Sundae on Sunday

What a gorgeous fall weekend! Saturday started rainy and cloudy, but it did stop.  I made a fall inspired breakfast:

This was the flax muffle topped with apple/cranberry topping.  Yum!

John went to play a poker tournament Saturday and he placed 6 out of 23. Not in the money, but I think he did pretty well.  He doesn’t like tournaments and just prefers the cash games.

I did a lot of errands and checked out a craft show.

I bought a bowl from a woman who totally underpriced her handmade ceramics.

New bowl? $5!  Like I really need another bowl…

Sunday turned out the best weather wise and we did a double dip ride.  First was to Panera Bread and bagels! We have a My Panera card, which is the PB rewards card, and had a free bagel on it. Score!

It was humid this morning and I was pretty sweaty.

Over breakfast, we talked about where we wanted to bike to.  We thought cupcakes, but that would have been a 42+ mile ride on top of a 16 mile breakfast ride – and we weren’t sure about 60 miles on the day.  Instead, we decided to keep it more local and hit one of the ice cream shops.

After lunch, it was time to ride again.

We headed out the long way on the roads and then hit the path.

I love this part of the path. This is the beginning of the hill stretch for a couple of miles.

With all this rain and warm weather, the mosquitoes were swarming. I started getting bitten as soon as I stopped. Ick.

We actually did not go on the hill today. This was the turn around spot on our way to Martha’s!

In the background is Great Escape. It’s right across the street from Martha’s. Still open until the end of October.

Martha’s only does soft serve ice cream, but they do it well.

I decided on a sundae. It is called the Scholarship sundae for some weird reason.  It is your flavor of ice cream topped with raspberry sauce, hot fudge and cookie crumbs.  I had raspberry creme twist as my flavor.

This is the small  😯 It looks smaller in this picture, too.  Oh – and I *never* eat cherries.  The one fruit I really don’t ever eat.

We enjoyed listening to the screams as we ate our ice cream  :mrgreen:

I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish this sundae, but then I forget how much I actually can eat without getting full  LOL.  Not to mention it was really, really good. I am not afraid of food!  I was totally carbed up for the ride home.

Daily total:

Total miles: 40.5

Ride time: 3 hours 30 seconds

Average speed: 13.5 mph

Top speed: 23.2 mph

Calories burned: 1264

I could have done 60 miles today, but I think I would have been a bit tired. Plus, there was football to watch!

I picked against the Broncos (which breaks my heart), but I still supported them by wearing my jersey.  Guess it paid off because I won the football picks for the week.  Go Team Lori!!  Woo Hoo!

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27 thoughts on “Sundae on Sunday

  1. Kalli

    Yum that ice cream looks incredible! I would have eaten the whole thing too. I am not afraid of food either :). Seems like you had a great day and 40 miles is plenty!
    Kalli´s last blog post ..Back to me

  2. Michelle Discenza

    I live near Martha’s and the scholarship sundae is called that because originally the proceeds from that sundae went to fund a scholarship in honor of the original owner’s daughter, who was killed at a young age….I think it was in a car accident. (original owners – the LaFontaine family)

  3. Alissa

    LOVE that bowl…and I defintely would have bought that for $5! That’s awesome that you scored a free bagel with Panera- we always get free espresso or smoothies for some reason- I’d much rather have a bagel!
    Alissa´s last blog post ..Top 50 Health Blogs

  4. Jody - Fit at 53

    Yahoo for your great biking this weekend AND that payoff of the bagel & ice cream. YUM!!!!!!! Always beautiful pics & love the crafts fair. Don’t too much of that where I am. 😉

    So, what are you going to ask for winning the football picks? 😉
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Gratitude Monday – Smiles

  5. Ali @ peaches and football

    You’re hard-core with those picks to pick against your team!

    I wish we had cute little ice cream places like that within a bike ride. It would probably take 40 miles or so to get anywhere and I’m not a biker chick like you!

    Hmm I rarely eat cherries too, not sure why, but I think the thought of pits bother me. I like maraschino cherries in drinks and the one on top of your sundae would have been ok too. Just don’t give me a slice of cherry pie!
    Ali @ peaches and football´s last blog post ..Caramel Apple Cookies

  6. Judy

    I wish I could follow you around sometime. Your rides look like fun and the food you choose always looks so good. Ice cream…I would eat the whole thing. 🙂

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