I love good customer service!

Wednesdays = long days.  Not all of it bad, though.  John and I have our usual breakfast out.  We went to North Country Cafe and I saw that they had eggnog scones.  Would *I* pass up the nog? I think not.  Nice thing is, the scones here are not overly sweet.  Since I detoxed sugar yesterday, I didn’t want to go overboard today.

The scone was good, but not quite what I was hoping for.  It was moist (probably thanks to the nog), but need a rum or nutmeg flavor to it.  Like a glaze! 😀

This cafe is by the library, where I got a call that this book I had reserved came in.

Debby – I finally got it!  Now I need to find the time to read it. Although, I already am annoyed at a few pages that I flipped through as John drove home! LOL

Wednesdays are also the days I meet with my literacy learner.  I can walk to the meeting place.  We have to meet in public places, and the county building offers a room for use a couple times a week, which actually is kind of nice.  It’s a touch over half a mile to get there, which gives me a nice 1 mile walk in the morning.

Tutoring is hard, I have to say.  The thing with adult learners is that there are just holes in the learning and you don’t know where those holes are until you fall into them.  I am finding my lesson plans aren’t good for doody once I get into the lesson, so some improvising has to take place.  Tutoring is also tiring – surprisingly so.  For both me and the learner!

All of this, of course, shoots my work day all to hell and I have to pretty much start at the beginning right after lunch.

Italian sausage. How is that for different?  We were going to make some jambalaya this week with chicken and sausage, but have been too busy to make it.  So, we are eating the components separately 😀  So much for actually trying to plan meals.

Dinner time came around and John cooked a sweet potato and we made chicken.  Again, a component of the non-existent jambalaya!  My potato had laughing cow spread on it and BBQ chicken.

Johns potato had butter and cinnamon on it with some sugar, I think.  He thinks the way I make my potato is wrong.  I decided I am not into the ‘sweet’ sweet potatoes.


Awesome news on the latte machine front – the frother works again!

This is an almond milk latte and my second of the day 😀  (although decaf).

One thing that makes me loyal is good customer service.  I bought this machine from Seattle Coffee Gear after reading great reviews about them and their service.  First off, it is way the heck across the country from me and they shipped super fast when I first got my machine.

Then I called today and got right with a support person, told them my machine and my problem and they walked me through the steps to take over the phone.  Super, super knowledgeable people there. Turns out a little pinhole on the steamer wand was clogged and I just needed to clean it out.  I was sooooo happy!

If you ever need anything espresso or coffee related, I highly recommend them!

Now I sit here happily drinking my almond milk latte and need to sign off and get back to work.  Long night ahead of me 😀  – and I managed not to have any fudge today, either!  Go Lori!!  yes, it is decaf I am drinking


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20 thoughts on “I love good customer service!

  1. Kimberley

    I am curious…why did the book annoy you?

    Great customer service rocks! Last night I ordered two Harry Potter box sets and they were outside my door when I got home tonight…fast!

    Your volunteer job sounds really tough…hang in there!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Atkins Day 12

    1. Lori Post author

      Scare tactics. Of course, this is just me flipping through. It pretty much seems like he advocates a paleo lifestyle (nothing wrong with that part).

  2. Lori's Mom

    Good job on resisting the fudge! How many times have I not bought fudge at a craft show because you were with me? I know John’s fudge is very good, too!

    1. Lori Post author

      It is good! The chocolate fudge is gone, but there is peppermint and pumpkin!!!! left.

      The nuts I am surprised I haven’t eaten, but it is easy to make more 😀

  3. debby

    Lots to comment on! first, your eggnog scone has my mind whirring! I bet I can do that one pretty easy! What should it have in it–walnuts and currants?

    Second, LOL at your irritation at Wheat Belly.

    Third, oh yes, teaching is exhausting. That’s the only time I ever needed to take naps, when I was teaching something. And you are really having to think on your feet–even more exhausting.

    Good customer service is wonderful. So glad they were able to fix your machine for you.
    debby´s last blog post ..Protein and Me

    1. Lori Post author

      Debby – never walnuts LOL! I think pecans would be good and certainly cranberries! I think some rum extract and lots of nutmeg would help these taste more noggish. Or doing a little eggnog confectioner sugar glaze would be awesome as well.

    1. Lori Post author

      I can pass up another because I ate the scone. I give myself permission to have the scone or have fudge, but not on the same day to have both. Of course, that is on an ideal day. There are days where I have had both!

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    I made it through about a half hour of Wheat Belly before tossing it back into the car and returning it to the library. Too many absolutes and generalizations for me.

    Any sort of teaching or training wears me out. You have to be “on” all the time, and it’s tiring even for a few hours.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Age Doesn’t Mean a Thing at the Gym

  5. Shelley B

    How funny, after months of waiting, I finally got the call from my library today to pick up Wheat Belly – our libraries are in cahoots! Looking forward to skimming it, lol.

    Nice to hear about good customer service, and I’m glad your frother is working again.
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update

  6. Fran

    I’m interested to hear your opinion about the book. The title is interesting because the belly is one of the reasons I went over to low carb eating.

    I tutored the son of my best friends long time ago. He had trouble with writing and she asked me if I could help him with that which I did. It was indeed very tiring. He was 12 at that time. At his 18th birthday he said to me he still remembered those nights, mostly because of the cookies he got when he was at our house 🙂
    Fran´s last blog post ..Wednesday December 14 – 2011, The workout edition

  7. Biz

    I am the same way with sweet potatoes – they have to have some sort of savory or spice with them to balance out the sweet – my Mom likes hers with butter and maple syrup – ew!

    Hope your day isn’t as busy today!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Back to Work

  8. Helen

    Mr. Helen often eats his sweet potato with butter and honey drizzled on it. Isn’t it sweet enough already?!

    I think it’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing with your literacy tutoring and I would venture to say that it will get easier as you go along. Bravo!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Winner Winner Football Pick Dinner!

  9. Roz

    Hi Lori, I so understand the deconstruction of menu planning. Dennis and I have been doing the same this week too and meals are being “thrown together” or from the freezer. Yay you for tutoring!!! And really really big yays for the good customer service and the frother functioning again!!! Bring on the lattes! Have a good Thursday.
    Roz´s last blog post ..New Word Wednesday #70

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