March Round Up

Wow.  The last day of March!  This month sure did go by fast.  A lot of stuff happened this month, that is for sure.  But let’s start with breakfast, shall we?

I decided to eat before exercise this morning because I just wasn’t feeling it.  So, I put on the coffee and made up protein waffles (the oatmeal version).

I am totally addicted to this combo of the blueberry sauce and coconut butter.  I think I could just eat that as dessert all by itself.

I had to laugh this morning at John.  He was reading my blog post from yesterday and said I was very sneaky with the camera because he hadn’t noticed me taking a self-portrait.  I am not sure if it is because he is really oblivious to my picture taking or just to me in general :mrgreen:   Good thing I love him.

Work had a server issue for a little while this morning, so I decided to take advantage and ride the trainer.  Funny how I was not wanting to exercise when I got up and not all that thrilled with the prospect, but once I got on  – I ended up going for 12 miles instead of the planned 8.  I was feeling really good! Maybe is was my carb fest from yesterday or just a full night of sleep for a change.

Lunch time – I made a quick bowl of plain greek yogurt with berries, 1 tsp of honey, and 2 tbsp of flax seeds.  this is a yummy combo.

Now that I have lunch out of the way, it is time for the monthly assessment.

Goals and how I did:

1.  Start ramping up the bike riding on the trainer in preparation for outdoor rides (with cupcakes!).  This means longer ride times.  I bet we will even get in a long outdoor ride this month!  Epic fail on an outdoor ride!  Stupid nature.  I did bike 150 total miles on the trainer in March, which is 33 more total miles than February.

2.  Keep working with some sugar/grain free days.  Really liking eating the fat.  I am not focusing on any weight loss this month.  I will be increasing carbs to keep up with the increase in biking miles. I ate more this month and maintained my weight.  I struggled with nighttime snacking the last few days, though.   I also did a fair number of wheat and grain-free days.  I think my stomach likes the no-wheat days.  I need to reflect more on this.

3. Start soap production again, I think.  Need to sit down and really decide if I want to do a website and all that again. Not going to happen.  I decided I didn’t want something that would just be a hobby business as I already am pretty busy doing things I want to do, let alone something I would need to do if I had more customers.

4. Keep trying new recipes.  I have been having fun with this. Yep.  This month I made Coconut Flour Bread, Coconut flour pizza crust,  a King cake for Mardi Gras, coconut flour waffles (haha, you can see my new obsession), sweet potato shepherd’s pie

5.  Work on our new 1/2 bath addition!  We are making progress on this and I am excited to get past the initial construction and get into the nitty gritty. We are rocking and rolling on this project!  Plumbing and electrical inspection passed and we are now starting drywall.  I’ll have some nice progress pictures on Sunday!

Not bad overall.  The 2 other big things this month were the semi-impulse purchase of the baby grand and my job situation.  Funny how if you look at the month overall, it just looks like I got a raise.  But the start of the month had me hired to start training with a new company.  Then being torn between 2 options, going to work in an office for a few days, and then finally ending up staying with the current job full time with a raise.  It felt very tumultuous.

Whew.  I need some coffee and some pumpkin/nut/cream snackage.

I finished up my day right on time, even with the delay in work this morning.  Yep, it’s a good life.  For dinner, I made up a salad topped with some cooked cube steak, feta cheese, a drizzle of greek dressing, and some toasted pepitas.

This was very tasty.

Looks like we may actually miss the brunt of the Nor’easter coming.  At first they were predicting 6 to 10 inches, but now it looks like much less.  I hope!  I am so done with snow.  However, there is a glimmer of hope.

My tulips are coming up!  Along with a cigarette butt.  Thanks a lot to that litterbug.  🙄

The ice cream shop down the street opened their doors window today and even though it is chilly, we celebrated with the first cone of the year!

I got a kiddie cone with eyes, even if they are a little crooked.

Peanut butter flavor. We walked home and ate these because it was pretty brisk at about 45 degrees!

I will leave you a link to read a great article about perfect health.  I am really thinking about this to get my April goals listed for tomorrow and finding out what my weakest  link is.

Question: How was your March?

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18 thoughts on “March Round Up

  1. Tish

    I love your brave tulips! And shame on that litterbug. I have no sympathy at all for litterbugs. And I totally endorse the tradition of getting a kiddie kone on the first day the ice cream shop is open. I need to think about setting monthly goals–maybe I’ll start in May. hmm–maybe I need to work on procrastination as one of those goals . . . . Keep us posted on your renovation. It’s so fun to get those things done.
    Tish´s last blog post ..Spaghetti

  2. Kimberley

    Looks to me like you had a really great March!

    Lots of success.

