Becoming an Outdoorswoman!

Had a fabulous weekend at Becoming an Outdoorswoman (BOW)!  Obviously too much to put in one post, so here we go.

BOW was held at Silver Bay YMCA this year like the last few years.  This is the 19th NY BOW workshop.  Silver Bay is really a magnificent facility.  The Inn is the main building and has that wonderful wraparound porch with rockers where you just want to put your feet up and sit all day.

Especially with this view:

Those hollyhocks are so tall, too.

Yes, you will see more flower pictures 😀

My sister and I ended up in the same room that we did last year, which was nice.  We weren’t in the Inn, but a couple buildings away.


Quite comfy accommodations, really.  We had a suite with another room and a shared bathroom.  The rooms have Wifi, but no cell service (Adirondacks — typical) and no TV.  So nice and quiet.  Most certainly not roughing it!

The workshop ran from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.  You take 4 classes.  It’s really hard to choose classes because you can only take 4 out of about 40 choices.  My first stop was the kayak class.  Now, I really wish I could have taken pics on the water, but I was not risking bringing my camera out on the water as it is not waterproof and I didn’t think to get a cover.  But I have some pictures of the kayaks!

Check out that beauteous weather, too!

It was about 90 and sunny.  I wore lots of sunscreen.  The kayaking was fun.  Way different than being in a canoe and I actually liked it better.  It didn’t feel as wobbly as a canoe does (to me). The classes are about 3-1/2 hours long.  We had safety and equipment instruction, then you just get out there and do.  Only one person rolled over in our class, but that was when she switched kayaks to a small tight one.  Getting in and out is the hardest thing with the kayak, and you need a surface to lean your paddle on as you kind of pop out of the boat onto it.  I am sure I looked graceful indeed, but I was happy not to end up in the water!

After that class, it was dinner time.  Did I mention they feed you well here at Silver Bay?

I ate so many cucumbers this weekend LOL!  I just wasn’t feeling the salad, so that’s what I ate.  I also ate a lot of chocolate.  My sister seemed to think we would be starving, so she brought candy and cashews (hello trigger foods).  :mrgreen:

After dinner, we listened to a presentation on ticks.  Lyme disease is very prevalent in our area, so it’s always good to get as much information as you can.

Then we went out fishing on the lake.  This is still Lake George, by the way.  Just up north of the village a lot more.   Actually, I did not fish because I didn’t get a license.

Found these footprints in the sand.  I wish I had put a dime down there for scale.  Maybe chipmunk?

Lake George is really one of the most beautiful lakes out there.  It really and truly is.

We heard loons, too.  So cool.  Actually, I saw and heard a lot of cool things on this weekend.

Back with more tomorrow!

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20 thoughts on “Becoming an Outdoorswoman!

  1. Lynne

    What beautiful pictures! Looks like I may have to check out the NY BOW sometime 🙂 Wisconsin’s accomodations are a bit more rustic – 4 person dormitory style. They do feed us well and the outdorrs are peaceful and beautiful. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

    1. Lori Post author

      Most people just come out of the kayak as it rolls over and don’t even get their heads wet. You just pop out, especially in the wide kayaks we had (for newbies). Now, it is really hard to get back *in* a kayak in the water, so people practice rolling the kayak all the way around so they stay in there and come back up the other side.

  2. Biz

    I have always wanted to kayak – so fun! And fishing is one of my favorite things to do – looks gorgeous – did you guys swim in the Lake at all?
    Biz´s last blog post ..Wonderful Weekend

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