Normal so far

Happy MLK day.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

 source – google images.

I finally heard about my labs.  Of course, the phone call came while I was in the shower this morning  🙄 . They left a message that it was normal, but I called back to get the actual numbers.  Since I am paying full price on these labs tests, I want every single number in my hot little hands!  I have the copies now as well.  I am normal in all categories.  Not even low-normal, but normal-normal.  I spent a lot of the weekend reading up on the thyroid and I thought for sure with symptoms that I have that there would be the diagnosis of that, but at least blood test wise,  it appears fine.  A lot of perimenopausal symptoms – yay….not.

No anemia. No diabetes either (yippee!!).  So, that now leaves going to the eye doctor and see what they say.  That appointment is on Tuesday.  Hope *they* have an answer for me.  I don’t like walking around with red eyes.  They don’t bother me, thank goodness.  They just look funny.

Also, for those that didn’t see on Facebook, the photographer that did the photo shoot for the First For Women article posted some of the shoot pics on her blog.  You can see them here

Funny how just the way you stand or the outfit you have on can made a difference.  I was not comfortable in the gold top, although other people liked it  and you can tell. I swear I look heavier in that top even wearing the same pants LOL! The other 2 outfits I loved and it shows!  Flared pants are a short curvy woman’s best friend!!

My eats were really not exciting today.  I ate well, which felt good to get focused again.  I did do some stress eating as I mentioned before, plus football snacks!

Dinner was good, though, and came out with a yummy looking shot.

The chicken is topped with Laughing Cow and hot sauce in an attempt to get warm.  Didn’t work for long, though.

John and I decided to brave the cold and go out for wi-fi time.  We both have our computers here LOL!

Yeah, I brought my own grapes.  This is the new Blonde roast from Starbucks.  I will give it a thumbs up.  It doesn’t have the charred taste that their other blends have, which is quite nice.  Gives it much more depth of flavor.

I hope I can make it to the gym tomorrow.  We have snow expected tonight and a messy commute, so will see.  Hopefully an answer for my eyes as well.

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32 thoughts on “Normal so far

  1. Kim

    Okay, well at least the results are eliminating some possibilities. Hopefully the eye doctor will have some answers.

  2. Kimberley

    Glad all the lab tests were normal. Hopefully the eye doc can be more definitive about what is going on.

    The pics are great…I prefer the purple top and the burgundy jacket too…they both make you look so waisty!!!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Atkins Day 45

  3. debby

    Wow, that is frustrating to not have an answer yet. But normal is good!

    I like Starbuck’s blond roast too. Do you ask for ceramic cups when you go to SB? Doesn’t the coffee get cold fast? Or do you drink faster than me?

    Good quote from MLK.
    debby´s last blog post ..How Much Exercise is Enough?

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, we get the ceramic mugs. Other than being eco friendly, I think they keep the coffee warmer than paper cups. The mugs are fairly thick.

      I am glad to narrow down what could be wrong. Now it is just a matter of exactly what it is.

  4. Shelley B

    That is such a pretty picture of you, the one where you’re looking down. And I see what you mean about the gold top – I have some clothes like that where I just don’t feel great in them, even though other people say I look fine. You have to go with how YOU feel, though.

    Glad the test results are in and nothing awful is going on. So now onto the eye doctor? The fun continues…
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..An Incomplete Pictorial Recap of the Weekend

  5. Roz@weightingfor50

    Good news Lori!!! Lab results back, normal. Check. Eye doctor soon, hopefully you’ll be all better soon. Check!! That is a really lovely photo of you. Fun! have a great Tuesday.
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..BRRRR!!!!

  6. Melisa

    That’s good news about your lab results. Hope you get more answers soon. I agree with you about the Blonde Roast – I tried it for the first time this weekend and liked it much better than all their other roasts. It’s less bitter.

    Those are stunning pictures of you – especially the one of you smiling from above. Did you get to keep the pants? 😉
    Melisa´s last blog post ..Workout Tunes

  7. Fran

    That’s good news Lori those lab results. Hopefully the doc has an answer about the eyes today.

