44 miles for 44 years

I had a great day yesterday!  I tell you, though, my email and Facebook exploded, which was cool – but overwhelming!

I had taken the day off, so I knew I wanted to bike ride, but not for how long.  Then Shelley mentioned that she ran 4.9 miles on her birthday and that I should do 44 miles on the bike.  I figured “why not?”  That is a normal good riding distance for me and I had the time.  I was just concerned about the weather cooperating.   It was 49 degrees when I got up.  (It’s June, right?)

Bundled up! I decided to let John sleep in a little bit before breakfast – earning Best Wife points – and headed out for a 7 mile ride.  I came back home to see if he was up (he was) and then we headed out for a breakfast bagel!  We biked to Coffee Planet:

Oat bran with cranberry walnut cream cheese!  It was weird being there on a weekday morning as this is our Sunday place.

We biked home and I left John behind.  I had 19 miles done already at that point before 10 a.m.!  I thought it might rain in the afternoon, so I knew if I wanted the rest of the miles, I better get them in.  I  packed up a few snacks and then headed out for some loop riding.  I went on some quieter roads:

With a snack:

Some downtown roads – which had too much traffic.  Midday weekday riding is something I am just not used to. (no pictures of that).  I tried to stay on quieter roads, though, and just have a nice “thinking” ride.

Then some path riding. I stopped for a long break at mile 35 to eat this Luna bar and enjoy the quietness of this place.

This is that 1 mile byway we recently discovered.

Then the last 9 miles home.  Not sure how I got it this exact without a planned route, but I guess I must have been a cartographer in a previous life or something.


I am a cool 44 year old! 😀

John and I had to run out and get an extra cake for the evening.   Then I got a private piano concert:

I had requested 3 pieces that he play for me on my birthday.  Thanks John!

Then dinner time! My dinner of choice –

Local seafood place.  We don’t go here too often because it is a little expensive, but good food.  Check out this picture staring at John.

You will eat your fish, sir, and you will like it!

I had some crab bisque to start with.

And then my plate.  I couldn’t decide between the scallops and the shrimp and our server said she could just have them make me a half and half plate!  Yay!  I chose the broiled version.

With a baker and sour cream.  This was very, very good.  I love scallops and wish they weren’t so pricey to purchase for home.

Then it was cake time!  These are the 2 cakes.

This one is a chocolate pecan torte.  Layers of mousse and chocolate cake.

We did the emergency run for the red velvet cake because we thought there was going to be 2 people for cake, which turned into a few more.


A couple present highlights:

Puzzles (this one is a 4 dimensional puzzle)

I have wanted one of these:

Totally unexpected:

It’s the regular Kindle (not the Fire).  I guess it is a Kimble Kindle? Say that 10 times fast!


Overall a great day was had and thanks to everyone for the well wishes (and presents!!).

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29 thoughts on “44 miles for 44 years

  1. Helen

    I am SO GLAD you treated yourself so specially on your birthday (although I think you should do that every day). Your birthday dinner should be special and my goodness it looks soooooo good (although Shelley with her seafood disliking self might disagree). And now? I want Chocolate Pecan Torte. Holy moly.

    You rock Lori!
    Helen´s last blog post ..A Size, Not A Weight & Other Things I Haven’t Said

  2. Shelley B

    What a great way to ring in your new year – so happy the weather cooperated and you were able to get 44 on your 44th! 🙂

    Looks like it was a fun celebration and both cakes look GOOD! And a Kindle? Cool. Panini press? Hot. (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Fun times!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Wednesday Workout Update

  3. Dawn

    Happy Belated Birthday Lori!!! Looks like you had a terrific day 🙂 Love the idea of doing something in numbers for your Birthday, way to go on the bike ride.

  4. Satu

    I think the cakes made the day! I hope Pixie didn’t get totally upset because of the concert. 🙂

    It sure looks like June here, but it’s not so warm.

    Now you can start filling that Kindle with books! 🙂
    Satu´s last blog post ..Using Willpower for Evil

  5. Tish

    Happy Birthday! Love that you did 44 for your 44th! Not sure I’m up to 61 for my 61st next month, tho’ 🙂 I love my Kindle. It’s great for trips. DId you know that you can use it to reach the Internet if you’re somewhere that there’s wi-fi? I didn’t figure that one out for a month or two. Also, I borrow library books through Overdrive.com and have them delivered to my Kindle.
    Tish´s last blog post ..Moment of Repose

  6. deb

    Belated Birthday wishes Lori!!! Looks like you made out like a bandit! LOVE that puzzle! I found a great website that lets you put puzzles together on your computer screen. Not sure i would like it but its pretty fun. Hugs! deb

  7. Leah

    I missed the birthday!! Or I could say… the little birdie was late getting to me to tell me. LOL 😛

    What a wonderful way to celebrate – all of it.

    You certainly are one cool 44 year old and I’m so glad I found your blog those 3 years ago.
    Leah´s last blog post ..Ahh….Catching Up

  8. Bonnie

    Lori, happy birthday, what a great way to celebrate!

    I’d like to know a little bit about your helmet that you wear when biking. What brand is it? How did you chose it? I need to get one and the choices are overwhelming!

    1. Lori Post author

      It’s just a Bell helmet. I prefer a Giro helmet, but they are expensive and I had to replace my helmet emergently. You just need a helmet that is comfortable and meets safety standards.

  9. Roz@weightingfor50

    Belated happy birthday LORI!!! Hope this is your best year ever! Looks like a great celebration start to finish. Know what??? My parent’s have the same painting in their dining room as the man staring down at John. I think it’s called “Man with Golden Helmet”. And when I was young, I was a bit scared of it. Funny!!!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..I MAY need a support group…or two!

  10. Vic D

    Happy belated Birthday!! You truly are a very inspiring person! 44 miles…I think I’m gonna die after walking 2 miles, now I gotta push harder! Glad to see that you had a wonderful birthday!! Oh, and the cake….oh YUM!!

  11. Lisa

    Happy Belated Birthday! I’m impressed that you rode 44 miles on your birthday!Isn’t that day for relaxing? It looked like a relaxing ride though. The food pictured looked delicious as usual. I hope you ate some of those cakes.

  12. E. Jane

    Happy Belated Birthday, Lori! it sounds like you had quite a bike ride. Food looks delicious, and I enjoyed the photos of food, husband, and family! How about Pixie? I’m sure she would have enjoyed sharing some of your fabulous seafood dinner! And talk about good looking cakes! Glad you had a good birthday…

  13. Heidi

    I could not stop giggling at the picture of John in the restaurant! So funny 🙂 I’m glad you had an enjoyable birthday.. with some awesome looking cakes and gifts. You will grow to adore your Kindle. I have the original.. just books, but it’s so convenient.
    Wishing you many, many more wonderful birthdays!

  14. Crys

    I just found your blog from your comment on Alissa’s! I’m experiencing major garden envy right now. It’s the drawback of living in the city. I have boxes on my patio for herbs but I want the real deal. I’m also jealous you’re in upstate. I grew up in NJ but we had a mountain house on Lake George. I miss that place so much… so many good memories! Definitely following your blog now.

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