December wrap up and yearly goals

Last day of the year and I forgot to do my goal wrap up yesterday. Ooops.   :mrgreen:

I had a few goals for December:

1. No weight gain over the holidays.  Fail.  I did gain weight this month.

2. Do some no added sugar days.  I did a very little sugar days and a couple no sugar days.  Of course – I had some all sugar days (I am looking in your direction Christmas Eve!).

3.  Make a video of me playing guitar to post on the blog.  Done and done

4. Relax more.  I really don’t know how well I did here.  I did have a 3 day weekend, so that counts, right?


And going back to January, these were on my to-do list  for the year:

We are going to do another 100 mile bike ride this year.  Done, although it was just me this year.

Just for fun, I should count how many helmeted pictures of me there are on this blog.

Maybe do a half marathon.  Nope. Not with giving up running.

I hope to do a different duathlon in May 3Nope. With no running, hard to do a duathlon

Definitely a few 5K races.  Nope.

Keep stretching.  Ooops, was this one of my goals??

I really would like the scal3 to go down further.  I am not shooting for a specific number, but I do have a pair of pants I would like to have less tight. Complete fail here.

I hope to do more cooking and food recipes on the blog.  Fairly successful here.  One of my favorite recipes? The grain-free banana breakfast pudding.

I am going to work on my classical guitar this year. I will commit to putting a video of myself on the blog playing something at the end of the year. Done – see above.

Learn to do more than just basic plumbing so that we can install a water softener ourselves (after I save up for it), and possibly install a half bath in our laundry room.  Done!!  My favorite project of the year.  I am so proud of us doing this all by ourselves – and meeting building codes!

Tinker with the blog a bit.  Ehhh.

Earn more money.  Success.  Turns out it was getting laid off that turned out to be the catalyst for this.  I got a raise and full time from the second job.

Just try to be a better person in general.  Always a work in progress.  I did start the literacy tutoring, so there’s something.

I am not sure if I will be making a to-do list or not for the 2012.  I will do my monthly goals, as I enjoy them and coming up with new things to challenge myself with.  I imagine I will have to get on the weight loss train for reals and not just dink around with it.

We are having a family get together for the holiday.  I wish all of you a very happy and safe New Year’s Eve.


See you on the flip side!

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11 thoughts on “December wrap up and yearly goals

  1. Jody - Fit at 53

    Lori – to me, you always amaze me at how much you do!!! Your monthly goals & all the things you take on to try! I think you are GREAT! I don’t do resolutions – just try to be better – works for me at 54 – had too many stress filled days when I was younger & dealing with some now as well so this works for me along with the way Carla wrote it in her post this morn.

    Have a wonderful one Lori – happy happy to you, John, Pixie of course & all your family!
    Jody – Fit at 53´s last blog post ..Happy New Year, Happy 2012

  2. deb

    Lori, girl you are not the only one getting back on the weightloss train…leave a seat for me. I’ll be talking about it on the blog soon…sigh…….i’ve slid a long way back and its about time to own up to it. It sure is a whole lot easier to lose than it is to maintain……..all the hype about that was true….. Have a great New Year Lori!!! Hugs! deb

  3. Satu

    Happy New Year, Lori!

    I drooled over your Christmas foods so no wonder you overate a bit! It looked much better than what we ate for Christmas (I’m bored with Finnish Christmas foods)

    Funny that you forgot your stretching goal. I try not to forget my push up challenge and right now I’m pretty pumped up. 😀
    Satu´s last blog post ..My Recap for Year 2011

  4. Roxie

    Lori, I always admire your dedication and ability to stick with your plans – looks like you had a lot of successes in 2011. May 2012 be you best year yet. Happy New Year.

  5. Fran

    Happy New Year Lori!

    Maybe you didn’t meet all your goals this year but you sure accomplished a lot. Do you keep track of your bike mileage? I bet you did more miles in 2011 than in 2010.

    Monthly goals are better than year goals I think because you can overlook the period better. And you are always very succesful in your monthly goals.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Monday January 2, 2012: The mishmash edition

  6. Jill

    Happy New Year to you! I am so glad I found your blog this year! I look forward to the warmer weather and all the bike rides!!! I am making your banana pudding for breakfast tomorrow! It will be my first time! Sounds yummy!!!
    Jill´s last blog post ..Hellooooo!

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