Friday Fun Day

It’s Friday – time to par-tay!  I looked outside and didn’t see frost, so I thought I would bike to the gym.  Turns out it was only 28 degrees. 😯  No wonder I was so cold!  I got there and my muscles were stiff from cold.  So much for a warm up.  I was a bicycle-cicle.

I was feeling the Friday relaxed feeling today.  I really lightened up some of the weights and took it easy.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Barbell deadlift 3 sets of 12 at 55# Lower Body
Straight Arm Lat Pull Down 3 sets of 15 at 40# Back
Incline barbell press 3 sets of 12 at 45# Chest
Good Mornings 3 sets 10 with 55# bar Low back and hammies
Reverse Crunch 3 sets 12 Core
Face Pull 3 sets of 15 at 30# Shoulders
Seated calf raise 3 sets of 12 at 140# Calves

Then I froze my way home.  I kept saying “1 mile to coffee.” “Half mile to coffee”.  I was so ready for a hot drink and breakfast.

Breakfast experiment time!  I got some roasted buckwheat kernels (kasha) along with some millet at the health food store on Saturday.   On an aside, it cost $2 for both bags.  I remarked to John about how cheap it was, and his response was “Well it is birdseed, it should be cheap.”   Yeah – this is how he views some of the food I eat, I guess…

Anyhoo – I soaked some buckwheat overnight and cooked them up with pumpkin and egg whites.  Topped with a little molasses and coconut butter.

Interesting, but not my favorite breakfast ever. The buckwheat was soft and didn’t puff up like oats do with the egg whites.  Slightly nutty flavor which was quite nice, but I missed the chew of oats. I’ll finish this bag, but not sure I will purchase again as grain, but only flour.

Going back to the wheat/cravings post from the other day.  I am trying to pick out if it is grains or gluten causing those cravings.  Even on a day with the bagel, my carbs only come in around 175 grams for the day, so not super high and not really that much higher than my 100 grams on my lower carb days.  It doesn’t seem to be a matter of protein as I always shoot for the same amount of that no matter what the other macros are (which is approximately 100 grams per day of protein).  I knew that processed carbs really set me off, but I never really thought that whole grains would do that as well.  I find that mildly irritating.  Could be a bit of a key as to not only why I got overweight in the first place, but why it also was still hard to lose even when I went to whole grains.  On the grain free days, it is such a relief not to fight cravings.  I cannot even tell you what a relief that is.  Those that do get cravings (even when not hungry) really can understand where I am coming from.

I am not sure what this really means for me, as I am not likely to completely give up grains/gluten/whatevers, but it is something to think about.  I am a bit of a nutrition nerd now.  Along with just being an everyday nerd. 😎

Lunch time and I was craving a 1-minute muffin.  Not sure why. Fat maybe?  So I had one topped with peanut flour mixed up with cinnamon and water.

I had one of those days at work today where I was really unmotivated.  I was not productive at all LOL!  I would do a few files, then check my email.  Do a few more files and look at my google reader (scary).  You know the drill.  I had a case of the Fridays big time.

John saved me with an almond milk latte, which I paired with a macaroon. I can’t believe I have these left! Funny how things last when you don’t eat them.

Since it is Friday and that is the traditional What’s Blooming day, I present to you some of garden. The garden is shaping up now.  I love how the sedum is brussel sprouts at first and then becomes like broccoli!

These actually need dividing this year, which I have never done before.

Buddha is basking in the sun.  It only reached the upper 40s today.   Hello spring – any time, you know.

Tulips getting taller.  These are the lovely black and white ones that are so striking.

We almost went out for pizza for dinner, but with me trying to go wheat free as much as I can this month we stayed in.  I made up a stirfry with chicken, some brown rice, broccoli (sedum :mrgreen:  ) and ginger teriyaki sauce all sauteed in coconut oil.

It’s Friday night, so we are out and about tonight.  Tired of Starbucks, so we went on down to Saratoga to Saratoga Coffee Traders.  My cuppa decaf:

I love free wifi and coffee with chitchat!

Not much biking on tap this weekend because the weather is supposed to be kind of yucky.  We should be able to get work done on the half bath, though!

