Hello snacks

The end of the week.  Jeez it went by fast.  And the end of April, too!

The last day of the no lifting week.  My body needed the lifting break, but it sure sent me into a snack spiral this week.  Not quite sure what that was all about.

Fridays are designated oat days, so I soaked more steel cut oats in buttermilk and water last night.

Cooked with 1/2 a banana and eggs whites, as per usual.

I got rocking and rolling with work right off that bat today.  This week was some flexing of hours around, but today was pretty much straight through.  I do love job flexibility when I need it – and I also have to be willing to be flexible when the job requires it.

Lunch time was more like dinner time today:

Filling, too.  However, I proceeded to snack on granola (captured just before I finished for accountability):


several bowls with some chocolate chips.  🙄

Sigh… One of those days.

So much rain this week. About half a mile away from our house, the river rose over it’s banks. Thank goodness we live on top of a hill.

It is receding now, though. On a good front, all this warm weather and rain made the garden pop up.

Next Friday there will be a ton of tulip blooms to show you!  I can’t wait 😀

I also saw some primrose that bloomed on the side of the house.  These are annuals, but they were tucked under all that snow for the whole winter, which actually protected them from freezing.

Cooked up some chicken for the weekend.  I decided on a small yukon gold baker with chicken and BBQ sauce on top.

I do like potatoes…

Done with work for the week – yahoo!  Going to go out and paint the town red tonight with possibly the library or maybe even the mall! :mrgreen:

Tomorrow is a long bike ride.  We are shooting for 60+ miles.  That means the monthly wrap up will be a day late.

I’ll be back on Sunday!

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12 thoughts on “Hello snacks

  1. Ishmael

    Yummy food! I didn’t know the latest about cholesterol not being the bad guy we once thought it was. I’ll check it out — thanks for pulling my coat tails on that! Enjoy your bike ride. I hear tomorrow is going to be gorgeous.
    Ishmael´s last blog post ..Cloud- Meet Silver Lining

  2. Fran

    Hope you’re having a great ride today Lori.

    That river is really flooded. If it isn’t snow, it’s rain right?
    But the garden looks promising.

  3. Biz

    We live across the street from a channel to our river – which is almost over its banks – but like you, we are high enough so we would never be effected.

    Hope you got your bike ride in – 60 miles is impressive! 😀

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