Renovation Nation

It’s time to unveil the renovations!  I shall forgo the food today and do the reveal.  Here was the room before.  Probably hard to picture, but it was a long rectangle with the laundry area on the right and the pantry shelves on the left.  The only plumbing in this area was the washer line and drain.  There was the dangling light fixture as the only lighting.

The old pantry area with all food in view:


Descending into the bowels of hell:

General chaos:


Plumbing in:

All that work the we did by ourselves!

Here is that same wall today:

The laundry/ half bath room:

View into the pantry area from the laundry room:

Pocket door into the laundry/bathroom:

I love my pocket door!

I want every door in my life now to be a pocket door.

The pantry:

Hooray!  No one has to see my food anymore!

I still can’t believe we did this all ourselves.  I renovated 2 houses, but the new plumbing lines and all the electrical wiring was new stuff for me.  And it passed inspection, too!

The materials cost about $1800 and permits/inspections were about $200.  I know we will at least get double that back converting the house from a 1 bath to a 1-1/2 bath, plus a closed in pantry.

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18 thoughts on “Renovation Nation

  1. Jody - Fit at 53

    I see you had a supervisor watching over you – Ms. Pixie!!! 😉

    Honest to god Lori, you guys are amazing & I AM IN AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to sell a show to cable network since you are just regular ole people doing all this. I watch The Soup & the shows I see that are out there & I never heard of & I think WTF! You deserve a show way more than those ones!!!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Know Your Genetically Modified Foods

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