Pluck the day

Can I just say that I am glad so many people didn’t know what YOLO meant?  I figured everyone did.  I’m kind of surprised, too.  Normally, I am so out of touch with stuff that by the time I figure something out, it is passe.

I do like Fran’s Dutch version  of “pluk de dag”. Here’s to Pluck the Day!  Like plucking the perfect ripe fruit.  Or a chicken. Whichever.

Bagel day!  It was really a pleasant ride to breakfast. One nice thing about living near the Adirondacks is that a lot of summer nights are cool and pleasant, even if the day was hot.  It’s been like that the last couple nights.

I was about *this close* to getting an apricot scone for breakfast, but my bagel rut is quite deep. 😀

Ahhh… Wednesdays.   On our way home, we biked past the furniture store that held a desk we looked at over the weekend.  My birthday gift to John was a purchase of bike shoes or a desk, whichever he wanted the most right now.  He chose the desk and we had looked at several and wanted to look at this one again before deciding.  It was time to Pluck the Day!  He decided that was the one, so I paid for it and they told us it would be delivered.

A couple hours later and it arrived!  This is not a new desk, but in really good condition.

It’s a roll top with lots of character.  Just needs a little clean up and polish.

Now John is happy, which makes me happy (happier).   We put the old desk at the curb with a FREE sign on it and hope someone decides to take it home.

I actually am just going to sign out for the day.  It was a relatively boring day for the rest of day.  Now time to Pluck the Evening!  It’s mother/daughter night and we are headed out for a chat and spending some time together.


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12 thoughts on “Pluck the day

  1. debby

    That whole pluck thing is making me laugh. I love that desk. I have my dad’s roll top desk, but it is a monster. I still haven’t brought it in the house.

    Hope you have a nice evening with your mom!
    debby´s last blog post ..I Grew A Tomato

  2. Mary

    I know what YOLO is since I sometimes listen to silly music, but it means something else to me. There is a chain of frozen yogurt shops called YOLO where I’m from and they came first so it always makes me think of them!
    Mary´s last blog post ..Body Image and Video

  3. Biz

    I’ve put all sorts of stuff at the end of my drive with a FREE sign on it – and it always gets taken!

    Hope you had fun with your Momma. And yes, my lower body is very sore today, so I think its a swim and sauna at lunch today! 😀
    Biz´s last blog post ..100 Workout and Good Eats

  4. Roz@weightingfor50

    I was one of those folks who was YOLO sheltered prior to your post the other day. That desk is GORGEOUS!!!!! I LOVE the expression “pluck the day” and almost incorporated into my post last night!!!! fun!!! That is my new favorite “Fran-ism”. Have a plucky Thursday Lori!!!
    Roz@weightingfor50´s last blog post ..I could die happy now….

  5. Dawn

    I need to go look to see what Yolo is I don’t know either. What a nice desk it looks new to me. What a nice Birthday present 🙂

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