What’s blooming and lovin’ the leftovers.

Woke up to a chilly, but beautiful sunny morning. It was almost 40, so I knew I would bike to the gym today!

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Cable Squat to row 3 sets of 10 at 60# Full body
Bent lateral raise 3 set of 10 with 15# DBs (30# total) Back
Pushups 3 sets of 10 Chest
Planks 3 sets of 70 second holds Core
Calf raise 3 sets of 12 at 110# Calves
Low Back Extension 3 sets of 12 at 80# Low Back
Cable Triceps pull down 3 sets of 15 at 30# Triceps
Arnold Press 3 sets of 10 with 10# DBs (20# total) Shoulders
Hammer curls 3 sets of 10 with 10# DBs (20# total) Biceps

Good workout today.  Still a little cold on the way home and I was ready for some coffee and steel cut oats that I soaked overnight.

I used 1/3 of a banana mashed into the cooking water, then I sliced the rest and sauteed in a little butter and cinnamon.  You must do this.  So very good!  Plus a drizzle of coconut butter on top.  I was a super happy camper eating this morning :mrgreen:

Just a wonderful gorgeous day today.  We even had to mow the lawn for the first time.

That’s pretty much all of our lawn right there.  Only a strip down the side of the house.  It takes 10 minutes to mow.

Lunch was some leftover souffle with a pear.

So good.  I told John I want souffles all the time now.

Pixie just doesn’t know what she is missing with not eating people food.

She looks like she cares, right?

Work slowed up, so I went out to take some pictures of this week’s tulips.  These are some kind of apricot ones.  I really need to write down the names of the ones I get LOL.

The pretty inside:

I have 2 groupings of this color:

There are a bunch more buds on the other tulips as well.  I thought I had planted some daffodils, but maybe the squirrels got them.

Then John and I took a ride for some frozen yogurt!

I didn’t even need to put on my hat today after taking off my helmet.  Lucky me.

It was fairly windy out today.  Guess that is what is pushing in the warmer air.  16 miles of biking today!

Tonight’s dinner was more leftovers.  I have to say that I am about ready for some meat!  John made a shrimp poboy for dinner and I really wanted one.  Instead, I cooked up a yukon gold potato and put some of the palak chole over it.

Pretty good.  Getting a good carb load for a longer ride tomorrow.  We need to build a better base before increasing mileage.  We jumped from 45 to 66 miles and that was a bit much.  Tomorrow will be in the 40 to 50 mile range.

Sunday is bagel day with my mom for Mother’s Day! See you on the flip side of the weekend!

Question: Are you a leftover lover?

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14 thoughts on “What’s blooming and lovin’ the leftovers.

  1. Marisa @ Loser for Life

    You’re doing great with veggie week, Lori!

    I’m a leftover lover! I used to hate them growing up, but now I realize what wonderful thing they are so I don’t have to cook all the time!

    Have a fun weekend!:)
    Marisa @ Loser for Life´s last blog post ..Sweet And Spice

  2. Kimberley

    I intentionally cook in bulk and freeze, but I don’t really consider that leftovers.

    Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy your ride and stay safe!

  3. Pubsgal

    I love leftovers! I love that my husband measures and portions them out so when I get home, dinner is in the toaster oven keeping warm and lunch is ready the next day.

    But you know, I never thought of having leftover soufflé!

    Hope you have a great weekend for your ride & mothers day with your mom!
    Pubsgal´s last blog post ..Easter Update

  4. Karen

    Sometimes. There are some meals I make extra of just for the leftovers and some are even better the next day! I will be having leftovers for both lunch and dinner today – did some cooking yesterday while hubby wasn’t home.
    Karen´s last blog post ..Mother Knows Best

  5. Fran

    I hardly ever eat leftovers because over the years I’ve become pretty good in measuring what I need for meals for just the two of us.

    Hope the weather is good today and you will have a great bike ride together.

  6. Jody - Fit at 53

    Thx for the Pixie pic!!!!!!!!!! She is adorable & man, the life! I need to be a princess on pillows like that! 😉

    Your food looks so great Lori! I am so lazy & never want to take the time to do some of the stuff even though it is not that hard – lazy me! I save the less lazy fro the gym. 😉

    Your tulips are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Saturday Funnies

  7. Destination:Athlete

    Wow, you have tulips out?? They’re beautiful! It’s been too cold here to get much of anything blooming out.

    Love the breakfast photo – your food always looks so yummy!
    Destination:Athlete´s last blog post ..S

  8. Ang

    Such pretty tulips!

    I love leftovers. They are so convenient for lunch the next day. I really like making a pan of lasagna because I can get three dinners and a lunch out of it! 🙂
    Ang´s last blog post ..A New Favorite Restaurant

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