What’s Blooming!

What’s blooming on Friday the 13th?  It’s a good luck day in the garden!  Long-blooming perennial time now and the garden is full.

The knockout rose is starting to bloom again.

I also have buds forming on the scentimental bush as well.  The second flush is always smaller than the first, but looks like there will be a good number of blooms.

I know I knocked on petunias when I talked about doing this planter, but these have really grown on me.

Such an unusual color.  Of course, I love the planter, too, which helps.

The armeria keeps sprouting up new plants.  I am going to deadhead these and see if they come back next year.  Excuse the watering can – that’s what I was doing 😀

Close up.

A few more close up blooms.  Gaillarda

My lilies, which are still going, although not as prolific.

And the milkshake coneflower.

My globe thistle is almost in bloom here.

It’s in the hard prickly stage now, but it will get little bloom bursts on it.

We have a little visitor that has been sleeping in the garden at night for the last few nights.

I hope she belongs to someone, but I am not sure. Pretty skittish.   Must not try to make friends… must resist…

My butterfly bush is finally blooming.  It’s about a foot shorter than normal, but at least I still have it.


Full view – avoiding the crispy part of the lawn.  It’s always green in a ring around the garden because of watering the garden. We don’t bother with the lawn because it just goes dormant.

Driveway angle.  That’s my new flag in the corner there as well.

You can see the butterfly bush really well in that picture.

Have a great weekend everyone!  Stay cool 😀

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11 thoughts on “What’s Blooming!

    1. Lori Post author

      I wish I could sit there all day. Actually, during the day it is too sunny to sit there because of the angle of the sun. Mornings and late evenings are the best time.

  1. Heidi

    I had the same thought as Debby.. looks like she could be related to Pixie! I always feel so badly for pets that I see outdoors.. especially with no identification 🙁 I hope she has a safe home!
    Heidi´s last blog post ..Blondies by a blondie

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