Spa Day!

What a great weekend!  First off, on Friday night, John and I had gone out to dinner.  I had a Living Social deal for 50% off at Mouzon House, which is a farm to table restaurant in Saratoga.

My dining companion:

The menu is creole inspired for about half of it (yay!), so we were all over that.  John and I split an order of crawfish beignets.

A little spicy on the inside and topped with a remoulade.  They were light and fluffy and very tasty.

My course was a half portion of shrimp and grits.  Probably not a great picture, but the dish was delicious! It had a dark sauce, which was like a creole barbecue sauce on top of cheesy grits.

This doesn’t look as good as it tasted.  It was so good! Plus, there were collard greens on the side that had the most wonderful smoky flavor and I ate every bite. Me eating greens, how about that!

Since we got half portions for our dinners, we decided on dessert.  This was a warm flourless chocolate cake topped with local Battenkill vanilla ice cream.

The portion was a little small for splitting, but the ice cream was the best part!

A very good dinner.  I would definitely go there again.  I love that they support so many local farms, too.

After that, we went to see David Russell in concert.  He is a classical guitarist and he was amazing.  Just amazing!  Tickets were only $7 through the university, which is a fantastic deal to see someone of this caliber.

Sunday was spa day.  My sister’s birthday is this week, so my mother and I took her to the Crystal Spa for some girl time.

Posh inside:

with stained glass:

And a crystal chandelier.

I like sparkly things.

The three of us did a dry sauna before hand scented with rosemary and a few other aromas.

Photo from Crystal Spa

 I was drenched after a couple minutes.  My sister and mom get dewy – I get drippy.   :mrgreen:

After the sauna, my sister and I headed off for private mineral baths and my mother went for a facial.  My room was called the Star Room.  They must have know I am a superstar!  Saratoga Springs is known for the mineral springs and is called Spa City.  This spa has its own mineral spring to draw from, and the water is full of lots and lots of dissolved minerals, which is why it is dark.

The lights are lowered and soothing music is piped in while you relax and float in the warm bath for about 1/2 an hour.

I was worried I was going to drop my camera in LOL!

This is very, very relaxing and felt so good on my muscles.  I work them hard and it was good to treat them.  After the half hour is up, then you are asked to dry off and lay on the table (covered with a towel).  You are given a warm sheet to relax under.

Then the attendant gives you a cooling cucumber facial massage, which feels so refreshing, but all I could think was that I wanted to eat the cucumbers!  Then she laid 2 slices across my eyes with a cool washcloth and then you are left alone to relax until you are ready to dress.

As tempted as I was, I did not eat them.  (ewwww).  The mineral bath only costs $25.  Quite the bargain, I think!  I was all warm and relaxed after that.

Happy early birthday to my sister!

Afterwards, we went out for coffee and pastries.

I was really hungry by this time!  We each got a pastry and them cut them into 3 pieces, so we each got to try a brownie, a blondie and a muffin.  That’s the way to do it.  I forgot to take a picture of those, but I ate all 3 pieces.

What a nice way to spend the afternoon, too!  I do feel a little sleepy now, but definitely refreshed and relaxed.

Such a fun, fun weekend!

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20 thoughts on “Spa Day!

  1. sugar

    wow 🙂 spa sounds great!

    I plan to adapt your 90/10 rule.Snacking has been going overboard for me and weight loss is not showing up! Is it ok if I link your 90/10 post from my blog?lemme know!
    sugar´s last blog post ..Weekend as home birds!

  2. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    What an excellent weekend you had! We have mineral spas near here (Hot Springs, AR), but I rarely think to go. I do treat myself on rare occasions to a therapeutic massage for my tired muscles. That’s something you might enjoy as well. (It does hurt before it feels better though.)

    And now I’m off to find that recipe for catfish beignets I found awhile back. I’m suddenly in the mood. 🙂
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..My Top Ten: Favorite Quotes

  3. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Holy cow – what a GREAT weekend! Your girl’s day at the spa looks marvelous. I got a good deal – buy an hour massage and get an hour facial free – so I bought one to use after all the moving is over. I figure I’ll need it!

    How wonderful to be able to go with your sister and mom too. And your dinner looks amazing. I’ve never had collard greens and they are too ‘far out there’ for me to try making on my own.
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..1/4 of 2012 Gone


    Oh Lori, what a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!! I’ve never had grits….does it taste like polenta? LOVE that you took your camera into the spa!!! Hope the “ohm” of the weekend stays with you through the week!!!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes – grits are like polenta, but I think the grind is a bit larger. Don’t tell anyone from the real south that they are the same, though 😉

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