Bike + Road = Love

Well, this certainly was a weekend full of biking!  Is there such a thing as a bike binge?  If so, I had one LOL!  All that pent up wanting to be outside with the slow start to spring.

Saturday was for sure the nicer day, so that was the long ride day.  It started chilly, around 45 or so to start, so we bundled up a little and headed out down to Saratoga.   I was happy to be on the road.  In fact, after a couple of miles I yelled “I AM SO HAPPY!!”  :mrgreen:  We took our first break at 10 miles going past Moreau State Park.

I partook of a couple medjool dates (my favorite ride food next to pears).

Note the snow piles still.  In this wooded part, there actually was still a fair amount of snow.  I love the dates!

There was a bit of a headwind on the way there, but that is not unusual going to Saratoga.  It makes coming home easier!  We stopped a couple times just to check on the legs.

Most of the second half of the ride looks like this.

With hills.  This side lane is the wide official bike lane.  Mostly in good repair, although some spots have pot holes.  Can you believe how brown it still is around here? Late spring.

It was a sunny day, though.

I see my pinky sticking out in this photo and I really wonder if I take all of my photos that way?

We arrived at Saratoga after 22 miles to have lunch and er…something else at Cucake Lab!

It is very airy and  comfy inside the lab.

Plus some local artwork:

I like pretty colors….

I had a pulled pork sandwich.

Tasty!   I haven’t had bread like this in a while.  Today was not a wheat-free day, that is for sure.   I was pretty hungry for this sandwich and fairly wolfed it down!

Then it was time for the real reason to come here.  Coffee and cupcakes!

Raspberry.  Vanilla cake with a bit of raspberry filling topped with buttercream.

And the one I think is my very favorite – Pistachio!

Pistachio flavored cupcake with pistachio frosting!  Not overwhelmingly strong, just perfect.  And uber fresh!

We walked around Saratoga to digest.  There was a young boy playing guitar, only it was amped rock and roll on this guitar.  It was kind of funny.

After walking around, we headed back home.  I was a little concerned about the hills coming home, as they are steeper than the way there due to going up in elevation.  I am happy to say we made it up all the hills without stopping!  The steepest hill was around mile 32.  I was in granny gear and just talking myself to the top.  I knew that if I could just keep enough speed to not fall over, I would be fine.  I think I was down to about 5 miles an hour right near the top LOL!  Reward after that?

Hooray for coconut water!  I love this stuff.

After that big hill, the other ones felt okay, but my thighs were starting to get tired.  One thing about trainer, you can do the miles, but hills are another story.

I was ready to be finished when we got home.  Super pleased with the first long ride.  We are definitely doing another 100-mile ride this year!

Saturday ride stats:

Total miles 43.9 (close enough to 44)

Top speed:  27.1 mph(hills – woo hoo!)

Average speed 12.8 mph

Calories burned:  1300 (hello cupcakes!)

Sunday morning we decided our legs were okay, so we biked to breakfast!  It is 16 miles round trip to Panera Bread and back.  I was a squidge chilly, but above freezing.

Total miles this weeked: 60.2 miles! Not too shabby.  I need to be careful, I put 84 miles on the bike this week (including the trainer riding earlier in the week).  😯  Don’t want to overdo it.

This weekend we got the first cupcake ride of the year and the first bagel ride of the year!  Do I hear frozen yogurt ride coming soon?  I think so!

For even more of a bike binge, tonight is Paris Roubaix cycling on TV and the famous cobblestones!

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26 thoughts on “Bike + Road = Love

  1. suzanne

    I’m so glad your back on your bike!! Of course the cupcakes and bagels are always a bonus! Today we started with rain and then huge hail and then believe it or not sun 🙂 I’ll be able to get on the bike soon!!
    suzanne´s last blog post ..Today

  2. Shelley B

    I like that cupcake with pearls in the icing…you can’t go wrong combining jewelry and dessert!

    And I love the gumption of that little boy, playing his guitar on the sidewalk. Go little man! 🙂

    Congrats on getting your first (of many) bike rides in for the season!!!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  3. Jan

    Wowzers – 60.2 miles and you are trying not to overdo it? Geez, I would be overdoing it at 10 miles. You go girl!

  4. Kelly

    I can feel your joy in this post. So glad you were able to get out for a fabulous bike ride. And a Cupcake Lab? I can not imagine a more wonderful lab than a cupcake lab. Awesome.

    That picture of the little boy playing is great. I love it when someone conquers fears to do something they love. And playing in public can definitely be scary.

    100 mile ride. Yikes! You must have legs of pure steel. And an iron will. 🙂
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Photo Update 175 pounds

  5. Shelly

    Saturday was a great day for bike riding in lower New York, too. The trees are starting to show some color, and the daffodils are just starting to bloom. Some of my favorite rides have rest stops at bakeries. Yum, cupcakes! I’m thinking about riding a century again, too.
    Shelly´s last blog post ..Major Change

  6. Fran

    Yay for cupcakes and coconut water. I’ve missed this posts during Winter Lori and I’m so happy for you guys you were finally able to get out for a bike ride.

    I watched a bit of Paris-Roubaix, it was sunny and hot, not something they’re used to at this race 🙂

  7. Fran

    Yay for cupcakes and coconut water. I’ve missed these post during Winter Lori. I’m so happy for you guys you were finally able to go outside for a bike ride.

    I watched a bit of the race. It was dry and sunny, not something they’re used to at this race 🙂

  8. Helen

    Now I want a cupcake. However did you stop at just one?

    The line about being able to do the miles but not the hills on your trainer? Just replace the word trainer with treadmill and that’s exactly how I feel. I’m anxious for my legs to get back into road ready shape.
    Helen´s last blog post ..INO

    1. Lori Post author

      Umm… I ate both of those cupcakes 😀

      I actually wanted a tiny one plus the medium size one, but they were out of tiny ones. So I had the 2. Good thing for big calorie burn!

  9. Lisa

    NICE!! Looks like great weather! Glad you finally get to bike outside. My hope is that I can give it a go here soon…

  10. Leah

    So glad you could get out for a bike ride. I think of you a lot now as I use the bike at the gym for different cardio. Someday I’d like to go for long bike rides like that, but not sure hubby is into it.

    Here’s hoping you get some spring color up by Easter! My mums are starting to grow beautifully, but we are in dire need of rain/moisture. hhmm….

    Have a great week!
    Leah´s last blog post ..Weigh-In Visiting Friend

  11. Jen

    Wow! Holy calorie burn!!!
    I can’t believe how brown everything is here in MI as well. The weather was picture perfect yesterday, it’s just going to get colder the rest of the week and there is even a chance of snow for this weekend. *sigh*
    Jen´s last blog post ..ChaLEAN Extreme

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