July Wrap Up.

Bye, bye July!  This month went by fast, didn’t it?

I did not set any goals for July.  I was away at the beginning of the month and then just never bothered to give myself anything to do.  So, I was a bit of a loose canon  :mrgreen:

I started off the month with the Becoming An Outdoorswoman weekend and tried some new things.  That was fun and I hope to do it again next year.

I finished up the Female Body Breakthrough program.  That was, what 4 months? Almost 4-1/2 months?  I definitely got stronger during that time.  I really could have been better with the eating.  For about 2 months, I was  really doing 90/10, but then I got more lax once June hit.  C’est la vie!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get into lifting or already lifts and wants something to challenge themselves.  You can take it to whatever level you want.  It certainly did that for me and now I have new moves to add to my lifting regimen.

Bike mileage this month:  319 miles. I would like that to be around 400, but I there was heat this month.

Total miles for 2012 so far: 1339  

2000 at least in 2012. I think 2500 in 2012 might even be a possibility if I get a leg on, or wheel on as it were.

I also got to meet Lynn in person!  That was a big highlight of the month.  One item on bucket list crossed off.

Of course, there is the new driveway. That came a few weeks early and I am glad.  Not that I haven’t posted any pictures of it for you all to see or anything.  You know, like this one?

It’s funny, we can drive on it now, but I still feel like if I walk on it that I will sink down for whatever reason.

I’ve got some goals in mind for August, just need to choose which ones to actually commit to.

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16 thoughts on “July Wrap Up.

  1. Sharon

    Ican’t believe July is over. With my birthday at the end of July, seems every year I focus on it and when it’s over, I’m kind of like, “what now?”
    Sharon´s last blog post ..57 By 57

  2. Grace @ Grace Dishes

    That is an incredible # of miles logged! Great job!

    I can’t believe July is already over. I forgot to say Rabbit Rabbit this morning but I’m hoping with the time change, I get a second chance when I land in NYC LOL

    I love the picture of the canoes!
    Grace @ Grace Dishes´s last blog post .."The Scary Seven"

  3. Kimberley

    You had some fun and you logged some miles in July. Sounds like a success story to me.

    Looking forward to the August goals reveal.

  4. Sheryl C.

    What makes you choose biking as your exercise of choice? Do you have any physical limitations? I was just wondering, because I do, and I hope to start biking soon. Have to buy me a bike first. 🙂 But I am using my recumbent bike at home in the meantime.
    Sheryl C.´s last blog post ..New Book, Etc.

    1. Lori Post author

      I just like biking. I do have back issues, and biking does not aggravate them at all like running does (which is why I stopped running).

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