Meeting Lynn!!

One of the things on my bucket list has been to meet Lynn of Lynn’s Weigh.  She has been blogging for many years and was one of the first bloggers I followed.  Lynn was at maintenance then and I looked to her as inspiration for people who lost weight and kept it off.  There are tons and tons of blogs of people in the midst of losing weight, but not many maintaining blogs.  People either stop blogging when they stop losing or figure they don’t need the blog any more once they get to goal.

Anyway, I remember commenting on Lynn’s blog and then getting all excited because *the* Lynn had commented on mine!  :mrgreen:   Over the years, we have conversed via email and Facebook.

See, Lynn gets it.  She doesn’t sugar coat maintenance or weight loss.  She is also a good writer, much better than I.   I have always wanted to meet her in person.

A couple weeks ago, Lynn contacted me that she was going to be business traveling in my area and asked if I wanted to try to get together.  Heck yeah!  After frantically thinking first about how to drop 10 pounds in a week, I collected myself and we made plans to meet halfway between my house and where she was staying.  We ended up in the quaint town of Ballston Spa.  This is south of Saratoga and really a very cute town.  We met for lunch at The Whistling Kettle.

One of the first things Lynn said was something along the lines of  “Good, you are shorter than me!”   😀

Although, the angle of this picture does make *me* look like the taller one.  Woo Hoo!  I’ll take whatever I can get.

Who says women of a certain age aren’t cool and awesome??

Whistling Kettle was awesome as well.  They specialize in tea and will do any iced.  I had a chai called Night of the Iguana, which had black tea, ginger, white chocolate, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.  It was an unsweetened chai, but they do offer it with sugar if you want.

Conversation flowed easily.  Each time I meet another person from the internets, I am amazed at how easy the conversation is!  I don’t know why I expect it to be any other way.  Maybe because I am a shy person and when I meet new people it is much harder for me – although my internet people I have known and talked to for a long time, so it isn’t really like meeting someone new, but an old friend you just haven’t seen for a while.

I have to put in my food, of course.  I had a crepe with turkey, cranberry and brie.

This was excellent!  The whole meal was great.  I am glad we found this place and I will definitely come back down some time.

Thanks for meeting up with me, Lynn!

Hopefully not for the only time.

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22 thoughts on “Meeting Lynn!!

  1. Kimberley

    So nice that you had a great meet up!!!

    The chai looks divine. I would really enjoy that.

  2. debby

    OMGosh. Now I am so jealous of you!! And I truly LOL’d at your ‘lose 10 pounds in a week. That’s what I always think before I meet Shelley (or any blogger.) And I LOL’d also at Lynn’s comment about you being shorter. (I always think of Lynn as extremely tall?) Anyway, that was the first thing I said about Shelley the first time we met–how small she was (even though I am shorter than her…)

    So fun to hear about your meeting. Now I’ve GOT to get to the East Coast to meet you two!
    debby´s last blog post ..Another Salad, and a Few Good Desserts

    1. Lori Post author

      That’s funny – I always thought Lynn was really tall as well for whatever reason. She is not that much taller than me.

      We need to have a grand bloggie meetup!

    2. Lynn Haraldson

      Ha! So if Debby, Shelley, Lori and me get together, I’LL be the tall one?? Yay! I like Lori’s idea of a grand bloggie meetup. Not for a convention or anything, but just to drink tea/coffee and yack. And yack 🙂

  3. Kimby

    I loved that “women of a certain age” comment! 🙂 You both look young and vibrant to me. Glad your paths crossed — I’ve only met one blogging friend in person (so far) but it was such a treat. Sounds like it was for you, too!

  4. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    That’s great that you were able to meet a blogger friend! Looks like a great time with awesome food.

    Funny – most of the blogs I find are for people who are in maintenance mode. Usually just working on achieving a better level of fitness but never weight loss. Looks like I should hunt around more!
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..How on earth do they do it?

  5. Sharon

    Oh wow, I am so jealous! Lynn’s blog was my inspiration at my lowest point and I’ll always be grateful to her. She doesn’t post as often and I really miss her wisdom. Especially now that I’m so close to maintenance and need all the support I can find in that journey!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

    1. Lynn Haraldson

      I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet, Sharon. I can’t promise I’ll post much more than I do in the immediate future, but know that I really appreciate that you “miss” me 🙂 Life’s been pretty crazy lately and it promises to get even more so. Maybe I need to blog about that?
      Lynn Haraldson´s last blog post ..Thank You, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

  6. julie

    I appreciate Lynn as well. BTW, I’m in maintenance, and blog occasionally still. Maintenance is droll, non-eventful, not as exciting or dramatic as weight loss. It’s the boring forever after lifestyle change that must have been made for weight to be maintained, not exciting to most.
    julie´s last blog post ..And we hate you!

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