Happy Solstice!

Thank you all so, so much for the comments on my anniversary! Even though I have not reached my mind’s goal, I never stop trying. 😀

Happy Solstice, too!  The longest day of the year.  Funny how it comes just as summer begins, isn’t it?

I was ready to hit some iron today.  I have to say that the traffic was really annoying on the way to the gym today. Hello city bus? You need to give me more room! The dumbass driver came so close to me that it rocked my bike! Scary!

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Lying Leg press 3 sets of 10 at 100# Lower Body
Seated Cable Lat Row 3 sets of 10 at 55# Back
Bench Press 3 sets of 10 with 50# bar Chest
Reverse Crunches 3 sets of 12 Core
Low Back Extension 3 sets of 10 at 100# Low Back
Calf Raise 3 sets of 12 at 110# Calves
Biceps Curls 3 sets of 10 with 25# bar Biceps
Nosebreaker 3 sets of 10 with 25# bar Triceps
Good Mornings 3 sets of 10 with 35# bar Lower Back and Hammies
Upright Row 3 sets of 10 with 25# bar Shoulders

And hello gym people – wipe your sweat off the benches please! Even a woman did not wipe her sweat off today and she was wearing a little halter top, so got sweat all over the bench. Nasty! They provide us with wipes, so there really is absolutely no reason not to  use them other than no manners.  How about that for some complaining today? :mrgreen:

I actually had made breakfast up last night and reheated it this morning.  A banana bread pudding with coconut flour (GF!).  I baked it instead of microwaving it.  Need to put up a recipe page for it soon.

Topped with Teddie PB and strawberry jam!  I really, really liked this.  I swear one of these days I am going to eat breakfast for every single meal.

After a solid morning of work – I wanted some superfoods for lunch! This shake was packed with them.

  • 1 cup of blueberries
  • 30 grams of unflavored whey protein isolate
  • 8 oz of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 14 grams of flax meal

Of course, I did spend the next 15 minutes picking flax out of my teeth, but it was tasty.  One nice thing about eating on the porch is that it keeps me from eating while working.  Not that I do that or anything, but just sayin’…

Funny thing about yesterday, John was looking at my lose-aversary post and had a lot of trouble reconciling the old photos with me now.  Even though a lot of my life with John I looked that way, he said it is hard to remember me looking like that.  It still can be fairly fresh in my mind, though LOL!

Back to work and a visit to pet the Great Napper!

I let her have the chair all day because I am so nice.

Made up a good latte today. I actually made my own as John was busy.  I can’t believe I had to make my own snack!

Plus I got to talk on the phone to my sis during break time and make plans.  We are doing a women’s outdoor weekend this weekend.  She is actually teaching some classes.  Bow hunting and shotgun.  I am just attending to do other classes like hiking and dutch oven cooking.  Should be fun, although our track record for weather is a little iffy when we do outdoor things. 🙄

Nice light dinner tonight.

I had some bread baking and I wanted a piece later, so I lightened up dinner.  I think this month is going pretty well on the weight loss front, so I am pleased about that.  If I can just hold on to that thought while away this weekend.

I decided to celebrate the longest day of the year with an evening bike ride tonight.  I went out solo tooling around.  Just a nice night for a ride with my magic shoes.

They may look dorky, but I love them.

Now to get a piece of that bread and practice some guitar!

Question:  What is your biggest peeve at the gym?

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31 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

  1. debby

    I’m with you on having breakfast for all three meals. As long as I balance the nutrients, its okay, right? And recipe please! Did you see any difference in the baking vs the microwaving?
    debby´s last blog post ..Grief

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes – big difference between baking and microwaving! It was just like bread pudding last night and so hard for me not to eat it right then. I just wasn’t sure how long it would take to bake in the toaster oven and didn’t want to wait for breakfast.

      I need to make it again and take pictures for a post.

  2. Amber

    You always get the best pictures of Pixie, I couldn’t help but giggle at today’s!

    Are you doing the DEC’s Becoming and Outdoors Woman program weekend??? I almost signed up for that myself, but I came a little short on funds. The shotgun class was one of the ones I wanted to take, how funny that your sister teaches it! I hope you’ll post a review of it, because it’s something I’d definitely like to do next year.
    Amber´s last blog post ..Friend Making Monday 1

  3. Alison

    I’m with you – can’t stand the people who leave sweat around! Went to the gym last night and there were 3 different guys who would flex in front of the mirror, walk over to a weight machine, do a few reps, walk back over to the mirror… repeat. They were all sweaty and never washed anything off. I guess the silver lining was that I saw them so by the time I hit those machines I knew to wipe everything down! Eww
    Alison´s last blog post ..Hurry up results!!

  4. Lori's Mom

    I guess my biggest peeve at the gym (there are actually two) is when people gather around a machine to talk instead of moving away so that someone else can use it. Also, the music is too loud for this senior citizen!

  5. Kimberley

    Boo to the bus driver!

    Yay for magic shoes!

    My biggest pet peeve at the gym right now is the smell of smoke. My gym is in my building on the first floor and there are smokers…boo!!!

