dinner time and I used up the last of our ground pork that was thawed out.  Turns out it wasn’t much and made a dinky burger!

I made noises about going back out and shoveling tonight, but John did not want either of us to do any more tonight and risk injury.  He asked me not to go to the gym tomorrow and we would just finish the driveway then.  So, I guess I will not lift iron tomorrow, but heavy snow 😀

I have to work tonight and find a snack.  I am hungry already after dinner.  I know spring is coming, but it sure seems a long, long way away.  I would settle for just seeing the ground.

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33 thoughts on “Going snowblind

  1. Julie

    It is snowing here in Utah right now. It looks like the middle of December instead of the 7th of March. I sure hope we don’t wake up to 16 inches of snow. However, if we do my husband and I both have access to work from home to. I am so ready for spring!
    Julie´s last blog post ..SHAKE IT UP SATURDAY!

  2. deb

    What i wouldn’t give for a little bit of your moisture! It was 85 degrees here today and still no rain. Going on 8 months no rain. Crazy. We are under a ‘fire weather watch’. I don’t envy you shoveling all that snow though. Be careful of your back girl. Hugs deb

  3. Ishmael

    It’s a regular Jack London novel up there! Shifting all that snow is definitely a heavy workout. Bonus movement from Mother Nature. Spring will be here before too long, I think. Time is flying and it’s already March — that means April showers just around the corner.
    Ishmael´s last blog post ..Fed Up

  4. Shelley B

    It snowed while I was at my parent’s house in Oregon, and I got to watch my dad shovel the driveway and walkway. Oy. Really, I cannot fathom how you and so many others have had to do this over.and.over.all.winter.long. You have my sympathies, and I don’t blame you for being done with winter.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..2011 Armadillo Dash 5K Recap!

  5. debby

    Oh my gosh, Lori! I was thinking of you all day today while I was composing a blog about ‘spring is coming’ or some such thing.

    That is fun to see one of my quilts in a different situation. I usually like them a lot more when I haven’t seen them for a while, if that makes sense.
    debby´s last blog post ..Weekend of Foodie Experiments

  6. debby

    p.s. How are you making those peanut waffles? Because we use 1/3 cup of oatmeal but if you substitute flour in the same amount it will be too thick? Or do you do a completely different recipe? Also, would almond flour be the same as peanut flour? So far no luck on finding the peanut flour.
    debby´s last blog post ..Weekend of Foodie Experiments

    1. Lori Post author

      I do the same recipe, but sub one serving of peanut flour for the oats, which is 30 grams of peanut flour (1/4 cup??). I did find that for waffles, I need to cut back on the baking powder or I get a lot of waffle run off. That is not an issue with the pancakes.

  7. Leah

    Your king cake looks delicious!!!

    I’m sorry for your extra dumping of snow this winter. 🙁 I’ll enjoy my daffodils extra for you, but I know that’s no help. We’ve had storms, but nothing to complain about. I hope spring comes quickly for you!
    Leah´s last blog post ..Weigh-In Accountability &amp Blooms

  8. Jo

    Wow, I cannot believe your snow! YUCK!! The house damage–upsetting. The least the guy could have done after damaging your house was clear your driveway. lol

    I shoveled big, heavy snow by hand last year and wore my HRM and it was a huge calorie count. I don’t remember now, but amazing. Rest up. Do you at least have warm temps so it will melt?
    Jo´s last blog post ..A Fresh New Day

    1. Lori Post author

      We have not had a lot of warmer temps, so the snow has just piled up and up, which is the main problem this year. I haven’t seen actual ground since the end of December!

      We are getting warm temps coming, so at least in a couple weeks we might have ground again 😀

  9. Fran

    And you want me to come over with my apple pie? With all that snow? No way my friend. You really should come over here, you can see how ground looks again 🙂

    I can’t believe how much snow you’ve had this Winter and I can totally understand you’re done with it!

  10. Helen

    All day long yesterday I was thinking of you and other friends who live in upstate NY. You poor thing. It’s even hard to be positive and think at least you’re getting a workout shoveling snow at this point! I totally understand the so over winter feeling.

    I hope your neighbor’s plowman has insurance to cover that damage. You would think after hitting your house the least he could have done was plow your driveway at no charge!

  11. Alissa

    It’s days like that when I am glad that I work from home too! I thought we were done with the snow storms! The ground has been clear for weeks now and I was hoping it would stay that way- but looks like we’re getting snow tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t amount to anything! But at least we get a good workout with the shoveling, huh? 🙂 Stay warm!
    Alissa´s last blog post ..Dear Winner-

    1. Lori Post author

      I will mix it with water and a touch of salt to make a peanut butter (Kind of like PB2, only it isn’t sweet). John uses it as well for other things like muffins and power cookies.

      I want to try using the flour for coating chicken for baking, but haven’t done that yet 😀

      It can also be used to make a peanut satay dipping sauce.

      I think it would keep fine in the freezer. We actually have ours in the cupboard. It is partially defatted, so I don’t think it needs total refrigeration, but that probably would extend the shelf life.

  12. rachael

    Okay I will stop complaining about the snow we only got 5 inches. I was just hoping for spring! 🙂 Can’t make it to the gym? No worries it looks like mother nature took care of that for you. I feel lucky we live on the side of the street that gets the sun and the snow melts quickly. Hope you dig out soon. 🙂

  13. Biz

    I am so with you on this f-ing snow and winter – it feels like its lasted six months!

    And while I know shoveling is great exercise, I am sure you’d rather love to be out on your bike!

    Hang in there 😀

  14. Susan

    There is SIX FEET of snow on the ground on Moncton, New Brunswick where my family is. Breaking all kinds of records. The snow is literally up to the roof of my mom’s bungalow. And they have nowhere to put the snow when they shovel the driveway because the mound in the front yard is too high to get over. I feel really bad for them!

    Meanwhile, Toronto is completely bare. The heat from the city melts snow before it even hits the ground. I guess that’s an upside to city living!
    Susan´s last blog post ..Move It Monday – Lifting Workouts

  15. Pubsgal

    Aw, man! And here, I’d posted flower pictures because I thought they would cheer you up and I had nothing else to talk about. Sorry about the craptastic timing. You can rub it in a little extra when we’re on day 50,000 of wet, grey fog (aka “Midsummer”) and you’re having some nice, balmy summer days and evenings.
    Pubsgal´s last blog post ..Weekly Update- 3-7-11- The Hanging in There Edition

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