Weekend wrap up and new axe!

Weekend fly by!  I haven’t checked in for a few days here.  Goodness.  Friday was quite busy.  I went to lunch with the garden club and that was nice.  A nice group of women.  Of course, they don’t meet again until April!  It was nice to meet everyone in a more casual environment rather than at a meeting.  We were at the Log Jam, which I am eager to go back to.

I didn’t take pictures inside so as not to have the women think I am really weird – at least yet, anyway.

On Saturday, John took me out to breakfast for my winning football meal.

Winner, winner!!  This was the Thyme Cafe, a new place that opened up.  It’s feeling all festive around here:

I had a gingerbread waffle with *real* maple syrup.  I pooh-pooh the Log Cabin, and since John was paying, I upgraded my syrup!  😈

My mother and I then went on a Country Christmas spree.  This is an annual event where many artisans open their homes up to sell their goods and you drive from place to place using a very lame map.

It’s fun and everyone has refreshments. I had my share of cookies on Saturday!

We saw a loom shop:

Plus a farm where I got some yummy smoked cheese and a maple scone.  Here were some babies resting.

That one cow was licking the other one’s ear.  So cute (even if stinky).

Everything was all holiday decorated:

I also have been practicing up a storm this weekend.  With the soap order I got, I now have a new axe to grind!  I got a great deal on this guitar, too. With the Black Friday deal and sale price, I paid $189.  Saved about $400, which put it into my budget.   I tell you, this year has been great for me and finding deals.

Axe is  a guitar in musician speak, BTW  :mrgreen:  This is a Manuel Rodriguez guitar and has a cedar top with a beautiful inlay rosette:

The back and sides are bubinga wood and gorgeous:

My original guitar was a cheap student model and let me tell you, the difference is stunning between the 2.  I didn’t realize how much a quality guitar would make a difference in my playing.  The sound is gorgeous and it is so easy to play. I am in loooooooooove with the new guitar and I can’t stop playing it.  In fact, my fingers are sore LOL!

Happy lady:

I actually kissed the guitar, too.  I know John really is concerned about my sanity now.

I am wearing my Broncos jersey, too, since it is Sunday.  I am not on the Tebow band wagon at all, but I certainly am happy my Broncos have been winning!


Man, life is so good right now.

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27 thoughts on “Weekend wrap up and new axe!

  1. Flo

    I love the Log Jam! Missed going there the last few trips out to Glens Falls. Now I will have to figure out where the Thyme is.

    The new guitar is gorgeous!

  2. Lori's Mom

    I’m happy for all your bargains! The guitar is beautiful! When I scrolled down the photo of the rosette, it looked like the design was moving!! Interesting effect….

  3. debby

    That is really a beautiful guitar. What a difference from playing on a student one! You sure have gotten the good bargains. That is hard to believe that you only had to pay that much for such a nice guitar.

    Did you see weavers working at the loom shop? I used to weave too! awww….baby cows.
    debby´s last blog post ..Official Results

    1. Lori Post author

      The weavers were all eating lunch when we were there 😀

      The house the shop is in has 4 cats, and they are the only ones that live there. The people go home at night to other houses!

  4. Jody - Fit at 53

    I had my share of cookies too Lori! What else is new for me weekend! 😉

    Loved your pics of the fun you had! So festive & that guitar – what a deal for you! Can’t wait for your video!

    I could have taken a bite of that waffle too! YUM!

    Glad life is good for you!!!

    BTW, how is the Pixie cat doing? Does she like the holiday decorations?
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Gratitude Monday & the Little Things in Life

    1. Lori Post author

      Pixie is as lazy as ever. She doesn’t bother the decorations much. We have an artificial tree, so she doesn’t seem to want to climb it. Thank goodness.

  5. Amy

    Love the last line of your post! Good for you!
    I was wondering if your title referred to a real axe or something else; now I know it’s slang for a guitar! Will you be using the new one in the video you are going to make for all of us to hear you play???
    Amy´s last blog post ..Run thru Town

  6. Call Me Ishmael

    Just tried to post and hit a wrong key, so apologies if this pops up twice. Guitar is fantastic — hope it sounds as good as it sounds. Can’t wait for the videos. Pixie..well, she’s as lovely as ever. I like your goals for December. I’m going to sign on with you — no weight gain over the holidays. That’s the plan, Stan.
    Call Me Ishmael´s last blog post ..Experiments in Living

  7. Linda Kuil (Frickin' Fabulous...)

    Bubinga wood? Sounds like something Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” would say! LOL

  8. dawn

    We do something similar around here for my daughters school, go to different houses for their christmas decorations actually not to buy stuff and the school gets a donation, it’s always lots of cookies and things though lol. The guitar is beautiful, quality with musical instruments really does make a difference. Glad to hear life is good 🙂 that’s always a great feeling.
    dawn´s last blog post ..Another Monday

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