Ace wraps and braces

Glad Friday is here!  I made it through the first of 2 busy weeks fairly unscathed.  Thank you planning!  I was ready to hit the gym this morning.  I decided on 2 lifting workouts this week, so today was day #2.  I did a heavy lifting rotation.


Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Barbell Squats 1 sets of 10 with 65# bar1 set of 8 with 70# bar1 set of 6 with 75# bar

1 set of 4 with 80# bar

Lower Body
Alternating Lat Row 3 sets of 10 with 20# DBs (40# total) Back
Barbell Chest Press 1 sets of 10 with 55# bar2 sets of 10 with 60# bar Chest
Decline Situps 3 sets of 10 Core
Stiff-legged Deadlift 3 sets of 10 with 65# bar Lower body/Hamstrings
Triceps Pull Down 3 sets of 12 at 30# Triceps
YTWL 3 sets of 4 each letter with 8# DBs (16# total) Shoulders
Lower Back Extension 3 sets of 10 at 80# Low back

I felt sooooo awesome doing this!  I actually pumped my fist in the air and said “Yes!” after doing my squats.  No one else was near by, thank goodness  :mrgreen:

Then I walked on the treadmill. I have to say now that I have had foot pain for a couple of days now when walking. It came on suddenly and hasn’t gotten better.

Lifting is no problem because the moves I do don’t stress the front part of my foot.  Wednesday night, I was sitting in my chair with my feet crossed and I pushed back with my heels – pressing on the left foot with my right – to sit further back and gotten a sudden pain on the top of  my foot.  It persisted and I walked yesterday (oops) and it still hurt. Then when I walked on the treadmill today it really hurt and I began to think that I might have broken it because it was point tender on the top of my foot.   I am 43 and have never broken a bone in my whole life.  I didn’t want to end that streak.

And to be totally honest, I have also been having wrist issues on my right. It’s is very painful with pushing and pulling maneuvers. Sigh. My body just has not been normal in a year and a half.  It’s rather annoying.

I came back home to have breakfast.  Grain free day again today.  I made the 1-minute muffin with the apple cranberry topping.  You all know the drill.

I then began calling places to have my foot looked at.  We do not have health insurance, so I wanted to go straight to an orthopod to avoid the cost of seeing my primary doctor (whom I don’t like) and getting referred to another.  Well, none of them were in the office today with the holiday unless I wanted to drive 15 miles (not).  So, I called my primary and there were no openings there either.  Ugh.  I decided to go to Urgent Care because I just wasn’t sure what was up.  I figured I would have them look at my wrist, too.

So, after lunch I headed out.

Long wait.  Long, long wait.  I finally made it into an exam room, where I waited some more.

Then the PA came in and did her thing, then sent me down for x-rays of my foot.  More waiting.  They could at least provide snacks or something when you have to wait for a couple hours…

Good news!  No fractures!  I, however,  have a midfoot sprain.  Bad news is that I have to rest it.  A lot.  Like 10 days.  I am not really limping from it, but I do walk a bit funny, so no need for crutches.  I have an Ace wrap.

Too bad none of my shoes fit now.  I had to tape my sandal onto my foot. John offered me his shoe to try on, but I decided that I didn’t want to look like I was enrolled in clown college.

So much for my goal of walking 3 miles 5 times a week during November.  John doesn’t think I can rest that long.  I have my doubts on that as well.

Now my wrist has radial styloid tenosynovitis.  Or in other words – overuse.  It is the motions of gripping the handlebars on my bike for many hours that aggravated it in the first place and doing things like pushups and turning locks and door handles makes it worse.  Anything that flexes the wrist basically (thank goodness not typing).

So, I also need to rest that and not do the motions that cause the pain.  This one I have a problem with because I do want to bike this weekend with the nice weather (if my foot can take it).  Bike season will be over soon and I will be able to rest it more completely.

Funny how I type about these type of conditions all the time and now it is me that has them.

After several hours at the urgent care center, I stopped for a latte because I was so hungry!!!! and picked up my new wrist brace.

Welcome to Team Radiance wrist brace.   🙄  At least it is a flexi brace so that I can type.

Now I feel like a complete mess.

I did win the football picks this week and with being so busy all week, tonight was our first free night to have dinner out!  I decided to go back to The Tavern (where we went last week).  Only I got something I haven’t had in forever:

Chicken wings! (Hot, please).  Grain free, since they aren’t breaded!  Not fat free LOL.  Note I had veggies on the side, plus some sweet potato fries.   :mrgreen:


I really wanted some comfort food of grains, but chicken wings will do.   I used to eat these all.the.time.

Now for an evening at home with my foot up and catching up on some work that I wasn’t able to do while at the urgent care center.  I have no idea how much this visit will cost me.  I will have to await the bill.   😯


Here’s hoping that trialing my bike tomorrow won’t hurt my foot.

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19 thoughts on “Ace wraps and braces

  1. debby

    My first thought was “doesn’t want to drive 15 miles?” Ah, now I feel better for the days I don’t want to drive 15 miles to the gym. Driving to my doctors involves a 60 mile drive, no other choices (well, that IS my choice.)

