“How We Did It”

You just never know what can happen to you when you have a blog.  I get tons of pitches to sell this and that or review this and that.  I am usually pretty picky about that stuff and I don’t do most of them.

Anyway, I received a nice item in the mail this week. How We Did It. Why so special?  I am it it!  😀

I was contacted by Nancy earlier this year.  She was writing a book on weight loss success stories and wanted to talk about me counting calories and logging my food.  I was very honored that she would ask me to take part in this.  The book was just published and she sent me a copy.

A nice inscription.  Thank *you* Nancy; I feel very privileged to be part of this!


I like that this book doesn’t prescribe any set diet or plan to follow. What it does is feature people who have lost weight and all the different ways they did it.

My section:

I think this is one of the better representations of my whole story, which is quite nice.

The book is very inspirational and has several big time internet “stars”, such as Roni and Jimmy Moore.

It’s definitely an ispirational book and truly showcases that there is no one single way to lose and keep off weight.  Everyone in this book did it their own way, and they are all different!

I think I will do a giveaway of this book (a new copy) in January to kick off the New Year.

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33 thoughts on ““How We Did It”

  1. julie

    Congratulations! The world needs examples of those who really did it, and succeeded. But Jimmy Moore? I try to avoid his blog, but it seems like he’s putting it back on, and quickly. It doesn’t seem like he learned anything sustainable. I’m immediately suspicious of anyone who thinks butter is not fattening, but fruit is. But that’s just me, I know lots of bloggers who seem to believe that carbs, and only carbs are fattening. I think the Registry does it right, make people maintain for a year (or three) before they count as having lost weight.
    julie´s last blog post ..Bad Relatives (or 89 years of weight watching)

  2. Nancy B. Kennedy

    Lori… I’m just now seeing your post! I’m so glad you’re pleased with the book and your story. You are inspiring so many people! I’m grateful to you and to everyone who allowed me to tell their story for HWDI. I recognize so many names among the comments! I miss you all (my ThirtyWays blog was sadly neglected in pursuit of this book!) and hope you’re doing well. In fact, I think I’ll go check out all your blogs right now!
    Nancy B. Kennedy´s last blog post ..Christmas prayers for the deployed

  3. Vanessa Miller

    Lori I had to come over and comment.

    So this morning at work a copy of How We Did It is on my desk (I work for my local library system) and as I’m getting it ready for circulation I casually flip it open. It flips open to page 60. I glance at the picture and think, “That gal looks familiar.” Low and behold I visited your blog for the first time the other day and today you were “on my desk.” I love coincidences and I read your story. Kuddos!
    Vanessa Miller´s last blog post ..Salmon For Supper

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