Four years and counting

It’s that time of year.

4 years of maintenance (or close to it).   As long-time readers of the blog know, this yellow rose was the one that I bought myself for hitting 100 pounds down in 2008.  Each year it has come back for the last 4 years and each year I am doing pretty well at maintaining my loss.

All of my rose bushes came up with long and tall canes this year.  I don’t know if that had something to do with the winter we had or my pruning skilz.

Each year they are a little different.  Each year I am a little different.  I have learned many things about maintenance and there are many things still that I need to learn.

I am a little heavier than I was at my lowest.

I am a lot stronger than I was a few years ago.

I am 4 years older  😉

I eat differently now than I did 4 years ago.

There are still some foods that I probably will always struggle with (peanut butter cups, I am looking in your direction).  But, that is okay. At least I am aware of that.

Maintenance is hard.  I kind of consider myself a wobbly maintainer.  My weight does go up and down.  I never did reach my ultimate number goal and that really isn’t my focus any more.  I want to keep off what I lost and stay strong and healthy.  It’s funny how each year I mention that I never did get to my ultimate weight goal.  Maybe that is where I am now and I still just haven’t accepted that.  Not that I won’t keep working hard – because maintenance is hard work.  It really is.  It’s a mind game. It’s constant vigilance, which gets tiring at times, but I don’t care for the alternative.

I don’t ever want to go back here again.

My original Superstar pose in 2008:


You know, lifting has really given so much more shape to my body.   I can’t say enough how much lifting is important to health. Not just how it makes you look, but how good it is for cardiovascular fitness, bone health and just confidence.

Here’s to another year!

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35 thoughts on “Four years and counting

  1. Shelley B

    You’re heavier NOW than in the original pose from 2008? WOW. Really shows how exercise can sculpt the body, because you do look much smaller now! Congratulations of 4 years of successful maintenance…I didn’t realize that you actually were dieting while in your 30s. Nice – glad you got it done so early!
    Shelley B´s last blog post ..Sweaty Bands Review and Giveaway!

    1. Lori Post author

      Yes, I am heavier now. Actually a size bigger, too, but it is distributed different. And I was dieting in my 20s and 30s LOL!

  2. Kim

    Congratulations on your anniversary. You are always an inspiration for me to keep maintaining.

  3. debby

    I am so happy to be celebrating this with you! What a great accomplishment. Since I have only known the thin you, your pre pictures look like fakes that someone doctored up! Yes yes yes on the weight lifting. I really do think that it helps as we age.

    (LOL at your comment to Shelley about dieting in your 20s and 30s. And LOL–that cake still looks good to me!)
    debby´s last blog post ..Prequel to Vacation

    1. Lori Post author

      Isn’t it funny how my mind still thinks I am really that big still, but then I look at the old pictures and it doesn’t seem possible.

      And yeah, cake always looks good to me.

  4. Daria


    Kudos to you on the amazing lifelong changes you’ve made. You are a true inspiration. I read your blog almost every day and am so appreciative of your honesty, humor and energy. Thank you


  5. E. Jane

    Lori, you are fabulous! Congratulations on this great success. Looking at your pictures brought tears to my eyes. I love your honesty and your sweetness!

  6. Kathy W.

    Congratulations, Lori!! I think I started reading you right after you lost all the weight, and caught up through the archives. SInce then, you’ve been one of my main inspirations on the internets! 🙂

  7. Lori's Mom

    Congratulations, Lori, on another great year. I love both the “before” and “after” Lori. You are wonderful just because you are YOU!

  8. Molly

    Many congrats to you & John on this anniversary! Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate that.

  9. Sharon

    Here’s the ultimate compliment to the change….Since we have actually met you and John, I showed the first picture to Bill just now and he is still saying, “no way, no way, that can’t be her!” He also mentioned how different John looks so kudos to him as well as we know he lost quite a bit of weight as well.

    Keep up the diligent maintenance. You maintainers are certainly inspiring to me and now that I’m really close, I’m going to need you!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Country Girl Gets Her Day In The Sun

  10. kwithme

    I can’t believe how much better you look in the 2012 picture. Lifting does make a difference. Great job.

  11. Jan

    Congrats on maintaining. To me that is much much harder than the losing. You look marvelous!

  12. Jody - Fit at 54

    YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lori – HUGE CONGRATS! Such an inspiration – not only the loss but your fantastic attitude & how you live life.

    As you wrote: Not that I won’t keep working hard – because maintenance is hard work. It really is. It’s a mind game. It’s constant vigilance, which gets tiring at times, but I don’t care for the alternative. I don’t ever want to go back here again.

    I SECOND THAT!!! Maintenance is HARD but worth it!
    Jody – Fit at 54´s last blog post ..Happy Anniversary; Remembrances & Thoughts on Life

  13. Helen

    You’re one of my inspirations Lori because I think you show how maintenance is in real life – not a bed of roses (HA! I’m cracking myself up!) You have your cupcakes and bagels but not every day and you work out hard most of the time and truthfully, that’s what it’s all about (not the Hokey Pokey as others think….. ha!)

    ITA with Shelley – you are a poster girl for lifting because you DO look smaller now than in 2008 😀
    Helen´s last blog post ..Six Pounds In June: Week 1 Check-In

  14. Sandi

    Congratulations Lori! You keep proving that it can be done. I read your blog every day and it encourages me to keep maintenance high on my priority list. You are awesome!
    Sandi´s last blog post ..Update

  15. MB

    Congratulations on 4 years. You continue to inspire me every single day and I hope to learn some of your maintenance techniques after of re-lose what I’ve regained. Rock on!!
    MB´s last blog post ..Alive and Kickin’

  16. SlimKatie @ Runs for Cookies

    Congrats on 4 years–you have definitely defied the odds! I liked reading that you are a wobbly maintainer, because that’s what I am too (fluctuations, never actually reaching my ultimate dream goal). It gives me hope that I will be able to maintain in the future as well. Happy anniversary!
    SlimKatie @ Runs for Cookies´s last blog post ..Reader Questions & Answers #18

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