Things That Must Stop

I really am normally pretty easy going.  However, Monday started with a coffeemaker issue.  Our $100 Bunn coffeemaker that is only about 6 months old went kaput.  Do not get in the way of me and my coffee.  Anyway, that put me in a pretty snarky mood, so  I do have to say there are some things that just have to stop.  Right now.  Especially if my coffeemaker is broken.

This is what John and I call an  “Old Man Yelling at Cloud” day.

1.  The Ermahgerd memes.  Please stop.  They don’t make any sense or maybe I am get too old to want to bother figuring out what the heck they are saying.

See – picture funny.  Words?  Not so much.

2.  The “Blah, blah, blah”  – said no one, ever e-cards.    Ugh!  The gramarian in me really cringes at these.  I am not even going to post one because they irritate me so much.

3. David Hasselhoff teaming up with Cumberland’s to sell cold drinks and I have to bike past these signs.

NO.  Get out of my town.  Or at least stop wearing the tank top.  Please.  Irony is that someone is stealing all of these signs, too.  What for?  I really don’t want to know.

4. Misuse of the word “epic”.   Salads are not epic, which also means neither are sandwiches.  The latest tired movie in a franchise that should have stopped at least a movie ago is most certainly not epic.

5.  And speaking of movies – do we really need another Superman movie?  Did they not just try to reboot that recently, failing miserably?

6. Enough with making a portmanteau out of everything.  Yeah, some are useful and fun, like ‘spork’ or “Turducken”, but it’s getting old.  No more snowpocolypse, Brangelina, bromance, and amazeballs (wtf is that, anyway??).  Portmanteaus are supposed to make sense and not just be sticking 2 random words together.

7. YOLO.  For some reason, this always makes me think of Rolos, and I don’t even like that candy. I don’t want to think about it.

8.  Twee recipes posts have to stop.  When I want a recipe, I don’t want to see a picture of the finished item, then hear about some cute barely related story growing up, another picture of the finished item (at a different angle, of course), how said story relates to the recipe, another picture, possibly more story – or at least rambling, and then the recipe.  It drives me nuts!  Just give me the recipe!

Okay, I feel a lot better now.  And Bunn is sending us a replacement coffeemaker.  :mrgreen:

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25 thoughts on “Things That Must Stop

  1. Andra

    I’m with you on the ermahgerd thing. I posted my dislike for it on facebook and got told off by two of my fb “friends.” I was called crazy for not thinking it’s funny. Not only is it NOT funny, it is unparalleled stupidity. Some of these food blogs are so frakin’ full of themselves. Clever wording, fancy photography, UGH! Just give me the steps you blowhard!

    And so sorry about your coffee maker, I hate when expensive stuff breaks!
    Andra´s last blog post ..Opportunities and Priorities

    1. Lori Post author

      Doesn’t it always seem like the expensive stuff is what breaks? I’m glad we have a replacement on the way and that the latte machine works!

  2. Lisa

    I agree with you on several of these. One of my annoyances right now: that people just use facebook to post funny things they find on the internet. Don’ get me wrong, that’s ok. I do it once in awhile too. But I want to CONNECT with people on facebook–see photos of their LIVES, what they did over the weekend. I miss the days when people made witty updates about what they were doing. 🙁
    Lisa´s last blog post ..King Tut

    1. Lori Post author

      I don’t mind funny things, but I don’t like when a single person will do 10 in a row. That’s just annoying. Guess I forgot to add that to my list LOL!

  3. suzanne

    I know what you’re went through! A few days ago I thought my Keurig was broken. Heck I don’t even own a kettle any more. Thankfully it came back to life.
    Glad you’re getting a new coffee maker.
    I don’t spend much time on Facebook or Twitter so I don’t even know what you were talking about 🙂
    suzanne´s last blog post ..What a fantastic day!

  4. debby

    Ha! I am so old or out of it that I don’t even know most of what you are talking about. Yolo? That is one of the counties in the Sacramento area. But most of the stuff does sound stupid, and I don’t like stupid stuff, so I agree with you? Well I KNOW I agree with you about the coffee maker!!
    debby´s last blog post ..Do the Next Thing

  5. Kim

    I’m with Debby, I must have missed out on most of that stuff. Thanks for filling me in and keeping me up to date:)

  6. Cammy@TippyToeDiet

    OOh, someone else is wearing her cranky pants today. 🙂 The good thing about being so time-crunched lately is that I haven’t had time to get ticked off about much except weather. And stupid people.

    Yolo is the name of one of our local yogurt shops. I wish it carried Rolos because chocolate and caramel would make a wonderful topping.

    And you’ve obviously never had my tuna salad (made with chopped apples and celery seed) because then you’d understand that sometimes ‘epic’ is the only word that will do. 🙂
    Cammy@TippyToeDiet´s last blog post ..A Weekend Trip to the Past

  7. Ali @ Peaches and Football

    Ha – some of those things I’ve never heard of (and am glad). I’m sick of amazeballs, overuse of epic, and baby bump. Seriously don’t understand why people like that term.