    The photo you posted on your own blog is great. You look totally different in this one. And I know what you mean about the golden top. Like Shelley says we all have that with some clothes.

    Hope the snow isn’t too bad and you can go to the gym.
    Fran´s last blog post ..Monday January 16, 2012: The mishmash edition

  8. Jill

    Thank goodness for your good news! I hope this brought you some relief. I know you still need to look into what is going on with your eyes- but at least your blood work is good! Good luck at the eye doctor today.
    You look beautiful in the pictures! LOVE the red velvet coat photo!!! Certainly different from a biking top!! 🙂
    Jill´s last blog post ..Stubborn 10 Update

  9. Sharon

    Lori, if you continue to have the same symptoms and get no answers from elsewhere, revisit the thyroid issue. It is very tricky and the standard TSH reading doesn’t always reflect completely accurate results. I learned this the hard way a few years ago. There are more indepth tests that can get better readings. Don’t mean to be negative – just wanted you to know. Sharon
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Progressing Quite Nicely

    1. Lori Post author

      You aren’t being negative at all. I had free T4 and TSH, so that gives a little more info. There are further lab tests I can get done like thyroid antibodies and more inflammatory markers if we still can’t figure it out. Hooray for spending money… not!

  10. Ali @ peaches and football

    I agree with Sharon – thyroid can fluctuate depending on a lot of factors and you could test “normal” one day and be “low” another. I get really annoyed when they call and say everything is fine and then hang up. I want numbers. If everything is fine, that requires another visit to the Dr to look into other options… normally I give up. Maybe that’s why I still haven’t figured out why I’m freezing every second.

    Cute pictures – I think it’s funny how they put you up against a wall in each picture. I think all the outfits are adorable though, but like the purple sweater the best. It looks like “you” if that makes sense?
    Ali @ peaches and football´s last blog post ..Defeated

  11. Helen

    So glad to hear you’re normal 😀

    Also glad to get your review of the Starbucks Blonde. I don’t care for Starbucks coffee exactly because of the charred taste. Not to mention that I drink coffee black so I really taste it. I guess it’s true, Blondes are smoother and more fun!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Tuesday Ten

  12. Jody - Fit at 54

    Glad you got good results but you did have other things beyond the eyes so I would just keep checking to be sure – you are your own bets advocate! Stinks to not know why & hoping for answers for you!

    You looked beautiful in those outfits but I agree if ya just don’t feel it, it shows.. we might as well wear things that make us feel good!
    Jody – Fit at 54´s last blog post ..YMX Yellowman Workout Gear – GIVEAWAY POST

  13. Amy

    Glad your tests came back normal! Although, I agree with Sharon above, keep an eye on the thyroid… I hope you figure out what is going on with your eyes.

    Love the photographer’s pictures! My favorite is the one with the burgundy jacket – lovely shape and color for you!
    Amy´s last blog post ..Sunny Days

  14. Andra

    Great news about your labs! I have eye allergies, which are related to food as well as cosmetics and even skin care. When I eat things that I’m sensitive to, my eyes will sometimes burn, itch and turn red. It’s a drag. Thanks for the review of the Blond blend from sbux, I’ve been wanting to try it.
    Andra´s last blog post ..Sunday Chit-Chat

  15. deb

    Whew! Breathin’ easier here…. 🙂 I wonder if you’ve brought something new into the house you could be allergic to? Ofcourse you would think they would be itchy and irritated too ?? So glad all your bloodwork came back good. Fingers crossed for the eye doctor. Hugs! deb

  16. Michele

    Hi Lori,
    I found your blog via another blogger. I am a weight loss blogger and a budding cyclist. I can see you are, too. I do not use FB, so am learning about you weight loss journey and significant physical ambitions through your blog. I have to tell you, you are an inspiration. Today I brought a Cycleops Trainer and just ride my first 22 minutes.

    Glad your results were good. Hope you get answers about your eyes soon. Michele
    Michele´s last blog post ..Trainer Tuesday!

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