What’s blooming today and Irish Fest

Welcome Friday. Welcome, welcome – I am so glad it is the end of the week.   :mrgreen:

It was soooooo cold overnight.  We dipped down to the upper 30s  😯

That won’t stop me from biking just yet, though.  It was 42 when we got up, so still good to go.  Just needed to bundle up.

I put those little stretchy gloves under my biking gloves to keep my fingers warm.  I decided to have John take me out to breakfast today for my football meal this week.  The first of the 16 I will be winning, I might add.  :mrgreen:

We went to Maudes.

Now we have been to Maude’s before, but the building they were in got sold and the owners booted the restaurant out to make room for their own (nice, eh?). So Maude’s had to find a new location and it is very cute! They brought along all the old decor:

And they brought all their old salt and pepper shakers as well.  There is a different set at each table.

Udderly hilarious, no?

As per usual when we come here, I had my cheese omelet, which came with way more home fries that I could eat!

Winning tastes so good!

The garden is in almost full autumn swing now.  Just waiting on my planted mums to bloom.

I have perennial asters on the side of the house:

The Autumn Joy sedum is getting darker and darker:

Interesting story. The sedum is 3 plants.  In the spring, I dug them up and literally used a hacksaw to cut them in half.  I gave 3 plants to my mom and put the other 3 pieces back in and they grew just as big as the year before! You can’t kill them.

Green envy coneflower got a bunch of new blooms on it.

My 100 pound rose bush also sent out new blooms this week! I think this is the 3rd flush of blooms:

And the knockout bush – absolutely covered!

That’s with the four o’clocks in front.

Lots more color left for this garden!

I will skip food to get to the other important events of the day:

Irish Fest is a 2 day event that features many Irish/Celtic bands from local to world famous.  There are vendors there, and on my bucket list some day is to get an authentic Irish sweater.  There were quite a few kilts to be seen.

Bet they were cold.

Also a lot of the usual fair food.

Now that just sounds gross!

We watched some of Seven Nations, good – but too loud! We had to move out of the tent. That sure makes me feel old LOL!

Then the reason that I really wanted to come was to see Gaelic Storm. They are a fun group to watch.  Here is a snippet:

John decided on a fried dough to eat:

I decided on a beer:

This was Harp, which is a pale lager made by Guinness.  I liked it and it doesn’t knock your boots off like Guinness draft.  I didn’t wear green like a lot of people.  You don’t need to wear green when Irish is in your blood.

More Gaelic Storm

It’s hard to stay still when the music is going. Yay fun! And what goes with beer?

That’s right – kettle corn!  It was fresh made and tasty!

Had a great time last night. I think I am still trying to warm up, though. Next musical stop this weekend is the Lake George Jazz Fest!

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16 thoughts on “What’s blooming today and Irish Fest

  1. Jody - Fit at 53

    Love the look of Maude’s!!!! Too cute! AND love you rocking your Harbinger gloves! I am reviewing 4 pair this week & can I link back to this pic. I was going to mention how you use yours for both lifting & biking.

    Your garden is beautiful as ever AND love your fun time out!!!! You guys know how to do it! 😉
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Happy Birthday!

  2. joanne

    Gorgeous blooms. I saw the most striking rose?…it looked like a bright pink rose anyway, today on my run. I wanted to stop and take a photo but no camera handy. It was beautiful.
    Festival fun! Way to go. So glad you enjoyed the eats,music, and other sights. Hope the rest of your weekend is just as great. 🙂
    joanne´s last blog post ..Lost the Fun Run and Breakfast Corn Muffins

  3. debby

    Wow, you get me in the mood for fall! It was colder than usual here last night–like 55 degrees–woo hoo! Anyway, a fun post, with such great pics. I’m glad you said what I was thinking about that hot beef sundae!

    Your flowers are so impressive, especially at this time of year. I especially like that green cone flower.
    debby´s last blog post ..A Few Tidbits

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