Bagels and BBs.

My gosh you are all the best internet people!  I am done whining, but maybe the whining actually fixed the comment issue!  Hooray (pleasedon’tjinx).  I am back to my usual self today – actually as of last night.  Grumpiness and I don’t mesh for very long.

Looks like my rose bushes survived the freeze.  A couple bits got crisped, but the rest of the plants look good.  Can we please get back to spring?

We headed out for bagel day! One of my 10% meals!  Nom, nom.  I was hungry this morning.

My Wednesday schedule shifted a bit.  I am now going to meet with my literacy learner in the evenings on Wednesday after work, which meant pushing mother/daughter night to another day.  That actually makes Wednesdays feel a little less hectic for me.

I also was very remiss yesterday not to mention the shoutout I got from Carla at MizFit yesterday.  I was so surprised and pleased to see me as her surprise commenter!  I like how she described me in a nutshell poem, too.  If you don’t read her blog, you should.  It’s very inspirational and very much a ‘thinking about things’ place to go.  The other nice thing was reading the wonderful comments people left as well. That surely makes up for any poopy emails or comments I may ever get  :mrgreen:  I do like our tribe very much.

Ready for another new food?  I bought some of these at the store.

And it is perky to boot.  How nice! I can have a lot of problems with cereal in the house, but this is not sweetened, so it shouldn’t be bad.  I just wanted some crunch in my yogurt.

2% Fage with the cereal and a drizzle of honey.

They look like BBs!  Or possibly rabbit pellet food. They remind me a lot of Grape Nuts, only not sweet at all.  I guess they are the gluten-free Grape Nuts.

Afternoon latte today.

On days that we go out for breakfast, I have an almond milk latte in the afternoon.  I have found that my skin doesn’t break out when I limit the dairy and since I stopped eating most vegetable oils.  Or maybe I just got old enough LOL!

Another typical Lori plate for dinner.

Some people hate leftovers, but I like them because it makes meals easy.

I am off to do my tutoring.  I will say that the tutoring has been different than I was expecting.  It’s actually kind of tiring!  Also, the training can’t really prepare you for the things that pop up and you just kind of wing it.

And half of the week is over – everybody raise your hands in the air!!

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12 thoughts on “Bagels and BBs.

  1. Helen

    You know leftovers is pretty much how we roll since I do cooking for the week on Sunday. Have you tried the crockpot BBQ chicken yet? I made it again this week and have had to force myself not to eat it every single day (for variety reasons you know).

    Glad your day was better and that you didn’t let the dummies get you down!
    Helen´s last blog post ..Baking Experiment: Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

  2. Joanne

    HURRAY for BAGEL day. 🙂
    Ted is back on the bike trainer downstairs and hating it. I can’t wait for consistently warmer weather. When the weather gets warm, I’ll get on the bike and ride for food!

  3. Jody - Fit at 54

    I LOVE LEFTOVERS!!!!!!!!!!! A a kid, we always had them & food always tasted better that 2nd & yes, even 3rd day! Hey, we were not made of money! 😉 As an adult, I still like leftovers! I am simple!

    I loved that post Carla did on you – very cool!

    AND…… I need a bagel – been way too long!
    Jody – Fit at 54´s last blog post ..Comment on Walk this Way! Shoe Inserts

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