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Thank you all for you comments on our renovation project!  I actually do enjoy renovations and I would still be doing them for a living if the mortgage market for investors didn’t go belly up.

Just an FYI – here is a shot showing you the proximity of the pantry to the kitchen (and our back door).

It’s so nice.  I do have to say that it still feels a little weird to …. er… use the facilities downstairs.  Now we share a bathroom with Pixie LOL

It’s Friday!  I found a youtube video of my favorite thing to sing on Fridays.  It’s very catchy :mrgreen:

I have been singing this on Fridays for years and now I found it! Enjoy!

My morning was nice and quiet… and early…  No gym today, but I sure do feel yesterday’s workout.  Barbell squats get me every time.  I lowered the weights, too.

I made up a bowl of banana custard oats topped with some coconut butter and a couple teaspoons of chocolate sauce that John made.

Very good.  Very, very good.  This bowl is 370 calories.

I got started right in with work to finish up for the holiday weekend.  It has just been really, really busy at work.  Not sure why that is, but then the company will likely over hire and it will get slower.  As happens in the transcription industry.

Lunch time was also yummy!  I chopped up half of one of John’s protein muffins and layered it with some plain greek yogurt and strawberries.

Lots of little pieces means it takes a long time to eat, which is a good thing when you tend to be a food wolfer such as myself. 😳

The garden is in that in between stage.  I keep forgetting to buy spring blooming plants.  I love perennials that have long bloom seasons, so I tend to concentrate on those, but that also means they don’t start blooming for another month.

The shady side of the house now has the lily of the valleys in with the ferns:

My clematis multi blue has a couple blooms on it.

It is pretty small right now.  I transplanted it over to this side of the house to see how it will do there.

It’s part of that new bed I dug up last fall, which is pretty barren right now.  Better get to work!

I got these at the garden center last week.  They are called Argyranthemum – new to me.  It is the Madeira one.

This plant I finally figured out what it was.  I was thinking it was trillium, but it actually is Tradescantia or Virginia spiderwort

Just a couple blooms.  These are another old fashioned flower and are all over the side of the house, almost to an annoying degree because they spread.

My Snow Queen clematis is going to explode in a couple days – check it out:

Next week will be rose and clematis day!

Even though it was warm outside, the inside of the house stayed quite cool.  Our new windows are fabulous!  We got the ones that block all UV rays, but I also found out that caused problems growing my seedlings indoors and they are all stunted.  I have 1/2 inch basil plants right now.  Ooops.  I need a grow light for next year.

The cool inside meant latte!

Actually, I can drink hot lattes even in the summer.  Maybe that is why I burn up at night?

Work is done for the weekend unless I want to do any extra to sock away for Disney in January.  Hooray weekend!  Almost went out for pizza, but we stayed home.  I cooked up a chicken sausage with the usual suspects on the side:

Trying to decide if we want to scooter for a little yogurt.  There are pop up storms in the area, so we may just stay home with this one:

Contentment – thy name is Pixie.

We are planning a 75 mile ride either Sat or Sun depending on the weather.  Should be fun!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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10 thoughts on “What’s Blooming today

  1. debby

    I love lily of the valley so much! I don’t know why I don’t grow them…

    And another amazing bike ride! You guys are really hitting it hard early this year!
    debby´s last blog post ..What Can I Say

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes we are. Last year we were behind because of my back. Not so this year! Want to get the 100 mile ride done hopefully in June so it isn’t so hot and there is the longest daylight available.

  2. Fran

    The flowers look beautiful.

    I always drink hot beverages in Summer. I love my coffee and there isn’t a day I don’t have it.

    Enjoy your long weekend. I’ve got just 3 days of work next week. Thursday and Friday I’m off too. Then 4 more days of work and then vacation: jippie!

  3. deb

    I love when you show what you are growing because if its cold hardy for you it will probably be cold hard for me. The only question is can it handle the heat and dry here? From working in the garden center i’ve seen your Argyranthemum before but i didn’t think they were very cold hardy.

    Do yu know the name of the fern you have?? Lily of the Valley likes shade no? Have a wonderful bike ride ! Sounds like fun!

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t know the name of the fern as it is a foundling. I don’t know much about ferns in general.

      Lily of the Valley actually will grow in all kinds of light, which is nice. I have the on the sunny side and the full shade side. It makes them bloom separately, though.

  4. Roberta

    I didnt know you did transcriptioning =) I had my eye on a course for this, though I cant afford it at the moment. How do you like it? Where did you get your diploma from?

    1. Lori Post author

      I did Career Step in 2008. It is actually a tough job mentally. Like any job, it has its plus/minuses. It really has a lot to do with where you actually are employed and there are quite a few ‘sweatshops’ out there, meaning the very large transcription companies.

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