Riding and family fun!

Another gorgeous Saturday in the Adirondacks!  After such a bad winter and crappy spring, this summer had more than made up for that with some wonderful weekend weather.  John and I decided to head to the lake today.  We had ice cream on our minds as it was going to be in the mid 80s, so we packed lunches and headed out.

It’s still so green along the path:

This picture is just to the left from this shot, which is 10 miles into the ride:

We arrived at mile 15 to our destination. Lake George was bumping on Saturday.  There was some sort of craft show going on.

We browsed around a little bit and then sat down for lunch.

I packed up some pineapple, a coconut biscuit, and some peanut butter.  I ended up not eating the cheese.

My lunch buddy:

We walked around in the bright sunshine.

Parasails were out today.

This would be a little scary for me.  You are tethered to a boat, but still scary.  We were going to have ice cream in Lake George, but we weren’t quite ready yet, so we decided to go ahead and ride back and stop at Cooper’s Cave at mile 25.

I was going to get ice cream, but then I decided I wanted toppings instead and got a mexican sundae, which is peanut butter sauce and chocolate fudge – a fabulous sweet/salty combo:

I had that over top of chocolate frozen yogurt.  I was so hot and sweaty.  I told John that the yogurt or ice cream just tastes so much better when we are active before getting it.  I think because my body is ready for the carb hit, plus how cool it feels going down.  I was loving this sundae!

I was so sweaty.  I always have a hat in my bike bag because it is scary when I take my helmet off. Even my forearms get a sheen of sweat on them.  Ewwww. I had to put sunscreen on 3 times in 3 hours.

While at ice cream, I texted my sister and decided to invade our parents’ house for dinner.  Don’t you love how we invite ourselves over?  With the offer of bringing takeout.  Once that was settled, John and I continued our ride.  We just decided to knock out another 13 miles and call it a day.

Ride stats:

Total miles: 38.5

Ride time:  2 hours 52 minutes

Average speed:  13.3 mph

Top speed: 29.1

Calories burned: 1251

A nice ride.  It was so hot, though, and humid.

After cleanup, John and I picked up Chinese for dinner.  I was worried being grain free about what I could eat, but found an awesome dish.  I got steamed shrimp with broccoli and carrots.  They make this without any sauce, so I didn’t have to worry about cornstarch or anything.  Or the sodium, although after this ride it wouldn’t really have hurt me to eat it.

I think they must have seasoned the water or something because these were not bland at all!  I would get this again and again.  I had another plate just like the one above.   I started to put a little brown sauce on there, but then left it off.  I wasn’t sure what was in it.

After dinner my dad  got the fire going:

Time for roasting.

This is such a nice back yard, isn’t it?

Who has the bigger mouth?

I think I win by a long shot.  After I ate 3 marshmallows, I realized they were probably made with corn syrup, so I had a small slip up with no grains there.  No biggie – it wasn’t intentional.

What a wonderful day.  Good ride, good food and family!

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20 thoughts on “Riding and family fun!

  1. Linda Kuil

    1). I have to get my husband to check on our bikes in the garage. They’ve been in there for at least a decade, but you make riding look so enjoyable, I want to give it a try!!
    2). I am SO glad to see that there is parasailing somewhere in NY. I passed up the opportunity when we were in FL in ’09 because of my weight, and now that I’m 80 pounds down, I want to go!! Now I don’t have to go all the way back to FL!
    3). Is there any better combination than peanut butter and chocolate? I think NOT!!! I bet the sundae tastes so much better because you eat it with no GUILT! Right?
    4). UGH! Corn syrup is banned due to the grain-free challenge, too? WOW! Are your three weeks up soon?

    1. Lori Post author

      Biking is fun! I love it so much more than running.

      Cornstarch and corn syrup were out for the grain challenge. I just have 7 days left.

  2. Leah

    Ditto on comment #1 above…except I don’t even have a bike yet. You do make it look so enjoyable and one of these days I’m going to get my husband into trying it with me. Maybe it’ll be on our “empty nest” list of things to do. 🙂

    Okay, also agreeing with #3 … PB & Chocolate = my favorite!! Yummy!
    Leah´s last blog post ..C25K – Week 3 Day 3

  3. Kimberley

    Lake George looks so wonderful! Great ride and fabulous sundae!!! Salty and sweet together is such a great taste.

    Glad you were able to find something grain free for dinner. The shrimp look really tasty.

    Very nice backyard…it would be nice to sit and relax around the fire.
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Twelfth Night and Sad News

  4. Lori's Mom

    Our impromptu gathering was great fun! Thanks for dinner! We should all get together more often.

  5. debby

    Love the bike rides! I was thinking about your bike ride while I was taking my walk tonight. Someday I will figure out how to fit bike riding into my life. I don’t like that I can’t just walk out the door and get on my bike.

    Sunday looks fantabulous! And I like the chinese food choice. I would probably be tempted to have some of the other chinese food though.
    debby´s last blog post ..If You Think of it, Try it!

  6. Bonnie

    Love your enthusiasm! Your parents firepit is fantastic, did they build it themselves, I’d love one just like it!

  7. Joanne

    Beautiful weekend to be up North. Good bike ride and BOY! You sure did deserve that ice cream.

    Are you doing the Saratoga ride the weekend of Sept. 10/11?

  8. Biz

    Great job biking – and that icecream?? Um, definitely insulin worthy!

    Your Chinese looks delicious – glad you had an awesome weekend!
    Biz´s last blog post ..A Daily Loaf

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