Nonbagel day and riding the wave!

Since I can’t call it Bagel Day, I guess it is Biking Day!  It was cool and foggy this morning, like living in the Pacific NW.  I grabbed a quick protein hit and we biked for breakfast.  By the time we got to town, the sun was out and burned off the fog.

I had brought along a 1 minute muffin with some cream cheese and jam.  Added a cup of French Roast.

It was a nice breakfast chatting about where we are going to ride this weekend.  I also enjoyed this lovely flower at the table.

I’ve never had a lot of luck growing hydrangeas.  Not sure why.

After a nice ride home, I settled in to work until lunch time.  I wanted peanut butter, but couldn’t think of what to have, then I decided on peanut flour made into a dip for my pear.  The peanut flour has 15 grams of protein in it, which is awesome!  I mixed it with a little honey, some cinnamon and a tiny pinch of salt.

It took a while to eat this lunch because it was in so many pieces 😀

This guy was eating lunch while I was.

A little white sulfur butterfly.  There are tons of them around here.  Sometimes you see yellow ones, but the whites are very common.

Are you tired of dried pineapple yet?  Apparently I am not:

I try to limit myself to 1 piece as it is 70 calories for 1 and pretty sweet.  This seems to be enough to satisfy my needs for sweet right now.

I found myself wanting to nibble this afternoon and I had a few pistachios, but then I just had a couple mints to stop that.  I was getting mildly hungry, but not over the edge hungry and figured I could wait another hour for dinner.  Sometimes I have to really remind myself that it is okay to be a little hungry before dinner 😳

Speaking of dinner, I got in some superfoods.  Roasted sweet potato slices and my broccoli!

I don’t know if pork is a superfood, but it was tasty.  I just ate it crumbled up instead of a burger because it would cook faster (well, I was hungry).

I am doing quite well on my challenge to date and halfway through!  I really feel like I am in a zone and getting through the weekend being on point really helped out with that.  This challenge is doing exactly what I had hoped for my attitude. I’ll ride the wave as long as I can!

Riding the wave:

(I figured I needed more pictures of me not sweating or wearing a bike helmet on here LOL)

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16 thoughts on “Nonbagel day and riding the wave!

  1. dawn

    Way to go on taking your own food with you to breakfast. I’m liking the peanut flour 🙂 thanks. Never had a dried pineapple, I’m not a big dried fruit fan other than raisins or dates 🙂

  2. Linda Kuil

    The restaurant allows you to bring your own food? That’s amazing! Is the peanut flour you use PB 2? SlimKatie got me hooked on that stuff! I love the chocolate variety, and for an extra kick I’ll add a wee bit of chocolate syrup. SHHH! Don’t tell anyone!

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s a coffee shop, so it isn’t a sit down place. We do buy food there for John and drinks for both of us.

      The peanut flour is straight up peanut flour without whataver PB2 puts in theirs. It’s not sweet and I have really come to love it!

  3. Kimberley

    Great pic of you riding the wave. Speaking of waves…I waved as hard as I could…did you see me? We actually crossed the border as I wanted to use my passport…they don’t stamp it though. Boo!

    I took some lovely pics and they are gone…something happened to my memory card. I am slightly bummed about that.

    Yay to bike riding to breakfast. We are going to a spa on September 1 and I plan to ride a bike there…be scared!

    Have a lovely Thursday!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..BINGO!

  4. Fran

    You are really doing great on your challenge.

    I am, after 2 years of reading blogs, still wondering why a lot of people put PB on their fruits and other things. I personally think it’s a waiste of the taste of the fruits but that’s my opinion. Besides it’s not common in Holland to put PB on fruits. We usually use it on a sandwich sometimes with jelly.
    Fran´s last blog post ..A week in the life: week 32-2011

    1. Lori Post author

      I love peanut butter on pretty much anything! It’s like a condiment to me. Or, I will just eat it off a spoon.

  5. Jody - Fit at 53

    Lori, glad you are enjoying the challenge & feeling good! I LOVE that pic of you too!

    Man, the butterfly pic – cool! I don’t see many butterflys around here but when I do, they are just the normal brown type ones. When I grew up back east, we had all kinds of pretty ones!

    I love PB too & am loving the mix of PB flour & whole wheat white fur for those cookies from last week. THX!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post .."Authentically ‘Un-Contained’?" Are you?

  6. Roz

    Way to go on the grain free challenge. And beautiful hydrangea!!! They’re one of my favorites, in fact, my wedding bouquet was made up of them and white roses. 🙂 Have a great Thursday Lori!!
    Roz´s last blog post ..New Word Wednesday #53

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