Movin’ it!

The Healthy Heart weekend emails have been coming in! Every one of them made me smile.  That is the best thing about doing the challenge.  It was so fun knowing we were all doing something this weekend!  Make sure you get your updates and pic to me by Monday so that I can post them and the drawing winners on Tuesday.

I did my 15 miles on the trainer on Saturday.

Why yes, I am wearing a tiara, albeit a cardboard one.  I had to split this up. I did 11 miles and then  had to get ready to go out to lunch with my mom to pay her back for taking care of Pixie and the house while we were in Florida!  I did the other 4 miles later.

We went out to O’Tooles, where I had soup and a baked potato.  Yum.

It was a fairly relaxing weekend other than that.  No travel, no football, no parties.  John is feeling better, but not 100%. We did go out browsing Lowe’s for home improvement ideas.  I have the bug again to work on the house.

We have 4 big projects in mind.  One is laminate flooring for the whole downstairs.  (We did the upstairs 4 years ago).

Then there is redoing our upstairs bathroom.  Hello 1980s and cracked floor tiles.

The other 2 projects are outdoor projects.  Working on our front porch with painting and new shingles, and then resurfacing the driveway.  Of course, we won’t be doing the resurfacing ourselves, but we will supply the $$$ for it.  That’s the trouble with a 100+ year old house.  You can always fix something.

John has been working on the innards of his piano, speaking of things that are over 100 years old (110 to be exact).

John and I did get some coffee after browsing Lowe’s and I had a Valentine cookie!

Got an early start on Valentine’s Day!  I did nibble a bit too much today, which I think is a result of riding 15 miles yesterday.  I have done so much walking the last couple months getting ready for Disney that I put the bike on the back burner so to speak.  Not used to all that riding.

Hope you all had a healthy heart weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Movin’ it!

  1. Lori's Mom

    Thanks very much for lunch, Lori. When I was doing my healthy heart challenge, I was thinking of everyone else who was doing it, too. I was happy to be a part of it. Good luck with the piano!

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  3. Sharon

    Lori, I never got around to officially signing up for the heart healthy challenge mostly because I knew I’d be hiking over the weekend no matter what. But I’m sending my picture anyway. Since I didn’t follow the rules of signing up, don’t enter me for any prizes. Just wanted everyone to know I was on board with the concept of the challenge!! Sharon
    Sharon´s last blog post ..One Moment In Time

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  5. Linda Kuil (Frickin' Fabulous...)

    My husband works for a paneling, ceiling tile and floor chain (6 stores) here on LI. Our house is 55 years old and all of the floors needed to be replaced, along with windows, sheetrock, bathrooms and a kitchen! At least we get great prices on the flooring!

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