    Ugh about the coffee – were you able to run to the store and get your morning cup? Can you call the manufacturer and see if you can have it replaced? Not good.
    Ali @ Peaches and Football´s last blog post ..Trouble and a Half Marathon

  8. Leah

    Ditto on most of your stuff (that I understood anyway- LOL). In fact, I did not laugh when my brother sent me the “ermahgerd” text…dumb.

    Glad your getting coffee maker replaced. What a vex. Hope Tuesday is better for you.

    P.s. the e-cards you were talking about…would that be like the one I posted on my blog last week?
    Leah´s last blog post ..Motivational Monday – Goals

  9. deb

    Okay……guess i’m too out of it…no twitter or facebook….what is YOLO and ‘ermahgerd’? amazeballs?? i do agree with the sticking two words together the journalists that do that must want to look clever but for me it has the opposite effect…and all the remake movies….uuughhh….had no interest in seeing the latest spidey movie or even the batman….some things you just gotta let die…….took a chance on the Total Recall remake….forget it don’t waste your time… Schwarzenegger (however you spell his name) did it best …leave it at that….You know David Hasselhoff back in ‘the day’ was great eye candy…today…not so much especially in a tank top…uughh! I hope you made a coffee run this morning! So glad they are sending you a new one. Hugs! deb Tomorrow WILL be a better day!
    deb´s last blog post ..Fear of…………….

  10. Fran


    Did you right this post before your morning coffee? I can agree on a lot of things.

    You made me smile and that’s something I desperately need today, we have had sad, sad news at work today.

    You asked about my height: I’m 5.68 feet (is feet the correct measurement?)
    Fran´s last blog post ..Monday August 6, 2012: Racing Day

  11. Sharon

    I don’t Twitter, but add me to the people fed up with with Facebook being used as ANYTHING except what I think it was created for – a way to connect people with each other. I’m tired of it being a way to promote agendas, hate, propaganda, self-interest and any other garbage you wish to call it.

    As for the coffee pot, you may disagree (and that’s o.k. – I LOVE disagreement!!), but as a daily two-pot coffee drinker, I learned a long time ago that coffee is coffee, they all are cheaply made and therefore, the cheaper, the better! When I find one on sale for under $7, I buy it. When one breaks, I just head to the closet for a new one. There’s always at least two waiting in the queue!
    Sharon´s last blog post ..On The Road Again

  12. Jody - Fit at 54

    WOW – when coffee is down all hell breaks loose!!!! I guess I was right about that pic I posted on my FB page about you & coffee! 😉 Me too!

    I never even heard of some of these including the first one… I must live under a rock!

    What is YOLO – made me think of Rolos too! 🙂

    I loved this & hope you feel better. Bunn better get that coffee maker to you stat!
    Jody – Fit at 54´s last blog post ..My Gym Bag Weighs 17 Pounds!

  13. Heidi

    Hysterical, Lori! I’m glad you’re getting a new Bunn. I couldn’t live a morning without the coffee pot 🙂
    I’m with Lisa & Sharon. I’m sure it won’t stop until after November, but I’m so tired of the political mumbo jumbo being everywhere, especially social media! I don’t need the smear campaign nonsense. It’s agitating 🙁

    Hope things start looking up! I’m sure once the new coffeemaker arrives..

  14. Roz@weightingfor50

    GO LORI GO!!!!!!!!! Stupid broken coffee maker!!!! I feel your pain. And I did smile at this rant. David Hasselhoff??? Should he be selling CHEESE instead of drinks, ’cause he’s sooooo cheesy! I’m not sure what YOLO is – other than the nickname friends of ours call their daughter Yolanda.
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..Meat on the laundry line????

  15. Marianne

    I have a $12 Mr. Coffee Maker and it makes the best coffee ever! I’ve had it for over fifteen years! I do clean it though every single month with white vinegar. I believe the white vinegar helps with hard water deposits. Also what is YOLO?

  16. Susan

    I’m with Helen. Love this post and it made me laugh so hard because we all get like this occasionally – everything little thing seems to make us unproportionally cranky especially when one is without coffee! I generally go pet the cats so maybe love up to Pixie a little?

  17. Ang

    I completely agree on most of these things. A pet peeve I’m experiencing is political crap on Facebook. Even people I agree with are on my nerves!I’m pretty sure no one changes their political views based on these annoying posts anyhow. They just alieniate friends and family. I should tell them if they keep it up I’m switching sides!

    Amazeballs is the worst. It completely lowers my opinion of a person or blog when I hear/read it. Maybe this is a sign I’m getting old! lol
    Ang´s last blog post ..A New Favorite Restaurant

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