Thanks for the thoughts and well wishes.  (I still have not heard anything yet, so hopefully Monday?) I wasn’t sure I wanted to say anything on the blog because it may be no big deal, but I also didn’t want to just post la-la-la like I wasn’t having anxiety about something.

The waiting bothers me because I am one of those people that just likes to have a plan.  Then I can do something about it,whatever it is.  Control freak, much? LOL!

I had a good workout at the gym today.

Exercise Set/rep/weight Muscle worked
Split Squats 3 sets of 10 with 55# bar Lower Body
Seated Lat Row 3 sets of 12 at 40# Back
Good Mornings 3 sets of 12 with 45# bar Hammmies and low back
Trunk Twist 3 sets of 30 Core
Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 3 sets of 12 with 20# DBs (40# total) Hammies and low back
YTWL 3 sets of 4 each letter with 5# DBs (10# total) Shoulders

This routine tired me out, though.  My lifting has been feeling harder lately, even though I lightened up the weights.  I am now doing 2 days a week of lifting.

I then did 2 miles on the treadmill.  I am not using my bike trainer as much and doing more walking to stay used to walking since we will be doing a lot at Disney!  About 2 weeks away now.  Yay, yay, yay!!

I was ready for breakfast when I got home.  Banana custard oats topped with PB and some homemade peach jam I made over the summer.

The weighing out of 16 grams of peanut butter always reminds me of how much bigger my eyes are than real portions.  16 grams is 1 tablespoon of PB and about 100 calories.  Breakfast is also paired with my Broncos cup for good luck this weekend!

Lunchtime brought eggs!  Cheese omelet to be exact.

One of those days I am glad to work at home.  The temps dropped and the wind has just been terrible!  50 mile per hour gusts.  Yuck.   I was glad to have my latte today.

I took this picture with my left hand as Pixie is laying across my right arm here.  It’s sort of like being locked to the keyboard with that arm.  😀  She is good warm comfort, though.  Not to mention I have a Broncos snuggie that I wear.  And I am not joking!

Dinner tonight was a quick cooking of chicken in taco seasoning topped with sour cream.

I am in that rut with that flavor combo right now.  But it works!

Staying in tonight.  It would be nice to go out on a Friday night, but in this cold and wind, staying bundled up and snuggled up inside sounds so much more appealing!  I have some cereal as my snack.

Okay, 2 of these, but better eating day today for sure.

Question:  Anything fun planned for the weekend?

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14 thoughts on “Windy!

  1. Kimberley

    Went to yoga and chanting tonight…more yoga on Sunday…football Saturday and Sunday!!! Wooohoooo!!! Go RAVENS!

    Hope you get your answers early next week…waiting really sucks.
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Atkins Day 42

  2. Leah

    I’ve started my weekend off by staying home and getting five pages of digital scrapbooking completed. Love doing that!! I’ll be cleaning and getting laundry caught up by Monday night so I’m free from those major chores before my procedure. It’s not too exciting, but I actually do enjoy cleaning my house and then relaxing in it on Sunday between services. 🙂
    Leah´s last blog post ..Weigh-In … Not Low Carb

  3. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Lori. Just catching up on your last couple of posts. Please add my well wishes to the list you’ve already got. Hopefully the lab work all comes back normal, and this little “hiccup” is nothing ominous!!! Hugs. Have a warm, cozy weekend!!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Friday the 13th!

  4. Helen

    I’m always amused at how non-chalant doctors can be about getting results to us while we are chomping on the bit. To us, it’s our life! Our health! We need a plan! To them, it’s a patient’s bloodwork. I’m not meaning that they don’t care because I am blessed to have a very caring doctor. It’s just not as urgent for them.

    That wind was truly wicked. We still have a bit today. I’m definitely not looking forward to the very cold weather moving in for the next couple of days.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Composing Blogs While I Run

  5. Lori Lynn

    I was gone a lot of last weekend, so it’s actually nice to not have anything this weekend. I find myself needing weekends to catch up on everything I let slide during the week!

  6. Vanessa Miller

    Came by to see how you are making out. You are still in my thoughts.

    Husband and I have a princess birthday party to attend for 4 year old. But first we are going to finally catch a showing of War Horse.
    Vanessa Miller´s last blog post ..Salmon For Supper

  7. Jody - Fit at 54

    Hi Lori. Sorry you have to wait thru the weekend – UGH! I really wonder if it has to do with the hormones & this aging crap although you are a lot younger than me. It hits women starting as early as 40 (some poor women earlier) & on into 50’s & up… HUGS!

    So cold there so yes, lucky you with working at home although out & about for fun ain’t easy! 😉

    Pixie love for you – so cute!!!
    Jody – Fit at 54´s last blog post ..Make Each Moment Count

  8. Jodi

    Watching the Broncos win! Go Tebow Go! Hope all works out with your eyes. Fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious.

  9. Fran

    Hope you get the results Monday. I don’t like waiting either, especially on things like results that are important to our health.

    Hope you have a great weekend, try not to worry too much about it.

  10. Biz

    I hope everything is okay when the results get back. I have my eyes tested every year at the eye doctor because being diabetic, if its not controlled that’s one place where they can tell is in your blood vessels in your eye – so far my eyes have stayed exactly the same the last 10 years!

    Sending hugs your way!
    Biz´s last blog post ..Print Friendly Button!

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