    We are actually thinking of joining a gym that is right up the road. They are offering a free week for each of us to try. Have to wait until July though as the Boss is going away at the end of the month.
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..My Weekend in Pictures

  6. Kim

    I’m a cyclist and I also get annoyed when drivers don’t give me enough room. I listened to a podcast where Georgena Terry interviewed this guy who designed bike jerseys that say “3 Feet Please”. A polite way to remind motorist of the minimum room to give a cyclist. On the front of the jersey it says “It’s The Law”, but they also have ones that are blank in the front (unfortunately it isn’t the law everywhere). Maybe that should be your next jersey. Geez, I sound like an advertisement now (I’m not getting any kickbacks, ha. http://www.3feetplease.com/

  7. Fran

    Okay Lori you really have to let me know what Dutch oven cooking is? The Dutch girl over here doesn’t know LOL

    My biggest peeve at the gym is also sweaty machines and people chatting at a machine or area which I want to use. Step away from it if you are not going to use it for a while.

    1. Lori Post author

      It a Pennsylvania Dutch cooking thing. A big heavy pot with a lid that is used for cooking over coals and fire (or in an oven).

  8. cammy@tippytoediet

    It’s a crying shame when a girl has to make her own snack! 🙂

    The sweat isn’t as big an issue for me as I tend to use a stability ball as a bench, even at the gym. I can roll it around with me. 🙂

  9. Amy

    Sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend!
    My pet peeve at the gym is when it is super busy, which makes me nervous. So I try to go when I know it is slow there.
    Amy´s last blog post ..Rainy rainy day

  10. Alissa

    I hate it when drivers don’t slow down a little or even try to give you some room when you’re exercising. It’s rude and very unsafe. Most people are pretty good about it though.
    Alissa´s last blog post ..Two Workout Tuesday

  11. Ishmael

    Pet peeve at the gym… when there are no machines available! I also don’t like that there’s a group of guys who kind of hog the weight-lifting area. I am sure they are paying me no mind whatsoever, but I hate that I have to pick my way through them and around them to get to the free weights and some of the benches I need for my pec exercises. It seems there’s always at least 3 there huffing and puffing in front of the mirror everytime I go!
    Ishmael´s last blog post ..Close Encounter of the Bear Kind

  12. Marisa @ Loser for Life

    The women’s outdoor weekend sounds so fun! Can’t wait to hear all about that!

    I’m buying some coconut flour this weekend! They sell it at my local farmer’s market. It’s Bob’s Red Mill brand, I believe and it’s $7.50 a bag. Does that sound about right? I think it’s a 1 lb. bag. Seems very pricey, but I’d love to try it!
    Marisa @ Loser for Life´s last blog post ..Summer Reads And Recipes

    1. Lori Post author

      I bought the Bob’s red mill one and it is fine, but I found it cheaper on line! Like for half price. Remember that a little goes a long way with it.

  13. Jody - Fit at 53

    Pixie – I love you!!!!!!!!!! Greta pic Lori! 🙂

    On the gym – like you, I hate when people don’t wipe down the benches & such. I go to a new location for 24 hour Fitness & they provide towels too, small & large, and wipes so no reason not too! I wipe don everything & bring my own towels too for my face & bod! I have a lot of peeves about the gym but I still hate that people do not rerack weights & weight plates & put things back – that drives me crazy!

    That shake looks delish & on the porch – YES!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Banning of Salt- Fried Kool-Aid- Clothes Sizing Lies

  14. MB

    Aside from people not wiping off their sweat my biggest pet peeve is when people get on a machine that is obviously broken and making horrible repetitive noises, squeeking and banging, but instead of getting on another machine they stay on it and drive me out of my mind.

  15. Joanne

    Don’t screw up the weather this weekend. We’ll be in Lake George and need at least a clear sky in the morning.
    As for my gym peeve – since we have a home gym, I can only complain about one person: Ted. No complaints there. But …there is a dog that comes into the gym just to sleep. That’s most annoying..AND he leaves his German Shepherd hair all over the place.

  16. Andra Ruscoe

    People with bad B.O. at the gym. Seriously unnecessary! It’s sweet about John, Rob says the same thing when he sees the old fat photos. That’s true love, I guess. We see just that person’s true self.
    Andra Ruscoe´s last blog post ..My Two Week Experiment

  17. Biz

    Lori – so proud of your maintaining!! You should be so proud of yourself too.

    When my daughter was 7 I weighed 210 pounds – by the time she was 8 I got down to 140 pounds. I maintained that for years until I started taking insulin (I just ate too much – not blaming the insulin!) so even though I am in the 150’s now, Hannah never remembered me ever being fat – too funny!

  18. Lisa

    Happy Solstice!!

    Those shoes are cute!

    My biggest pet peeve at the gym: slow swimmers getting in the way of faster swimmers.

  19. Roz

    What a fantastic photo of Pixie!!! And I like the shoes!!! My biggest gym pet peeve? When they cancelled classes for the stinkin’ hockey playoffs! (Roz…get over it!! 🙂 ) Joking aside, I HATE it when people yack on their cell phones while they are on machines. I just don’t get that…
    Roz´s last blog post ..Summer is officially here!!!!!!!

  20. Jan

    My biggest pet peeve are the huge guys that feel the need to let out enormous grunts to make sure everyone is looking at them. I understand the need to grunt but come on! Grunts that make you cringe from across the gym is crazy.

    We just got back from 10 days of camping. I looked everywhere for a dutch oven without any luck. The only one I found was $60. Too much for me to find out if we would use it or not. Looking forward to hearing what you learn about cooking in one.

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