40 miles – Riding for fun

The heat wave finally broke! Yay!  Woke up to a glorious 72 degrees out and breezy.  No real plans on tap for the day, which was nice.  Our ride today was for fun and not for a specific reason like the  group ride or my 100-mile ride (and what really was the reason for that???).  I woke up too early this morning, shooting caffeine as a reason for no sleep out the window being caffeine free for 6 days.  I was happy to get out and poke around in the garden.  Look what I found out there:

He was on the ground and I think just chilled because he did fly away after a bit on my hand.

We decided on a different method of riding today.  We wanted to go the the lake, but decided to eat breakfast on the way.  So – after 8 miles, we ended up at Panera Bread.

I had a blueberry bagel and decaf.

I like Panera Bread bagels, but their coffee is pretty lame in general and weak.  And the decaf is worse.  Oh well, at least there are free refills.

We then continued on the path to Lake George.  Haven’t done these hills in a few weeks!

King Queen of the world!

There were gobs of people on the path today, including a group of people on land skis with poles.  It was obviously some sort of class, but they were taking up the whole path! 😡

We finally reached the lake at mile 17 and grabbed a couple Adirondack chairs to sit and enjoy the beautiful day.  It was even windier at the lake.  Isn’t it funny how it is windier near water?

I know you all missed seeing the lake!

Want to rent a boat?

Or you could take a group tour:

I actually like taking the tour boats, although not on a windy day like today.

View from my pear:

I also had a Balance bar.

These are new and awesome!  I don’t eat many bars now, but I do like them.

We relaxed and talked a little bit about where we wanted to ride to.  Lake George and back is about 32 miles, but we both agreed that seemed a little short.  So we decided to go south again and then loop around to home.

We went for another 17 miles before taking a break.  Fresh bike legs and a tail wind can do wonders for you!  At mile 34 I wanted some refreshment.

This was a different road than we normally go on, but it was nicely paved with a decent shoulder.

Even though it wasn’t as hot, I was really sweaty!  It actually feels so much better to be sweating when you doing something rather than sweating just sitting around because it is too hot.

Strike a pose:

John’s goal in life now is to be goofy in all pictures I take of him.

6 more quick miles and were were home.  40 miles in the books and it was not even 1:30 when we got back!

Ride stats:

Total miles:  40.2

Ride time: 3 hours 2 minutes

Average speed: 13.2 mph

Top speed: 27.7 (Wheeeee!!)

Calories burned: 1450

I’ve been snacking the rest of today to get in those calories.  And watching the end of the Tour de France.  Congrats to Cadel, it was a hard earned victory and he really did deserve it.  Andy Shleck’s time will come, he is still pretty young.

Tomorrow is return to caffeine day – yippee!!

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25 thoughts on “40 miles – Riding for fun

  1. Kimberley

    So far John is successful! 😀 LOL!

    Sounds like a great ride. Heat wave broke here too…have had the windows and balconies open all day so the breeze can blow through.

    The water looks great and I would absolutely love to be sailing on it!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Challenge Update #6

    1. Lori Post author

      I know – it was weird, right? But, it was breakfast into the ride and then it was a little too early for yogurt when we finished. I did have a big BBQ chicken salad when I got home 😀

  2. Kim

    I was really happy that Cadel won! I like Andy, but I agree he is young and he will have many more opportunities than Cadel. I’m looking forward to watching the Tour of Colorado.

  3. Alison

    What a wonderful day!! It’s still warm and humid here but at least it’s not in the 90s anymore. I have my bike tires pumped up – now just need to get the bike over to my place so I can ride. Go easy on that caffeine tomorrow – with a break you’ll notice it more and it may interfere with your sleeping.
    Alison´s last blog post ..Misc Mish-Mash

  4. Jody - Fit at 53

    That is some pic of that bug – eyes & all! WOW!!!

    Hey, we rented a boat Saturday with the grandkids & had an hour out checking out the fancy homes – pics later… but it was beautiful.

    Sounds like a great ride for you – more than I could do by far! 😉
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Gratitude Monday with MizFit

  5. Roz

    What a GREAT ride!!! (my husband and I have a little “thing” for dragonflies – in fact, I had one beaded into my wedding dress – so your photo made me “awwww” (and I showed Dennis!) Laughed out loud at the “view from your pear”! Have a great Monday!
    Roz´s last blog post ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

  6. Biz

    So far I am the highest bidder on your coffee woot!!

    I am thrilled with the weather too – perfect biking weather today, cannot wait. 😀

    1. Lori Post author

      We always leave from home. The only time we took our bikes was for the charity ride to get to the starting point.

  7. Amber

    I did a LG bike ride yesterday too, the lake was gorgeous. It really was the perfect day for it.

    Last week we found a Dobson Fly (?) here at work, it was the biggest bug I’d ever seen! I wish I snapped a pic of it before my supervisor took it away, he was all excited about how “rare” it was to see. oops!

  8. Shelley B

    I’m with you on the Panera coffee – once we actually stopped at Starbucks, got our coffee, and continued onto Panera! They really should up their game with it, considering everything else is so good.

    Nice to have a bike ride just for fun. Of course, who ever would have thought you’d be exercising just for “fun” – how we’ve changed, right?
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Never Cured

  9. cammy@tippytoediet

    I’m jealous of a) your weather, and b) your bike ride. It’s just too hot here for riding. Well, the riding is fine; it’s when you have to stop that’s a problem. 🙂
    cammy@tippytoediet´s last blog post ..Say Cheese!

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