Guitar hero

Just a mishmash day today.  I like unstructured days, don’t you?  Of course, my day itself is structured, but I am going to just post stuff today.  This morning’s ride to breakfast was nice.  The city planted flowers and they are nicely blooming.

This street was totally redone this year.

Golden helmet!

I feel like Thor or something.  Does Thor eat bagels, I wonder?

That is John’s coffeecake in the background.  The coffee shop people know what we get all the time.  Hello from Rutsville.

So my little attic find project came out quite nice.  Last night, I used a drill to put some small holes in the bottom of each one for drainage.  Then I had to use a dremel to cut a wire bar that was across the fan one.  I am the queen of power tools!

Here they are.

I like this one better:

The vine will twine up the handles on this one over time (I hope).

I cleaned up the petunia a bit and it looks much happier.  Of course, both of the bigger plants were root bound and I am sure they are stretching their toes today.

I am not totally sure where they are going to go.  Guess I should have thought of that beforehand LOL!

Regarding Pixie and the birds.  I do have the bird feeders outside the big window that has a nice ledge for Pixie to sit on.  We call it Pixie TV.  Some birds drive her bonkers and others she could care less about.  There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to which birds, either. Not sure why that is, but she is a cat and maybe it has something to do with having a brain the size of a pea.  A lovable pea, but not very bright.

Now another cat shows up and she has a fit!  Sometimes she will puff up, which is hilarious because she is already pretty fluffy.

And, last but not least, my guitar video.  I promised one up this month.  This was not the song I had hoped to record.  Monday night I was really tired when I tried to record myself (big mistake) and kept making errors, so I switched pieces. This is really my warm up piece.  I do have it memorized, though.

Country Dance by Carulli (link for those that don’t see the embed)

I have to say it is funny to watch myself and see all the little things I do that I don’t realize when playing.

Thanks for indulging and listening to my progression 😀

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25 thoughts on “Guitar hero

  1. Kim

    I enjoyed your guitar playing – yay for well-balanced life activities. And hey, it’s not a rut when it’s something good like bagels and coffee cake, it’s a groove;)

  2. Sharon

    Since I’m drinking coffee from my identical mug as I read this, I tried to “toast” with yours. Didn’t work, but sure wish I could IRL! It’s supposed to be 101 here today, 107 on Saturday. How I LONG for New England!!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Home Sweet Home!

  3. Satu

    Ooh, I loved the guitar solo. Do you always play your eyes closed?

    What do you mean Pixie is not bright?! I think she has a private bird classification system you’re too just too dim to understand.. 🙂

    1. Lori Post author

      I play with my eyes closed when I am doing it from memory – otherwise I get distracted.

      I do love Pixie, but I don’t think she has a classification system in her head LOL. It’s more like “do I feel like bothering with the bird right now or napping?”

  4. Rachel

    Your guitar playing is absolutely delightful!! It was a lovely start to my morning 🙂

  5. Lynne

    Loved the guitar piece!! That’s so nice of you to share your talent. Enjoy BOW this weekend – I hope this heat we’re having in the midwest doesn’t hit NY state!

  6. Roz@weightingfor50

    You are a very talented player Lori!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us. (btw, I think Thor DID eat bagels, and I cracked up at the word “rutsville”. The way I see it, rutsville can be a very happy place!)
    Have a great day.

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