TP Tube Seed pots and English Muffins!

Ah Monday. There was no reason for me to wake up an hour earlier than usual, but I did.  I decided to get to work on my sourdough english muffins – and they actually turned out good!

Take *that* Thomas’!  I’ll post the recipe on Wednesday.  It wasn’t all that hard.

I actually did not have a muffin for breakfast because I was too hungry to wait for the second dough rise, so I made up some pumpkin oats.

I also got a good early start on work today. I logged in to my favorite doctor’s files!  His files are easy and I can do many more of his files in an hour than other doctors.  Which = more $/hour. What a great way to start a Monday!

I was feeling like chicken salad for lunch, so that is what I made.  With a chopped up apple and some toasted pecans.  I don’t know how I managed it, but I was using one of those apple slicers that is supposed to core and neatly slice the apple and it still came out looking like this:

With core still in pieces. 🙄  All chopped up it doesn’t matter, though.

This was good, but it made me cold  :mrgreen:  Today was a chilly day.

Here are the directions for the little seed pots.  I saw this post and knew I wanted to try it!  Get an empty toilet paper roll (I have been saving them for a month or so).  Squish it flat and press the crease.

Then open it back up and press the other side.

This will make it in a square shape.  Now cut the tube in half.  This will make the 2 pots.

Cut a slit up the side of all 4 creases, about 1/2 an inch or so.

Then fold the corners over just like you would close a box.  I pinched the folds to make them lay flatter.

Voila- seed starter pot!  Fill with soil and a seed  :mrgreen:

I am using a plastic tray to hold these (from my old peat pots). You can plant these right in the ground or a bigger pot if they need more time indoors.

The bonus? The empty pods also make a great cat toy, which I found out this morning when they were scattered on the floor.

At least she likes the cheap stuff.

Latte time!

I actually had this on the floor by Pixie to take her picture, but then she walked away.

I was looking forward to dinner to try one of my english muffins!  I did my usual omelet (patent pending) with the english muffin on the side.

So good!  I could eat 5 of these muffins toasted with butter and jam, but I won’t.  I hope  :mrgreen:

Trainer riding tonight (HIIT, ugh) along with guitar practicing.  I have my snack portioned out for later tonight.

Dried pineapple and mixed nuts.  I really like this combo!

Hope you all had a fantastic Monday!

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24 thoughts on “TP Tube Seed pots and English Muffins!

  1. Lisa

    I saw your post on FB about making your own English muffins. I LOVE it. Will you post the recipe? English muffins are my pre-workout snack. We currently stock up at Costco but I’d love to try making my own…
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Back to Mother Nature

  2. Shelley B

    The English muffins look exactly like store-bought – amazing! I love one with butter and jam, which reminds me that I haven’t had one in a long time. Must fix that…too bad not with a Lori special!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Armadillo Dash 5K Recap!

  3. Kimberley

    The English muffins looks great!!! You are quite the baker!

    Great idea for planting…make your own seed boxes…so clever of you!

    Pixie is so clever to find herself some new toys!
    Kimberley´s last blog post ..Atkins Day 94

  4. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Sharing a tip from my Serentipity blog: You could poke a used coffee filter into the pot before adding soil to prevent any leakage. It wouldn’t even matter if there were a few grounds still attached since they provide a little nutrition.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..The Weekend of My Discontent

  5. Satu

    I need me some seeds! I don’t have a garden, only a big balcony, but I could start growing stuff early this year. It might be too cold yet..

    Love seeing Pixie again. 🙂 I was about to start griping re the lack of Pixie pics.
    Satu´s last blog post ..How To Make Exercise Fun (Again)

  6. Amy

    Great idea on the seed pots! Thanks for showing how to do them – I was just cleaning bathrooms yesterday and found a whole stash of empty rolls in the boys’ bathroom – perfect!
    Amy´s last blog post ..Enforced Rest

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