June Wrap Up and mid-year check in

Wow – the last day of June.  Sometimes it scares me how fast time goes by.  I had a busy month!  Time to see how I did on my monthly goals.

1. Enjoy turning 43! Done!

2. Go no TV for one week. We did this and it wasn’t bad at all!  TV is actually kind of an afterthought for me.  However, this wasn’t during football season, so that would have been a whole ‘nother story.

3. Operation SleepI bought a sleep mask, did some HTP.  I have magnesium on the way.  Maybe making some progress?  I will have to continue with this one.

4.  I am finally really ready to progress on losing this last bit of weight that I have talked about for the last 2 yearsSigh… it is slow going.  It is hard getting back into stringing together many losing weight days instead of how you maintain with lower days and higher days.  It is working, though.  It’s just hard to be patient.

5. Sitting less for workThis was hard to do.  I found it is very uncomfortable to stand and type because I use a foot pedal and it keeps my hips shifted off center.  Not so sure that is good for me.  I like the ball, but I still have to sit very still, so not sure I get much out of it.  I think I am better off sitting on the ball if I am watching TV or on the internet at night when I can roll it around while sitting on it.

Now checking in on the yearly goals just for fun, since we are halfway through the year (again, where does the time go??)  It was good to go back and read my ‘to-do’ list.  I had forgotten about some of them. 😯


–  100 mile bike ride this yearIn progress towards

Maybe do a half marathon/duathlon in May/Definitely a few 5K races. Nope.  Now that I am not running anymore, those goals are shot.

Keep stretching. Needed a reminder on this.  I forgot about it!

Lose some weight. Yeah, whatever, see above. LOL!  It’s very slow.

More cooking and food recipes on the blog. Not sure how I am doing on this one, but I am posting recipes.


Work on my classical guitar this yearI am rocking this one!  I’ve been practicing almost every single day and actually am getting better!

Possibly install a half bath in our laundry room. Done!

Earn more moneyWell, that happened since I went through the whole losing one job and getting a raise with the other.  That actually worked out really well, as long as nothing changes.

Just try to be a better person in general. Work in progress

Not bad so far,  now I have a little better focus on things again.

Stay tuned tomorrow for July goals and What’s blooming!

Question:  How was your June?

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17 thoughts on “June Wrap Up and mid-year check in

  1. kalli

    love this update Lori! your year is going well. makes me want to think about how i am doing. about the tv….my hubs and i have cancelled our cable and we do not miss it a bit. it gives us so much more time!

  2. debby

    Your goals are always so impressive. And inspiring. I’m glad you’re going to stretch more again, because I need to stretch more, and you are my reminder!
    debby´s last blog post ..So Now What?

  3. Lay Down My Idols

    Just read your last few posts – wow, VERY interesting! I’m thinking “I’ve gotta remember that….” “and THAT!” …looks like a real learning experience. I like your post here too – the recap of the month. That’s a great thing to do. Happy Birthday, BTW, I can’t remember if I said that when you did have your b.day… I turn 45 this year!
    Have a great long weekend!
    Lay Down My Idols´s last blog post ..Craving What?

  4. Helen

    YAY! My post is here, the one I always look forward to you writing.

    Have you seen the stability ball chairs? It’s hard to explain but you’re still sitting on a stability ball and have to work your core but if you do happen to move or slump a little there is a back that catches you. We have one in our office and share it as people want to use it.

    May I just say that I didn’t realize until I read it that I need to read your number 4. Though you are lots closer to goal than I am it’s almost comforting to me to know that stringing weight loss days together is even hard for you.

    Have a great weekend Lori!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Helen: Distracting Men Since 1976

    1. Lori Post author

      I looked at getting one of those ball chairs. I work with a laptop in my lap, so I am wondering if it is worth getting or not.

      It is hard. Staying in weight loss mode for more than a couple days is hard!! Annoyingly so.

  5. MB

    It scares me too thinking about how fast time seems to fly the older I get. I can’t believe I’ll be turning 44 next month. How did that happen?

    Great job on your goals for the first half of the year. I’ve made some progress and have been continuing my slow and steady journey to a healthier me. Thanks for continuing to inspire me to find balance through it all.

    Let’s hope the second half of the year is even better than the first.

    Happy 4th!
    MB´s last blog post ..Still the Same

  6. Michelle

    Hi Lori,

    I just found your blog this week, while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. Your weight loss is impressive! I can’t believe you live near Saratoga. I live in Queensbury!

    My son sits on an exercise ball while watching tv and is all over the place on that thing. 🙂


  7. Biz

    Loved your mid-year/end of month recap – I cannot believe its July 1 already! Pretty soon we’ll be knee deep in snow again, although not sure how much worse our winter could be compared to last years – ugh!

    Happy Friday and have a happy 4th of July!

  8. Vee

    Congrats for a good June for you, and happy late b-day.

    My June? My son didn’t have a grand mal seizure this month so that’s good. We had 4 baby goats born. Started getting fresh goat milk again. Started back on my “getting healthy” plan.

    Not bad, actually. Just gotta focus on the good.

    p.s. I rarely get a good night’s sleep. I sympathize.

    Vee at http://vikkisverandah.blogspot.com/p/cookbook.html (I need recipes for a fundraiser cookbook, please, to get my son a seizure dog!)
    Vee´s last blog post ..SPUR OF THE MOMENT DINNER

  9. Jody - Fit at 53

    Lori, I would say that you have done much more than a lot of us – WOW! I was going to ask you about the eye mask since our bedroom gets light in the morn but seems like it is not doing all you need plus yes, I have hormone issues too.

    Weight loss – always a toughy – especially as we age & as we get closer to ideal weight…. yup, patience is key! 🙂

    Life is a bit stressful right now but hopefully this too shall pass – time will tell…

    Keep up the great work!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Summer Gadgets; Marinated Grilled Apples with Mint

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