Thursday this and that

Exciting blog title, eh? But that was the type of day it was.

Today was C25K day. Week 7 day 2.  I can’t believe how far into the program I am already.  This week is all the same. A 5 minute warm up, then 25 minutes of running, then cool down.  It was cool and windy and very cloudy when I started.  I got just about finished and was half a block from home when the sky opened up and it started pouring on me!  I had to finish with a bit of running LOL.  Like it really mattered me getting wet since I was already soaked in sweat…

Now it is like this outside:

A little running update.  It is going pretty well, but I think I have to face the fact that there is a new normal for me, and that is leg weakness.  After almost a year and a half, I doubt that will ever get any better.  That means I can’t run as fast as I used to because when I do, that is what really causes me problems the next day. So, I keep it slower.

I came in from the run and wanted something warm for breakfast, so I made up some coconut flour waffles:

It was hard to get natural light with how dark the skies were.

I rocked out on work today. I was very productive.  Yay! Today is the end of the pay period, too – which means paycheck next week  :mrgreen:  Something to look forward to on an abysmal weather day.

Pixie has been wanting a lap all day.  She was snoring away on me while I was working today.

Lunch break and I realized I had a Fage I needed to eat up.  Good thing I caught that.  It’s too precious to waste.

Topped with strawberries and some Love Grown Granola I won from Biz.

Today was hot latte day, which I had this along with some free  chocolate that I got for being a FoodBuzz publisher.

This chocolate has one of my favorite combos. Sweet, salty, and crunchy! I had 2 of these during a break from work.

I am excited thinking about my volunteer tutoring! One thing about the job I do is that I have a flexible schedule.  While I do normally like to work set hours and try to stick to those, I need to take advantage of that flexibility at times.  It allows me to do things that other people might not be able to do, like the orientation and training for the tutoring. I am very lucky.

I also am lucky because I finished up early from work with being productive  🙂  We cooked up some shrimp for dinner:

Then after practicing our respective instruments, John and I went out for some couple time at Starbies ( I snuck in my GF banana bread):

And while we were out, we scored a couple of discount tickets for Irish Fest tomorrow!

Gaelic Storm is in the lineup!  I can’t wait!

Now for Project Runway and relaxing.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday this and that

  1. debby

    Wow, that is some rainy weather. Almost looks like it is flooding.

    The fage looks so good, I’m gonna have to spring for some one of these days. For now I’ve got a gallon of organic milk that I’m working on turning into yogurt. I’ll strain some of it to get some thickened yogurt.
    debby´s last blog post ..Exercise Notes

  2. Ali

    Oooh I can’t wait for your update on the Irish Fest. That sounds like a riot. They have Octoberfest coming up here next weekend and I’m trying to convince Ben we don’t NEED to go (it’s really just an excuse to drink beer). We’ll see 🙂
    Ali´s last blog post ..A Morning Frost

  3. Helen

    OK. I have never seen that variation of Ghirardelli. I am sure it would quickly become one of my favorites. Love those individually wrapped ones – at least for me it provides great portion control.

    Have fun at your festival!
    Helen´s last blog post ..My Mind is All Over the Place

  4. Fran

    You’re rocking C25K! Nothing wrong with being slow my friend, now I know I can keep up with you in case we ever would run together.

    Have fun at the Irish fest.

    What I want to ask you: what about your weight training? I know how much you love it but I never read something about it anymore.
    Fran´s last blog post ..A day in my life: Wednesday September 14, 2011

    1. Lori Post author

      I have free weights and a bowflex at home to strength train right now. I will be joining a new gym before the end of September. I miss my barbell. 😀

  5. Jody - Fit at 53

    Even with the rain, that pic from your house is beautiful!!!!!! The breakfast pic is too! 😉

    OK, I want to have Pixie sleep – she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

    Sorry about your leg… but you do what you can do!

    I was wondering when you would get back to the gym.. I can’t live without my weights! 😉

  6. Graham

    I just wanted to pop over to let you know that your orange marmalade makes getting out of bed worth it. Seriously, it’s high on my list of favorite jams. Is the recipe posted on here somewhere? I’m pretty sure my wife is going to demand that I reproduce it. Thanks again for participating in the jam exchange and for sharing your kitchen with me. I’m delighted.
    Graham´s last blog post ..Mmmmmm Apple Butter

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you so much! The marmalade recipe actually is from the insert on the Sure-Gel pectin packet! It was a little labor intensive, but turned out good. I’m glad you like it.

      We dove into the apple butter first thing – so good!

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