Learning the parts of speech.

I was exhausted yesterday. You know those days where it is hard to keep your eyes open all day? That was me. I did get some good sleep. Woke up a little early to the neighbor’s dog barking constantly. I don’t know if they weren’t home or what, but shut up already!  Good thing I was planning on getting up to go to the gym.

Exercise Set/rep/weight
1. Plank with alternate arm/leg reach 2 sets of 10 each side
2. Complex: Deadlift, High Pull, Push Press, Reverse Lunge 4 sets of 8 each exercise with 20# bar
3A. Bulgarian Split Deadlift 3  sets of 10 with 10# DBs
3B. Single Arm Chest Press on ball 3 sets of 10 with 20# DB
3C. Back Squat 3 sets of 10 with 65# bar
3D. Chinups 3 sets of 10 with assistance

Pretty standard day.  I drank my entire protein shake before the workout today as I felt hungrier, so nothing afterwards until I got home to make breakfast.

Then I committed a cardinal sin.  I broke one of our Broncos mugs.  I don’t know how it happened.  I had heated up my almond milk and I must have banged the cup against the microwave or counter because it fell out of my hands and broke.  Not to mention spilling almond milk everywhere.

We do have another one, so hopefully I didn’t jinx the season.

I had to laugh because while I was cleaning up the mess, John got down the other Broncos cup to have my coffee in.  Guess he didn’t learn that I should have a different cup LOL.

These birdies were eating breakfast, too!

I love the goldfinches.  This is the feeder right next to my chair (outside, obviously).

Lunch time!  I have been moving some of my calories from dinner to make a bigger lunch to see if that helps me with some snacking issues that are creeping back in.

This is peanut flour that I mix with a bit of honey, a pinch of salt and cinnamon.

It’s a busy week this week.  John and I get barely any time together this week in the evenings.

I was doing some prep work for tutoring and came across this cute poem on learning the parts of speech:


Three little words you often see
Are ARTICLESa, an, and the.A NOUN‘s the name of anything,
As: school or gardentoy, or swing.

ADJECTIVES tell the kind of noun,
As: great, small, pretty, white, or brown.

VERBS tell of something being done:
To read, write, count, sing, jump, or run.

How things are done the ADVERBS tell,
As: slowly, quickly, badly, well.

CONJUNCTIONS join the words together,
As: men and women, wind or weather.

The PREPOSITION stands before
A noun as: in or through a door.

The INTERJECTION shows surprise
As: Oh, how pretty! Ah! how wise!

The whole are called the PARTS of SPEECH,
Which reading, writing, speaking teach.
They didn’t include pronouns,  though, oh well  :mrgreen:   Funny how you really don’t think too much about what the parts of speech are, but you use them all the time. How many of you remember Conjunction Junction from Schoolhouse Rock?
I loved those little clips on Saturday mornings.
Afternoon latte with a sleepy kitty:
John grilled up turkey burgers for dinner.  It’s a free form burger, but still tastes the same!
My learner called and rescheduled, so lucky for us – we get a date night tonight!  This is our only night without one of us being out somewhere for about the next 10 days.
You know at least some coffee will be involved!
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14 thoughts on “Learning the parts of speech.

  1. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    “conjunction junction, whats your function”?

    I also remember “I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol hill”

    I cringed about your mug – I broke my favorite one a few years ago but luckily I emailed an old co-worker in Vermont who mailed me a replacement. Whew!
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Birthday Dinner

    1. Lori Post author

      Some birdies drive her nuts and other ones she could care less about. Not sure why. The pigeons make her really crazy, though.

  2. Helen

    Hurray for impromptu date nights! We normally have most week nights separate and this is the week we get more of them together. Even Mr. Helen was happy happy when he realized it.

    On Muay Thai nights, I eat more calories at lunch. Not only do I feel better it really does keep me from coming home from MT, eating dinner and then grazng, grazing, grazing.
    Helen´s last blog post ..Plan of Attack

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