Female Body Breakthrough B and books!

Man, is this week over yet?  Today seemed very long.  I slept fitfully.  I should just set an alarm because I wanted to make sure I woke up so I could be at the gym by 7, so then I kept waking up every 15 minutes from about 5:30.  Ugh.

Base workout B today from Female Body Breakthrough. I had my usual pumpkin protein drink and got to work. New exercises and routines and I kept the weights lighter.  The warmup went faster today since I had already done it.

Exercise Set/rep/weight
Russian Twist 3 sets of 10 each side with 10# DB
Prone Cobra 3 sets of 60 second holds
Lateral raise 3 sets of 10 with 5# DBs
Overhead Squat 3 sets of 10, 1 set with wooden bar, 2 sets with 20# bar.
Single Leg/Single arm Deadlift 3 sets of 10 with 10# DB
Single arm cable lat pulldown 3 sets of 10 at 20#
Bulgarian Split Squat (video) 3 sets of 10 with 10# DBs
High Cable Row 3 sets of 10 at 50#

The Russian Twist is something I am going to have to be very, very careful with. It kind of mimics the move I shouldn’t do because of my herniated disk – and I could feel it. So, I have to modify and do less range of motion. Also – the Bulgarian Split Squat, which makes no sense because people from Bulgaria just call them squats, is a thigh burner. Burning!!! It really is just a stationary split squat with the rear leg elevated on a bench. Holy crow is it hard. I forgot how hard this was – and truthfully I don’t really like it much (because it is hard – wuss!).  The key with this exercise is to lay the back foot so you are resting on the top of the foot and not the tip of the toes.  That way you can’t cheat and lean back onto the raised leg.

The prone cobra – like the plank (kind of the plank in reverse, really), is an exercise looks like nothing, but it sure feels like something!  At first it is easy and you think 60 seconds will be no problem.  After 30 seconds it gets hard. 45 seconds and it felt like forever until I hit 60!  I hope to be at 90 seconds after 4 weeks, which I laugh at now, but it’s my goal.

Here is a nice guide on the prone cobra. You can do these anywhere, too.


So, Tuesday’s workout and today’s will be alternating for the next 4 weeks 3 times a week.  I probably won’t list the workouts again until near the end for comparison of how much more weight I am lifting.  Each time, you are supposed to increase the weights/intensity of 2 or 3 of the exercises. I hope I don’t get too bored with these 2 workouts.  My one beef with NROLW was I was bored by the end of the first phase and ready to mix it up.

I chugged the rest of my protein drink in the car on the way home and made up brekkie:

Banana custard oats.  Yum 😀

Regarding the eating plan for the FBB, I am doing pretty well with it.  I have trouble on non-lifting days with the 6th meal, which would be a morning snack.  I just forget about it while I am working. I probably just need to make my breakfast smaller so I get hungry enough to remember.

Lunch time!  My new favorite thing – Greek yogurt with the apple cranberry topping.

I am loving this.  You can tell when warmer weather is coming because I start eating yogurt again.  Once I get to salads, it will be summer!  I seem to be very seasonal with that.

I had my typical afternoon break.

I don’t sweeten my lattes, but I like a little honey drizzle on the foam with some cinnamon or nutmeg.  I also had a couple of those coconut chocolate chews I made, but didn’t take a photo as they don’t look that attractive…

Earlier, I was rummaging through the pantry actually looking for tea and found a packet of this, which I totally forgot about.

I love this marinade flavor, so I cut up some chicken and got that marinating for dinner.  Too bad we didn’t get the grill out, but it was really good just the same!

With some shredded brussel sprouts and a pear.  I am doing pretty good today with fruits and veggies:  Pumpkin, brussel sprouts, banana, pear, apple.  I’ll take it!

After I finished up a little work after dinner, we hit the library before settling in at Starbies.  I found 2 books that I really wanted to be  checked in.  What luck!

And then this one:

I love anything bacteria/virus related.  Richard Preston finished this book  that  Michael Crichton started before he died.  Preston wrote The Hot Zone, which scared the bejeezus out of me.  It’s based on true events about ebola in Africa.  I have to bust through this book, too, because it is a 14-day loan.

John thought it was funny that I brought my books, my computer *and* the free weekly newspaper into Starbucks tonight.  Guess we will be here a while  :mrgreen:

I’ve got this:

Question:  Do you eat salads as entrees or yogurt in the winter?

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31 thoughts on “Female Body Breakthrough B and books!

  1. Kim

    I’m not a huge salad eater, but for me, I know it is summer when I break out the green monsters. Who knew that spinach could taste so great. TGI almost F!

