Holiday Week Begins!

Countdown to Christmas around here!  It’s going to be a weird week as far as work goes, most likely.

Thanks so much on the book chapter congrats.  I used to think I would write a whole book about me (cause it is all about me, don’t you know), but I just don’t know if I have the desire to do that or want to take the time,  to be totally honest.  Heck – I should just bind and print my blog!  I was very, very honored to be a part of this.  I feel very humble as well.  My blog is such a tiny part of the whole weight loss on the internet, but I do hope that it gives people some kind of inspiration – or at least a good laugh from time to time.

I woke up to hit the trainer for 30 minutes before breakfast today.  I miss the bike being outside already LOL!

Breakfast today was a new recipe I played with based on the 1 minute muffin –

It’s banana flax! I will post the recipe hopefully tomorrow if I get a chance to queue that up.  I topped this with peanut flour, but I think a moister topping would have been much better.  My breakfast had a whopping 30 grams of protein!  Also 450 calories.  (That is for my 1.5 cups of almond milk, the waffle and the peanut flour topping).

Work was sporadic and spotty today.  I did a few more video takes of my guitar playing. It is hard getting everything coordinated and then to actually play without too many mistakes.  There will always be mistakes, so I just need to decide which video bothers me the least LOL! I have 3 little pieces recorded right now.  I might try for 4, but don’t worry, you won’t have to listen to them all the same day 😀

Lunch break almost looked like dinner –

I needed to cook up chicken thighs that were in fridge, so that was lunch.  With some broccoli and strawberries.  Good, good berries, too.

Pixie was quite awake today.  She was playing with her favorite toy – a paper ball, which we throw around for her.  She will carry it out in her mouth and then bat it around.  She then carried it over and dropped it near my chair.

Expectantly waiting…

Sorry kitty, must work!

I did break for lattes, though.  I had the same snack as the other day and forgot to take a pic, so I shall recycle for you.

I love my lattes.  Like I really needed to say that  :mrgreen:

Tonight for dinner, I roasted up some fingerling potatoes. John made his own entree, and I had some shrimp.

I did the cream cheese/butter/milk combo for the sauce.  It is so easy and good and you can adjust the amount to be as much as you need.

I did not talk about my food over the weekend, but I went gluten free the whole weekend.  Even on the usual bagel day.  I brought a 1-minute muffin and then bought some cream cheese and coffee at Panera to have with it.  I actually ate some caloric meals.  In fact, we went out last night to watch the 2nd half of the Broncos game since they were not on in our area.  We had potato skins and a bowl of soup.  Very salty stuff, too, so I was expecting a big sodium bloat on the scale.  Did not happen.  How odd is that?  I also was not snacking on a lot of things because of the no wheat.  Too bad I don’t have the cajones to give up wheat forever.

Hoping the Steelers win tonight.  If they win – I win dinner this week!

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Week Begins!

  1. Lori's Mom

    So those are fingerling potatoes….It does sort of look like a strange hand reaching out from under your bowl of shrimp!

  2. Satu

    My first thought was that Pixie was behaving just like a dog! 🙂 Pixie always has such a nice shiny fur, do you spend much time grooming her or does she do it all herself?

    I read the beginning of the book on Amazon. Liked the writing style.

    Those fingerling potatoes look intresting…

  3. Ali @ peaches and football

    Can’t believe it’s the week before Christmas. It always goes SOOOO fast and I can never keep up! Are you guys expected to get any snow? It’s 37 here today. Not sure what is up with that. Looks like no snow this year. That’s ok though, I don’t need it. 🙂

    Jealous you got good berries. They are hard to find in stores now.
    Ali @ peaches and football´s last blog post ..The Secret News

  4. Helen

    Sorry about the Steelers… too bad we don’t live closer together – we could all go out together for these darn football meals that the guys keep winning.

    This week feels weird around here too. Almost like we’re just trying to get through it.

    Love that photo of Pixie looking at you. She has a great personality!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

  5. Roz

    Hi Lori. I assure you, your blog is inspirational, and does make me laugh! Just like it did today with the photos of Pixie. Neva does exactly the same..”you want to play with me, right? You NEED to play with me…” Congrats again on the wonderful book inclusion. The accolades and attention you’ve had lately is well deserved. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Roz´s last blog post ..Monday celebration with friends

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