Caffeine free week review

Happy new week!  I am glad to restart caffeine today, but more on that later.  I was up bright and early and it was so nice outside.  Mid 60s and perfect for a morning walk.  I decided I need to make sure I cross train more and don’t bike all the time.  I have already met my goal of 400 miles this month a few days early with yesterday’s ride.  Yay!

After my walk, I made up some brekkie.

Cream of wheat with egg whites whisked in topped with a sauteed banana and coconut butter.  I sauteed the nana in some butter-flavored cooking spray and cinnamon.

I really liked this a lot.  Not overly sweet, but just right for me.  Plus a few cups of coffee!  I received some coffee from the a foodbuzz tastermaker program.

Oh cruel fate for this to have arrived on Thursday of my no caffeine week. I need to make an iced coffee drink with this on the blog, but today was straight up!  I brewed up the chocolate truffle flavor and it was a strong flavor!

Speaking of caffeine, the week without was not really what I was expecting.  I thought I was going to get ferocious headaches, but I did not even get a single one. Pretty amazing, eh?  I did find myself really tired the first few days, actually needing a nap on Monday.  Thank goodness I work at home or I would have had to do under-the-desk napping.

I was not cranky at all, which was good.  I also found my sleep to be pretty much the same at night.  I think the magnesium does much, much more for me than doing without caffeine.

I will try to stick with a decaf regimen for evening coffee and with afternoon as well if I can.  Since I roast my own coffee, it is good quality decaf that I buy and it is really fresh.  I guess that is one reason my week went so well other than my lame Panera Bread decaf yesterday.

I worked fast and furious this morning and was ready for my lunch break. When in doubt – have eggs!  Scrambled with a cubed laughing cow wedge.

These blueberries are so good.  I picked them almost a week and a half ago and they are still super fresh. Only about 1.5 pounds remaining.  I keep meaning to make something with them, but they just end up going straight into my mouth!

We got some needed rain today, which ushered in cooler temps.  It just feels so good to breath real air with a real breeze.  Not fake AC air with a fan.  Know what I mean?

John made me up an almond milk latte today and I noshed on a GF chocolate chip cookie.

I was sent this recipe  by reader (hi Katy!) made with coconut flour and I tried it out.  I will share on Thursday.  They are not low calorie, but very satisfying little bites as full fat items often are.

Time for dinner!

We had these Nature’s Place apple chicken sausages along with some sauteed brussel sprouts.  Well, I had sprouts, John did not. :mrgreen:

We went out shopping for a bit.  I was in the mood to shop, but couldn’t find anything I wanted.  Funny how it always works out that way.  However, we did stop for a quick coffee.

Yep – decaf!  I am noshing on some dried pineapple right now.  It’s hard to stick to a serving of those things.

John is leaving tomorrow for a few days, so Pixie and I get to cut loose and par-tay!  Except for having to keep an eye on the business *and* work my own job.  Maybe just getting through the next few days is enough.  At least I have my caffeine back 😀

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19 thoughts on “Caffeine free week review

  1. Melisa

    Your food always looks so delicious! I think I’ll have eggs with hot sauce tomorrow. I try to stick to decaf after 5pm so it doesn’t keep me awake. Last night I had a half-caf americano at 7pm and had trouble falling asleep. Also congrats on your 100 ride – quite an amazing accomplishment 🙂

  2. bethlin

    I had to give up the Big C about 8 months ago and the only time I’ve regretted it is when I stray from my two, known sources of tasty decaf. #1 is the local hippy grocery store blend (Sprout’s French Vanilla Deacf) and #2 is…I’m so ashamed…Starbucks. I tried Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, I tried Einstein Bros, I tried multiple other locally owned coffee-shops, but Starbucks decaf (when mixed into a latte or a frap) is the only commercial decaf that was worth getting while I was out.
    bethlin´s last blog post ..Ignore my Infertility Madness

  3. Fran

    Interesting conclusion on the coffee. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t be cranky without my caffeine LOL I think I would 🙂
    I drink about 2 cups of coffee after dinner but never have trouble falling asleep, coffee never has that influence on my sleep.

    Your meals look delicious as always.
    Fran´s last blog post ..A day in my life: Monday July 25, 2011

  4. Amy

    I don’t use caffeine after about 3 pm but I think I would really miss it in the morning and I do love my cup of coffee right after lunch…I guess like in so many things, moderation is key.

  5. Ali

    I definitely need coffee in the morning or I drag all day long. If I drink it after lunch, however, I can never fall asleep!

    I’m intrigued about the magnesium though. I used to fall asleep almost right away and the last several months haven’t been good. Is it just regular magnesium? What dosage? 🙂

  6. Tami@nutmegnotebook

    That breakfast looks good. I like how you stirred in egg whites to up the protein. I am going to try that with some oatmeal! The scrambled eggs with Laughing Cow cheese is also a great idea! I am going to be on a soft foods diet after having oral surgery later today and these are great food options – thanks for the inspiration!

    My college age son decided to give up coffee and he has had a rough first week going caffeine free! I am glad you are having an easier time of it.
    Tami@nutmegnotebook´s last blog post ..Birthday Adventures in Lake Tahoe & Planning for Surgery…

    1. Lori Post author

      I do the egg whites in oats as well. It makes them puffy and voluminous and I never eat oats without the egg whites anymore!

  7. Biz

    I was so bummed I didn’t win your beans at the auction yesterday!

    I am the type of person who can drink coffee before going to bed, and I have no trouble falling asleep – if my husband has a drop after 11 in the morning, he can’t sleep!

    Have fun in the house by yourself! I can’t even remember the last time I was in my house by myself, that’s why I tend to get up early and have “me” time while everyone else is sleeping.
    Biz´s last blog post ..Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Lentil Bolognese

  8. cammy@tippytoediet

    I both congratulate and envy you on your relatively-easy caffeine free week! I have a massive headache by mid-afternoon when I go CF.

    And thank you for mentioning the protein pancakes on my post! I meant to mention it myself as a to-be-tried recipe. 🙂
    cammy@tippytoediet´s last blog post ..Say Cheese!

    1. Lori Post author

      I was very shocked at how few perceived withdrawal effects I had. Maybe I am immune to caffeine after years of having it. I just had the protein pancakes (in waffle form) today because writing that recipe down got me hankering for them 😀

  9. Katy

    I’m glad you liked the cookies!! I’m eager for your post on Thursday for the stats! I’m glad I now know they are not low in calorie, it’s hard to just eat 2! LOL I will resist the temptation now! 😉

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