  2. Linda Kuil (Frickin' Fabulous...)

    I eat everything pretty much all year round, but definitely more salads for dinner during the summer. I can not wait to make my panzanella again!!!

  3. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    Since my pickleball injury, I no longer do Bulgarian Split Squats. Not that I did them that often anyway. (see: your comments on thigh-burner!) 🙂 My right knee just doesn’t handle the stress of the movement well, and I don’t trust it to hold me up. And I’ve never been able to build up any real time on the prone cobra. I should probably start over on it.

    I eat yogurt and salads almost every day, all year round. In fact, I just had some of both! LOL

    Oh, and I agree completely on The Hot Zone! Scary, scary book. I get the shivers every time I drive through Reston, VA.
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..Jabberwocky Week

  4. Andra

    Did you see the movie Contagion? If you like virus related stories, that will do it for you, for sure.

    I eat yogurt year round, I just love it too much to relegate it to warm weather. Salads not so much. It went over 80 degrees today, so meat salad was a given…Grilled Chicken Cobb and it was so good.
    Andra´s last blog post ..Hello Strangers!

    1. Lori Post author

      I have not seen that one. I should put it in the netflix queue. Scariest virus movie ever has to be 28 Days Later. I still get nightmares from that.

  5. Heidi

    I’m about half way thru Micro now.. I’m a huge Crichton fan.. and so far, it’s not my fave. He worked his way away from biology and into computers (as with Prey, State of Fear, Timeline). It’s still good, but still far away from The Hot Zone.
    Your dinner looks fabulous! I’ve always walked right on by those packet marinades, but I just might have to try it now 🙂

  6. deb

    I just read Pirate Lattitutes by Michael Chrichton. It was okay.But come to find out to my surprise i’am not a big fan
    of his. What i’am is a HUGE fan of the movies they make from his
    books like Congo and Sphere and Jurassic Park…..how they are able to pull those wonderful movies from those books i’ll never know. But since Preston helped finish this one i may have to check it out as i like him. 🙂
    deb´s last blog post ..John Carter Movie Review…………………..

    1. Lori Post author

      Well, I eat every few hours, so I don’t have to get stuffed for lunch. This certainly would not last me until dinner.
      I also eat 2% yogurt, which has more fat, so more filling.

  7. debby

    Mmm. I love marinated meat. I had almost forgotten about it. I tend to do that in the summer on the grill. I eat yogurt year round. Salads I go in spurts on. I just had a big spurt, and now I’m back to cooked veggies. Definitely like them in summer when its too hot to cook.
    debby´s last blog post ..Doing the Same Thing, Only Different

  8. Sandy

    We often have salads as an entree here year round in the sub-tropics. I think by entree you mean main meal. Here in Australia an entree is the starter. I have a salad of some kind most days and they are standard fair as ‘entree’ options if eating out. Email me if you want some recipes Lori and I’ll happily pass some on to you. Have yoghurt every day too regardless of the weather…but then, you’d laugh at our winter (22 degrees celcius during the day). Pitiful I know. Love your blog, just am pretty quiet when it comes to commenting.
    Sandy´s last blog post ..A quiet, still time.

    1. Lori Post author

      That’s funny about the word entree. The salad or food before the main meal is called an appetizer here.

  9. Helen

    Yes I eat salads all the time. You know what’s nice though? Eating a warm salad for a change. I just pinned one Roasted Eggplant Salad that I can’t wait to try. Also, when I made that Crockpot BBQ Chicken, I heated the chicken before I put it over the lettuce. It’s suprisingly good!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Friday High Five!

  10. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    The prone cobra does look killer but I would imagine really targets a LOT of areas.

    I am bad with salads – doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. Whoops :\

    As for yogurt though, that’s generally my go-to breakfast item. Easy to toss into my lunchbag and then top with fruit and eat at my desk. Love year-round.
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Silly New Things

  11. Shelley B

    Yes and Yes – salads and yogurt are year-round for me, although I definitely eat more salads in the warmer months…which would explain the “year-round” thing, lol!

    We did that prone cobra in yoga and with Brad and it’s a toughie!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Friday Mishmash

  12. Katy A

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that marinade! We use it just about once a week! You should make the bbq glaze they put on the back! Also good! 🙂

  13. Leah

    Catching up on blogs…finally. Liek you, i also can tell the weather is warming when I want yogurt and salads. In the winter it’s sautéed veggies and soups.

    Enjoyed catching up on your blog, and have to tell you I thought of you yesterday for PI Day. 🙂
    Leah´s last blog post ..Weigh-In.. Hovering

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