    Yay to the tulips…keep on coming. It rained here today and it will again tomorrow, but the weekend is supposed to be fabulous…can’t wait to get in an outdoor walk.

    LOL@the ice cream eyes!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Point Form Post

  3. Leah

    My March started wonderful and left me thinking about my priorities.

    Glad you’re seeing ground and the tulips are coming up. For some reason they don’t rebloom here in OK very well…I hate it, because they are my favorite early flowers. I’ve learned to enjoy my daffodils instead as they come up fine.

    Thanks for checking in on my blog…reading a comment from you brightened my evening. I think I needed it. 🙂
    Leah´s last blog post ..A Good Day at the Gym

  4. debby

    I do like your monthly goals. Much more fun to read yours than to think seriously about what mine should be LOL.

    You know, I just had a thought about that ‘not wanting to exercise, and then starting and doing more than we intended. This is the norm for me. And I just wondered if this is a case where ‘our bodies’ are doing things that are beyond our control’ that’s in our favor for once. So, like our minds are still set in our old ways, not wanting to exercise, but once we start, our bodies take over and want more, like it has gotten used to. Not sure if this is clear. No mind, I guess. As long as we keep on exercising, right?

    I really liked this post, want to comment so much more, but I am so late getting to bed now, and have a hard day of work tomorrow. Have a great weekend, Lori. Do you get the weekend off now?
    debby´s last blog post ..New Winner of Book!

    1. Lori Post author

      I’m glad you like the goals. I always wonder if people care about reading them or not. I just like having something concrete to look at.

  5. Amy

    Thanks for the link to the article – interesting! Got me to thinking about what my weakest link might be…
    In any case, I am thinking of trying some wheat free days like you did, in the month of April. I notice when I have a day where I eat a lot of wheat products, I don’t seem to feel as well as on days where I have less. I want to explore this a little…
    Good job on your March goals – now onwards and upwards to April! Hope “stupid nature” cooperates a little better this month! 😉
    Amy´s last blog post ..Its Raining- Its Pouring

    1. Lori Post author

      The wheat thing annoys me, because I never thought it might give me a problem, but of course I didn’t notice it so much when I had it every day.

  6. Alissa

    I’ve noticed the little signs of spring too. Last week I noticed all of the spring flowers coming up- but it’s been a little cold lately. But it’s supposed to be 50 today! I cannot wait for the warmer weather and comfortable bike rides. I’ve had a couple of outdoor rides but it was pretty cold, all bundled up and that wind is COLD when you’re riding into it! Have a great weekend!
    Alissa´s last blog post ..My First Experience with Whey Protein Powder- Jillian Michael’s Whey Protein Powder Vanilla flavor

  7. Fran

    Definitely a lot has happened to you in March. You know, I love this blogging community, I love to read about others life in other countries than mine. I love your blog because you blog daily and tell us about your day. I should do that more but frankly my life is pretty boring at the moment. But I’m going to think about this, would like to share more with you.

    Personal life nothing much happened in March, my running was awesome in March.

    Yeah for first icecream of the season! I haven’t had one yet but I’m not a big fan of ice cream either. Maybe tomorrow as it’s possible we have Summer temperatures.

    1. Lori Post author

      I’m glad you like my daily drivel, Fran LOL! My days really aren’t very exciting, so I am always surprised at how many people like the daily posts.

      But then, I love to read about other people’s lives as well, so go figure.

  8. Roz

    Happy April Lori! March was a good one for you, hope this one is too. VERY exciting to see the tulips, NOT exciting to see the butt. sigh. Off to read the article, thanks for the link. Have a good day.
    Roz´s last blog post ..Is it really prickly

  9. Helen

    Love your roundups! The weather here is nasty but the forecast is for the 60s by next Tuesday… bring it on.

    Our local seasonal ice cream shop is opening tonight – as sure a sign as tulips that spring really is here, Nor’easter be damned!
    Helen´s last blog post ..No Fear

  10. Kelly

    Sounds like a successful March!

    I’m making that blueberry mix soon for my pancakes. Looks so good.

    That ice cream cone is adorable with the eyes. Glad it opened.

    Can’t wait to see your tulips! I see them peeking out. 🙂

    Going to go check out your link now.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..How about a quickie

  11. Kim

    I enjoyed that article that you linked to. This afternoon I was fortunate to get to take a bike ride and I was listening to a podcast on Terry Bikecast. She was interviewing a nutritionist and it reminded me a bit about the weak link article and about balance. For a healthy weight she said you needed balance between mind, mouth, and muscle. I do think I usually have one weak link and I need to focus on that. It’s likes a musician only practicing what they are already good at. It can provide some enjoyment, but doesn’t lead to growth.

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