The Great Veggie Experiment – Caramelized Onions

Okay, first off – I am going to say right here and now that I do not like onions for the most part.  If they are raw and on my plate, I pick them off.  I use a fork, too, since I don’t want the onion smell on my hands.  I won’t eat big chunks of onion in soups or stews.  I do, however, like onions that are caramelized, but only in thin strips.  I also will eat fried onion strings as well (of course they are fried, who wouldn’t like them).  Caramelized onions are a very different animal than regular onions.  The onion flavor is really mild and there is the addition of the caramelization that occurs given them a different flavor.  They are really easy to make.  They just take a little bit of time.

I used 2 big Vidalia onions here.  I think yellows or Vidalias are the best.  Have not tried red onions as I dislike that kind the most!

Peel the onions and use a knife or mandolin to cut very fine slices of onion. The thinner the slices, the faster they caramelize.

In a large saute pan, put in 2 tablespoons of butter and a drizzle of liquid oil).

Turn the heat to medium high and add in the onions.

After a few minutes, I like to add a pinch or two of salt. This helps to draw moisture out of the onions.

Cook for a while over medium high heat, stirring occasionally until the water cooks out of the onion.

Once the water cooks out, the onions will start to become translucent and take on some color:

Now you have to pay more attention to the onions and do a little heat management.  Stir the onions frequently and if they look like they are really sticking to the pan, lower the heat to medium.

Keep cooking and stirring:

You want a nice chocolately color to the onions when they are done.  If you happen to have some red wine on hand, add a few splashes for some extra flavor.  We don’t drink wine, so none available!

Onions nicely caramelized.

They shrunk down quite a bit, too.  Those 2 big onions gave about this much:

I use these mostly as a condiment for things like my omelet last night:

Or top a burger with them:

Since it takes about 30-40 minutes to do these, I will make a lot and freeze the rest.  Then I can just scrape out some onions for a topper and reheat them.  Works like a charm!

So, still a raw onion hater, but I will eat these!

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19 thoughts on “The Great Veggie Experiment – Caramelized Onions

  1. Lisa

    YUM! YUM!!! I LOVE caramelized onions. I used to dislike onions and would pick them off things but now I eat them like crazy and I’ll put caramelized onions on anything. 🙂 Did you see the steak dish we make with caramelized onions and gorgonzola? It’s amazing.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..A New Route

  2. Linda Kuil

    If you like, add some chopped garlic after the onions have cookes for a little while, then take that and put it on your favorite pizza douch (or flatbread, whatever you use to make “pizza”) and top with mozzarella cheese. You now have a carmelized onion focaccia! It’s delicious!!

  3. Pam

    Thank you so much for posting this!

    I am the same way about onions. I will only eat caramelized onions and stuff like onion straws.

    I will be saving this post so I can try making them.

  4. debby

    You do such a good job of describing the cooking process and taking good pictures along the way. The pictures really help when you are making something you have never made before. I did this a while ago and it worked great. I do like onions any which way though! And I didn’t like them until I was about 30 years old! Maybe you’ll grow into them?
    debby´s last blog post ..Recipes Posted

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks Debby. It takes a lot longer to cook things when you stop and take pictures, but I know it helps.

      I think this is as far as I am going to grow into onions LOL.

  5. cammy@tippytoediet

    I don’t eat raw onions AT ALL, but I don’t mind them chopped and cooked into something. Like, say, the hash brown potatoes my dad makes for Christmas breakfast. He caramelizes the chopped onions a bit first before adding the potatoes, and it really adds a lot of flavor to the dish.

    Oh, and I will eat an onion ring or two if someone orders them, but that’s more for the fried batter than the onion. 🙂
    cammy@tippytoediet´s last blog post ..Eureka!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes Cammy – have been known to eat the coating off of onion rings and leave the onion behind! 😀

  6. Susan

    Such a great idea to do up a big batch and freeze them! I love caramelized onions but they take too long for just one serving’s worth. Clearly, you’re more on the ball with this 😉
    Susan´s last blog post ..Bits n’ Pieces

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