Catch you all on the flip side of the weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

  1. debby

    Why yes, I do have some thoughts! As soon as I saw you had buckwheat, I was very interested to see what you thought! I tried some back when Vicky was introducing new foods to me. I DID NOT LIKE BUCKWHEAT at all! It had kind of a burned toast taste (toasted buckwheat I guess) and I didn’t like the texture at all. I have had some millet in some of Vicky’s food and I liked that very much.

    Yeah, I think for me it is the refined carbs, esp. white flour and sugar (aka COOKIE) that sets off my cravings. I just try to stay away from them as much as possible. Please don’t ask me what I ate the last two days…

    And I agree with you too, that I am not likely to give up those things completely. But at least acknowledging that that is what is true, and making choices most of the time to leave them alone, and when I indulge to know how to deal with the cravings. I also don’t believe that refined carbs have the power to set off cravings for weeks like some people think. That is giving food way too much power.

    Hey, I stopped at the store and got the bean flour and have the socca batter soaking. gonna make myself some of that when I come back from my walk with the dogs. Which they are waiting patiently for me to do!

    Love your lunchtime satisfaction and love your pizza substitute dinner.
    debby´s last blog post ..Feeling the Need to Blog a Bit

    1. Lori Post author

      I hope the socca turns out for you!

      I don’t think the cravings last for weeks either. I have found it is a daily thing. Days I eat the bread I have cravings. The days I don’t – no cravings. Very distinctive difference. I think knowing that gives me the power to really put the spurs to weight loss if I so choose to do so.

    1. Lori Post author

      We don’t keep the uncooked in the fridge. I know you should do that with wheat flour, and we keep meaning to do that, but other foods take space precedence in there. I am not giving up my honking big containers of berries to make room for wheat flour or rice LOL!

  2. Jane

    I can believe you were a bicycle-icicle. This has been some loooong winter! I have tried a few breakfast grains, but I always go back to my favorite–oatmeal! It has a texture that I can “grab onto,” and I have a favorite recipe that amounts to being a muesli type of breakfaast–at least I think so. I am hoping for warm weather very soon here in Minnesota! I’m ready for some bicycling, also!
    Jane´s last blog post ..See Jane RunuhhWalk! Who- Me-Train for a 5K Walk

  3. Kathy W.

    For what it’s worth, most whole wheat bread comes in the same as white bread on the glycemic index. Sad, isn’t it?

  4. Kimberley

    I had to take out my hat again…it was already put away…but it was cold today…boo!!!

    Bicycle-cicle…you are as funny as your Mom and John…cheep cheep!

    Not eating gluten can be hard…most of the time I have no problems and no temptations. But once in awhile I just HAVE to have something, a slice of cake, a piece of naan and although it tastes good in my mouth, I pay later on…but again, sometimes I can’t resist.
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Another Quick Post

  5. Helen

    I know you don’t want to go back on the trainer but I cannot believe you did that ride! I think I would have soaked in a hot bath after that.

    As I scrolled down and read your post my mouth fell open. Why? Because for dinner last night I made a rice bowl with leftover rotisserie chicken breast, roasted broccoli and brown rice. Drizzled a little sesame oil over it and it was so good I wished I had more leftovers 😀

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Ron

    I loved this part of your message

    I remarked to John about how cheap it was, and his response was “Well it is birdseed, it should be cheap.” Yeah – this is how he views some of the food I eat, I guess…

    I have a friend that says I eat “sticks and twigs”
    Ron´s last blog post ..Helloooooooooo

  7. Jody - Fit at 53

    OMG, John’s comment about bird seed – too funny! Love it!

    Lori, I really enjoy reading about your food experiments & thx so much for sharing with us! Like you, I am not willing to give up certain things & I prefer to work out harder to do that. After watching my mom pass away not being able to eat anything she really wanted & knowing that she was going to die, well, yes, I watch what I eat but I also enjoy. I could eat more “fun” things than I do but for now, I am fine with what I am doing but the older I get, the more I think about that time with my mom. I am never going to put on weight just because of this but it keeps me in perspective…

    Thx again!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Saturday Funnies

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