    Second thought? TWINSIES again!! Or, misery loves company?? Really, Lori, I am sorry this happened to you. Add on the insult of the exhorbitant dr. fees you will probably have to pay… Interesting about the pushups causing/contributing to that injury. Because I never liked the extreme stress they seemed to put on my wrists. Have you ever tried those push up stands that you grip? Still hard, but I think I like that better, as far as hands and wrists go. Of course, it’s gonna be a while before I do any pushups now.

    I’m glad you got a fun and comforting meal out after such unwelcome news.
    debby´s last blog post ..Chilly and Chili

    1. Lori Post author

      Haha – 15 miles when Urgent Care is 5 miles away and my primary is 2 on a work day is too far to bother with.

      I never had problems with push ups before, but this really stemmed from one particular bike ride where we rode on a rough unpaved road for a mile or 2 and it jarred my wrists a lot. I noticed the pain after that with any of these movements. I am just glad that isn’t broken either!

  2. Kimberley

    Sending you healing vibes and hoping that you are able to rest. The Boss hurt his knee back in September in a trampoline related injury…he is not resting, and he is not healing.

    Feel better quickly!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Another Blog

  3. Zorah


    I’m so sorry to hear about your foot & wrist 🙁
    I’m sending positive thots & prayers your way. I know it’s difficult to rest … I have trouble with that myself for post-injury & post-op … But if you can make yourself rest, it should save you some grief in the long-run. Pixie can help by sleeping on your lap 🙂

    My best ~ Zorah

  4. Amy

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about your foot and wrist. Thank goodness you can still type! I really hope you don’t get too stir crazy and that you can get back to walking again soon. Hang in there!
    Amy´s last blog post ..Friday musings…

  5. Marion

    Hi Lori! I have found that I have to carefully balance the amount of exercises I do that put stress on shoulders or wrists. Example, if I do lots of bench press, I have to avoid push-ups, and vice versa. Same with dips on parallel bars, which are stressful to shoulders–they are never done on bench press or push-up days.

    I have found the same thing with wrists, I need to be careful with the heavy dumbbells (40 pounders) and certain yoga moves that balance on wrists. More is definitely not always better!

    That’s why I go for a very wide variety of exercises–not too much stress on any one place. Which, since I’m also in your age group (43)–seems to be the only thing that works in the long run for me.

    Have you tried doing push-ups with dumbbells for handles? That takes a lot of stress off the wrists.

    Get better soon! 😀 Marion
    Marion´s last blog post ..My Ultra Big Fitness Goal: You May Or May Not Be Surprised

    1. Lori Post author

      I haven’t done pushups in a while because of the wrist pain. I normally do 1 exercise per body part in a workout to avoid injury, but you just never know what can bring these things on.

      Maybe once biking season is truly over, I will start doing some split routines instead of full body days and see how that goes. Variety is always good at any rate!

  6. Linda Kuil (Frickin' Fabulous...)

    Thankfully it’s a sprain- they heal faster than breaks, right? My sister sprained the same foot, same place, stepping off the curb at her job. She took a spill right there in front of the building. She’s 43, also! Was it painful to hold the wings while eating them? John was in pain, I’m guessing, since he was paying again! LOL

  7. Leah

    Just catching up … sorry about your injuries, but had to giggle that you took a pic of the inside of the doc room. LOL You know you’re waiting too long when you have time to do that. 😛

    Thanks for posting about Thanksgiving 5K..thinking about doing that, even if just walking this year. We’ll be out in the country visiting family and it might be good.

    Have a good weekend and I hope you heal quickly.
    Leah´s last blog post ..Weigh-In … Hot 100 Update #6

  8. Fran

    Lori you don’t have much luck with your body lately. I’m sorry to hear about your foot and wrist but please, please don’t be stubborn and rest enough till it’s healed.

    It’s still weird for me in the USA you don’t have to have health insurance by law. Here in Holland we do and although I complain often about how much we have to pay for it, the moment something serious is the matter I’m glad we have it.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Saturday November 12, 2011: The low carb way of life

  9. Jody - Fit at 53

    Lori – first – congrats on that weight workout! BUT, so sorry about all the injuries!!! When you first started to write & I had not got to the part about where the foot pain was, I was thinking – OH NO, just like me! I know how hard it is to rest when you really want to do your stuff so sending big hugs!!!! I bet Pixie will like you being near her more! 😉

    Hope all is better soon Lori & I so relate to the no health insurance thing….
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Saturday Funnies

  10. Shelley B

    It does suck when the body just randomly seems to fall apart – and this is us in GOOD shape – can you imagine the issues we’d be having if we were still overweight?!?

    Your wrist pain reminds me that mine haven’t bothered me in quite a while, and I know that’s because I am not doing burpees or pushups – when I do, it hurts. I wonder if you could get a set of the aero bars for you bike so you could change position periodically on a ride?

    Hope you did get to go on your bike ride today, and that you weren’t in too much pain. And I hope you heal quickly!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash – 11-11-11

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