Laboring on labor day

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday weekend! I actually had a complete weekend off of 2 days, but did work a 3/4 day today.
It was kind of a rainy, drizzly day around here. Good for a fall kind of breakfast.

1 minute muffle topped with a sauteed banana and some maple cream. Tres good!

It was a quiet work day and quite productive. I like work days like that. No pressure and I could work as much as I wanted (and there was plenty to do!). Good for saving up for our Disney World trip! Not sure if I mentioned that we got our plane tickets already when there was a nice price on nonstop flights 😀 End of January in 2012. Is it too early to start the countdown to vacation?

I ate the rest of the pork ribs for lunch today.

I also worked on my bread. I did a no-knead sourdough boule again with this recipe.  Baked it off and it came out looking quite good!

While the bread cooled, John and I went out to run a couple errands and  for ice cream.  This was  a small…

It was a little sad with it being the end of summer and drizzly.  The signs were up at this particular place that they are closing for the season September 18th.  That means this is coming:

😯 😯

After we got home, I had to test my beautiful sourdough bread!

Oh my!  So good and I really just wanted to eat this for dinner.  But, we cooked up some shrimp instead. 😀

I did a 20 minute Pilates workout tonight and I am so going to feel my core tomorrow!

Pixie was stretching while I was.  Only somebody replaced her kitty arms with T-Rex spindly arms.

Now is time for some real relaxing.

Question: How was your Labor Day (if you had one)?

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21 thoughts on “Laboring on labor day

  1. Kimberley

    The only labouring I did was in the kitchen. Back to work next week, so I made curried lentil soup for the Boss and some gluten free chocolate chips cookies for me! They are now in steady rotation in my kitchen thanks to you! 😀

    LOL@ Pixie and her T-Rex arms!

    I say let the countdown begin…hello Mickey!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Loved the Spa!

  2. Lori Post author

    Sauteed bananas are super easy. You just want a firm banana (not too ripe). Cut it into slices. Heat up a frying pan and use nonstick spray and cook the bananas. I will sprinkle cinnamon on them while cooking. Turn them gently to cook the other side. The get very sweet and caramelized. If you are feeling extra decadent, use a tsp of butter to saute in. 😀

  3. debby

    That bread looks absolutely amazing. I want to try baking bread myself now. I’ll have to do it when I can share it with others though. Otherwise it could be dangerous!

    LOVE the pic of Pixie.
    debby´s last blog post ..What to do, what to do

  4. Fran

    Great that you picked up Pilates again, must have been much fun with your training partner 🙂 Love that pic of her.

    I don’t mind Summer is over since it’s my least favorite season of the year. I love Autumn and Spring the most.

    Not sure if anyone told you but if you put up a new post on your blog it’s popping up all over my Google reader. I subscribe to comments on your post (always interested what others have to say) and see the post pop up in the comments.

    As for labour day: I worked 🙂 We don’t have Labour day, officially it’s on May 1st here but not celebrated.
    Fran´s last blog post ..A week in the life: week 35-2011

    1. Lori Post author

      Interesting on the blog thing. I had blog issues yesterday with a database problem and had to get that sorted out. Then I upgraded wordpress. Hopefully that won’t happen anymore.

  5. Linda Kuil

    I love my bread maker for fresh bread (I’m lazy that way!). It’s great for pizza dough, too! It’s definitely a fall day today. Crappy, rainy and chilly at the busstop for the first day of school. It’s feeling like a pumpkin day!!

  6. Jody - Fit at 53

    Pixie is just too dang cute – really – I want to meet her!!! 😉 Not in the winter though!

    Disney World will be fun but I wish you were coming to CA instead & I could meet you! I get it though – your side of the US!

    OK, I want some of that bread now – looks amazing! AND if that is a small ice cream, I can only imagine the large – WOW! Glad you made money & enjoyed!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Lose 3 Pounds in a Week

  7. Helen

    Extra long weekend for me and I’ve done a whole bunch of not too much lol! It has been nice to not be under a schedule and sort of eat, sleep, and move about only when I want to. A bit of a mini vacation! One of the things I love about Labor Day is that it’s a non holiday holiday. A holiday without the fuss and muss so to speak!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

  8. Ali

    I think I cried a little when you showed the snow picture. Did you HAVE to?? I think we got robbed this year on good weather. A late Spring that was super cold and then a muggy and sticky Summer. I want a nice long Fall. I love Fall so much *does a happy dance*

    Nope, not too soon to do the countdown at all! I went to Mexico in February but bought tickets the September before and I was counting down for what seemed like years. It’s good to have things to look forward to!
    Ali´s last blog post ..Happy Labor Day!

  9. Roz

    Glad labouring on labour day wasn’t too bad!!! And no, it’s not to early for the count down!!!!!! 🙂 The bread looks stupendous, and Pixie is hilarious. I’ll think T-Rex arms when Neva does her flip like that. (we call that the floating otter when she lies on her back like that) Have a great Tuesday Lori!!
    Roz´s last blog post ..Ride the wave!!

  10. South Beach Steve

    My Labor Day was a relaxing one this year. It was nice for a change.

    I know I have said this on here before, but it is worth repeating — your food always looks so delicious! I am not a waffle fan really, but this picture made me hungry! 🙂

    Here’s to hoping for a mild winter!
    South Beach Steve´s last blog post ..The Point Is . . .

  11. Tish

    I had the same, need a warm dinner feeling and we ended up with stuffed peppers–very like yours, except the other stuff was in the pepper. I was fooled by your picture of the SNOW! I had to go back and read carefully to catch that it wasn’t actually a current photo. Funny.
    Tish´s last blog post ..a Pinch of Salt–supermarket finds

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